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LEVEL 3 Lesson #25: Pet 10 – 12 Minute. Lesson #25: Pet.

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1 LEVEL 3 Lesson #25: Pet 10 – 12 Minute

2 Lesson #25: Pet

3 Questions Here are the questions we will be asking in this conversation: Fill in the blank Ideas and thoughts Sequence General

4 Question: What is this a picture of?

5 Question: Do you have a pet? If not, would you like a pet?

6 Question: What type of a pet do you have or do you want?

7 Question: What are some things you have to do with pets?

8 Question: Do you know what grooming is? Have you groomed or gotten your pet groomed before?

9 Question: Why do you think it’s important to groom pets?

10 Question: Have you fed a pet before?

11 Question: Are you allergic to pets? Which pets are you allergic to?

12 Question: If you could have any pet what would it be? Why?

13 Question: Do you like big pets or small pets?

14 Question: Fill in the Blank 1. It is important to take care of pets ________. a. easily b. simply c. properly d. poorly 2. I _____ my dog three times a day. a. walk b. water c. play d. tell 3. My pet bird _____ away when I opened the cage. a. skipped b. jumped c. flew d. swam 4. I had to get my cat _______ because his nails got too big. a. caged b. sold c. jumped d. groomed

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