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COMPANY PROFILE Brain Masters in India is pioneered in the field of DMIT (DERMATOGLYOPHICS MULTIPLE INTELLIGENT TEST). This unique concept is been using.

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2 COMPANY PROFILE Brain Masters in India is pioneered in the field of DMIT (DERMATOGLYOPHICS MULTIPLE INTELLIGENT TEST). This unique concept is been using from past 10 years in countries like china, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand etc., DMIT Technique has been developed by scientist and research experts from world renowned universities and it is based on knowledge from Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology and Neuroscience. We help parents to understand the inborn intelligence distribution of their child & provide counselling to parents or applicants about the parameters revealed in their report. Brain Masters guide them to choose activities or careers according to their inborn intelligence, potential and their learning style. For example, a child having high music intelligence can learn music instead of going to learn foreign language class.

3 WHAT IS DERMATOGLYPHICS Dermatoglyphics (from ancient Greek derma = "skin", glyph = "carving") is the scientific study of fingerprints and can be traced back to 1892 when one of the most original biologists of his time Sir Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin, published his now classic work on fingerprints.ancient Greekglyphfingerprints The study was later termed Dermatoglyphics by Dr. Harold Cummins, the father of American fingerprint analysis, even though the process of fingerprint identification had already been in use for several hundred yearsHarold Cummins Sir Francis Galton Dr. Harold CumminsHarold Cummins

4 Is dermatoglyphics a form of fortune telling? Absolutely not. Palmistry or Chiromancy is the divination of the future by interpretation of the concave furrows of our palms. The lines of the palms are impermanent and will change over time. According to over 7000 research papers and reports by various scientists, the human brain is closely related to fingerprint patterns. With the aid of computers, we can now analyse the brain composition, organisation, learning models and styles, eight intelligences and personalities. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Assessment is the science of comparing, analyzing, and classifying the patterns of skin and ridge counts of each person's fingerprints. The analysis does not tell one’s future, but rather gives a comprehensive insight into one’s innate intelligence distributions, potentials, preferred learning and communication styles. The information contained in the dermatoglyphics report will not change with age, unlike the ones use by fortune-tellers.

5 According to medical research, fingerprints are created before birth. They are formed during the fetal development stage between the 13th to 21st prenatal weeks. Will Finger Prints Change? No, our fingerprints are as invariable as they are unique. Between year 1626 and1690, Spanish Dr. Marcello Malphigi pioneered the scientific research on fingerprints. He was also the first Professor or anatomy to utilize the microscope to examine fingerprints and record them. In his research, he discovered that individual fingerprints are unique. 5 Where Do Fingerprints Come From?

6 13 th week TO 21 st week 6


8 Travel of Dermatoglyphics Research 8

9 9 Johannes Purkinje was born December 17, 1787, in Libochovice, Bohemia. He discovered the Purkinje effect, Purkinje cells, and Purkinje fibers. At Breslau he created the world's first independent physiology department and first official physiology laboratory. He introduced the term protoplasm, devised new methods for preparing microscope samples and recognized the uniqueness of fingerprints. Johannes Purkinje 1787 – 1869

10 10 One of Leng’s favourite examples is revealing how the former USSR and The People’s Republic of China had used dermatoglyphics to recruit talent for the Olympic games in the 1970s. As it turned out, the USSR took home 50 gold medals in 1972 and 125 in 1976. By the 1980s, China had also adopted the Russian method of selecting sporting talents.

11 The Mileage of Fingerprint Analysis 11

12 MILE 1: In 1684, the English physician, botanist, and microscopist Nehemiah Grew (1641– 1712) published the first scientific paper to describe the ridge structure of the skin covering the fingers and palms. [54] In 1685, the Dutch physician Govard Bidloo [55] (1649–1713) and the Italian physician Marcello Malpighi [56] (1628–1694) published books on anatomy which also illustrated the ridge structure of the fingers. A century later, in 1788, the German anatomist Johann Christoph Andreas Mayer (1747–1801) recognized that fingerprints are unique to each individualNehemiah Grew [54]Govard Bidloo [55]Marcello Malpighi [56] MILE 2: A Fingerprint Bureau was established in Calcutta (Kolkata), India, in 1897, after the Council of the Governor General approved a committee report that fingerprints should be used for the classification of criminal records. Working in the Calcutta Anthropometric Bureau, before it became the Fingerprint Bureau, were Azizul Haque and Hem Chandra Bose. Haque and Bose were Indian fingerprint experts who have been credited with the primary development of a fingerprint classification system eventually named after their supervisor, Sir Edward Richard Henry.KolkataAzizul HaqueHem Chandra BoseSir Edward Richard Henry 12

13 Gardner was the recipient of a MacArthur Prize Fellowship in 1981 and in 1990 he became the first American to receive the University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Education. In 2011, he won the Prince of Asturias Award in Social Sciences for his development of multiple intelligences theory. honorary degrees institutions in Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, and South Korea. Prof.Howard Gardner HONORARY DEGREES 28 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES multiple intelligence theory includes (only) 9 basic types of intelligence 13


15 The Benefits of Dermatoglyphics Technology

16 Understand your child's innate characteristic  Parents often misunderstood their children simply because they do not know their inborn characteristic (curious, aggressive, rebellious, persistent and etc.)  To understand and to develop an effective way to interact with your child based on their inborn communication style.  To understand and to develop an effective interaction method with your child  For adults, this test can be used for self evaluation and compatibility with your spouse or business partner. Cont :

17 Know your child's inborn learning style or ability  To know exactly the natural learning style a child posses A kinesthetic learner is good in expressing their feeling/thought through body language and prefers to learn/memorize through operation and movement A visual learner has sharp observation/visual differentiation and prefers to learn through observation and reading An auditory learner prefers to learn through auditory sense/oral practice and able to assimilate, organize and arrange oral information To recommend parent to place their child in courses or pre-school where its curriculum suits the child’s inborn learning style (i.e. kinesthetic learner learns best at Montessori due to its activity-based method) To eliminate the ‘trial and error’ situation when parents send their child to a certain class (i.e. art class or music class) without knowing if the child is capable to comprehend As for adults, this test will reveal to them the strength they possess and to guide them to perform better at work. Cont :

18 Discover your child’s hidden talent & potential  Every child is unique and they possess different inborn talents  To use a scientifically proven method (up to 95% accuracy) to reveal a child’s inborn potential (strength and weakness)  To give parents an insight into their child and to groom them effectively to the talents they possess  To enable parents to focus on their child’s strength and to eliminate the ‘guessing game’ on their talent  Dermatoglyphics report is a very important guideline for a child to refer when choosing university major that best suit their inborn abilities and potential  After graduation, the dermatoglyphics report will again be helpful in giving recommendation to close their career path  As for adults, this test can be a very good reference for those who intend to make a career change, to venture into new business or to pick up new skill/education




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