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Corporate Profile I am not sure if you have come across eInfochips in the past, have you? Oct 2013.

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1 Corporate Profile I am not sure if you have come across eInfochips in the past, have you? Oct 2013

2 18 Years 1000+ A Product Engineering Services company Stable & Secure
Solid Track Record 1000+ Professionals Stable & Secure Cash Positive, Debt-free and Profitable Bangalore Chennai Pune Ahmedabad Noida Tokyo London Boston Chicago Dallas Austin Cedar Rapids Cincinnati Raleigh Sunnyvale 10 Design Centers 12 Sales Offices Toronto eInfochips has been around for 18 years, and has been cash positive, debt free and Profitable since inception. Today, we are over a thousand professionals operating from 9 design centers and 12 sales offices. Our US HQ is in Sunnyvale while the India HQ is in Ahmedabad. We foresee strong business growth over the next few years. Since the beginning of 2013, we have invested in 2 new design centers in Ahmedabad and Noida, while we have doubled the capacity in Pune and Bangalore. This picture is of our new facility in Ahmedabad, inaugurated in June. It is a fantastic place, with an ‘Experience Zone’ that has on display some of the products we have designed for our clients. I would strongly recommend that you should visit us in Ahmedabad. Most technology companies from India have a strong presence in IT / ERP / CRM solutions. On the contrary, we are a pure-play Product Engineering Services company. 100% of our business comes from building and sustaining products – whether that are made of Software, Embedded or Hardware, or a combination of these. <EXPLAIN THIS ONLY IF REQUIRED> I am sure you get the difference – For IT Services, the user profile is known. The deployment environment is favorable, and familiar. Users are well trained with the system. Also, if a CRM system crashes, there are 50 people on the premises who are specifically there to fix it. On the contrary, when we make a home automation system, the users could be literate/semi-literate or illiterate, young and old. When we develop a UAV Software, we have no idea on the conditions it will have to endure. And how many people read the user manual before using a camera? Biometric access devices we develop are deployed in military bases over Iraq and Afghanistan. If that system crashes, there isn’t an engineer in a thousand miles who could fix it, while the impact could potentially be catastrophic. In short, Product Engineering Services has very stringent quality benchmarks, and we specialize at building critical and complex systems, as we will cover later in the presentation. 2

3 Executive Leadership. Pratul Shroff Arjun Malhotra Raj Sirohi
Founder & CEO 30+ Years, Serial Entrepreneur Graduate from BITS Pilani (India), Cornell (US) and IIM Ahmedabad Arjun Malhotra Strategy Advisor 35+ Years, Industry Pioneer, Co-founder - HCL Group Raj Sirohi COO 30+ Years, Ex-CEO of HCL Tech (US) & Ex-President – Persistent Sys. Shashank Khare CTO 25 Years, B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT Bombay Curt Terwilliger Sr. VP – Engineering (US) 35+ Years, Co-founder – TechSpan BS from MIT & Ph.D. from Stanford Rajeev Kaushal GM – Embedded Division 22 Years, M.Tech. & MBA Past: Scientist at DRDO & Siemens Saurabh Desai GM – VLSI/ASIC Division 25 Years, Past: R&D Head at Freescale, Manager at Motorola C. Balu Head – Embedded Solutions 25 Years, Ex- Sr. Vice-President at Mindtree <In this slide, point to the people on the call / in the room, and introduce them in detail. If there is no one in the meeting, use the content below.> As founder & CEO of eInfochips, Pratul has steered eInfochips from humble beginnings in 1994 to being a top-notch Product and Semiconductor Engineering Services Company today. Pratul holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani (India) and a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Cornell, USA. He also earned an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad (India). For 10 years, Pratul worked for Intel and Daisy Systems in the USA. At Intel, he was a part of the processor design team, and was one of the founding engineers at Daisy Systems. Pratul was awarded the ‘Outstanding IT Entrepreneur of the Year by Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy, (Chairman, Infosys) by Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) in 2004. Having founded eInfochips, Pratul has led the company through two downturns to achieve steady growth. Today, eInfochips offers complete ‘Concept - to – Revenue’ solutions, generating competitive advantage for top product companies, including 7 Fortune100 enterprises. <Introduce the other team members as below:> Arjun Malhotra A pioneer of the Indian IT industry, Mr. Malhotra served as Chairman of Headstrong’s Board of Directors before its acquisition by Genpact in May Prior to Headstrong he was Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of TechSpan, which merged with Headstrong in October 2003. Mr. Malhotra has a long string of entrepreneurial successes. He co-founded the HCL group in 1975, taking it from a six-person “garage operation” to one of India’s largest Information Technology corporations. The first leading Indian entrepreneur to relocate to USA, Mr Malhotra took over HCL’s US operation in 1989 and grew it to nearly $100 million annual revenues. Raj Sirohi Raj was the first employee for HCL US, and he headed HCL Tech operations in the US as CEO, before his stint at Persistent Systems as President. Shashank Khare Shashank has a background in R&D for over 25 years, and he mentors our IP development related activities. An M.Tech from IIT Bombay, Shashank has been with eInfochips for 17 years today. Curt Terwilliger Curt is an industry veteran for offshore service delivery, with experience as a co-founder at TechSpan and senior positions at HCL. Prior to that he led a multifunctional R&D team in development of Unix hardware and software products for a pioneering Silicon Valley computer manufacturer that was successfully acquired by Dynatech Corporation. Curt holds a bachelors from MIT and a PhD from Stanford. Sumit Sethi CFO 15 Years, Ex-Vodafone and Mudra Communications Parag Mehta Chief Marketing and BD Officer 20+ Years, Past: Head – QLogic Offshore R&D Center Sribash Dey VP – Sales and Operations (US) 30 Years, Ex-President for Net Brahma Technologies Sudhir Naik VP – Corporate Affairs 30 Years, Council member at Indian Chamber of Commerce Paramita Kapat Head – Human Resources 16 Years, Past: HR Director – Cignex, Patni Systems and ABG 3

4 Where we stand. 70% business is from new product development
Outsourcing Industry Scenario 70% business is from new product development 20% business is from strategic projects 10% 3% Innovation 12% Strategic 85% Transactional In terms of offshoring, 2012 numbers show that about 85% of work offshored to India is transactional in nature. It is work that the client outsources because they don’t see value in doing it in-house. About 12% of the work is strategic in nature – where clients shop for expertise and skills that they don’t have enough of. Most of such engagements are for onsite staff augmentation, where the partner provides skilled people to work on client-led teams. Typical projects here are for product support and sustenance, that involve mature products and technologies. The client’s motive is to boost profitability with labor cost arbitrage. It is just 3% of the total outsourcing business that is for product innovation. Client engage with innovation partners to by solutions, (not skills or expertise) that supplement or compliment their strengths. The innovation partner has the delivery infrastructure and processes to handle new technologies. Partners brings predictability to the design cycle with IPs and solution accelerators. The innovation partner contributes to the client’s revenues, when the engagement is for product innovation. We have a major play on the Product Innovation segment. 70% of the work we do is for new product development. We also take up strategic and transactional business for our clients, ideally because we are engaged at a relationship level. We have taken up complete lifecycle ownership for many Fortune500 product companies. eInfochips Alignment 4 * 2012 Data

5 What we do. Product Innovation Partner for Global Industry Leaders
World Leader in Semiconductor Product Sales World Leader in Consumer Electronics World Leader in Commercial Aircrafts World Leader in Networking Equipment World Leader in Display Panels World Leader in EDA Tools Europe’s Largest Access-Control Company Largest Grocery Retail Chain in the US World Leader in ATM Machines World Leader in DSP Platforms World’s 3rd Largest Conglomerate World Leader in Office Automation Products Leading Conglomerate in Japan Leading French Aerospace Multinational World’s 2nd Largest Microprocessor Supplier Leading US Aerospace and Defense Supplier World Leader in Electronic Measurements World No. 3 in Generic Pharmaceuticals World’s Smallest Arthroscopy and Endoscopy Unit First Touch-based IFE Console in the world First Services Company to work on 16nm Silicon Video Systems for NASA UAVs to monitor weather Surveillance for the largest American Grocery Retailer A million homes secured in the US and Canada Verification for the largest chip designed in Asia Infrastructure for 65% Global VoIP Traffic eInfochips is the product innovation partner of choice for the world’s leading corporations, across verticals. You can see top product companies from various industries like Aerospace, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Test and Measurement, Retail, Data Networking, Enterprise Communications and Office Automation, among others. Some of the stellar products that we have contributed to are also noteworthy. The world’s smallest endoscopy and arthroscopy unit, that revolutionized the industry. The procedures that were only performed in specialized labs, could now be conducted from doctor’s offices. Miniaturization was not the only challenge. Note that repairs and support at remote locations is expensive, doctors will not have formal trainings on the product and the buyer is an individual, not an institution. The device, hence should be durable, user friendly and affordable to be successful. By complexity, we have worked on 16nm geometry silicon, one of the earliest services company to do so. We have also delivered the video streaming software that NASA uses to monitor weather patterns. We have built the home security and automation system that is deployed over a million households in the US and Canada. We will dive into some other products that we have developed, but now let us look two of our fundamental focus areas – Innovation and Quality <NOTE – Details of the companies listed above> - DO NOT SHARE THIS LIST of customer– but this is strictly for internal team. Intel - World Leader in Semiconductor Product Sales Samsung - World Leader in Consumer Electronics Boeing - World Leader in Commercial Aircrafts Cisco - World Leader in Networking Equipment AUO - World Leader in Display Panels Synopsys - World Leader in EDA Tools Safran Morpho - Europe’s Largest Access-Control Company Kroger - Largest Grocery Retail Chain in the US Diebold - World Leader in ATM Machines TI - World Leader in DSP Platforms GE - World’s 3rd Largest Conglomerate Steelcase - World Leader in Office Automation Products Toshiba - Leading Conglomerate in Japan Thales - Leading French Aerospace Multinational AMD - World’s 2nd Largest Microprocessor Supplier Rockwell Collins & Honeywell - Leading US Aerospace and Defense Supplier Teradyne & Tektronix - World Leader in Electronic Measurements Mylan - World No. 3 in Generic Pharmaceuticals 5

6 Portfolio of 50+ reusable IPs
Innovation Focus. Portfolio of 50+ reusable IPs Accelerate product design, development and testing for key technology domains 5% revenues earmarked for investment into reusable IPs Re-usable Software & Hardware product components Flexible deployment based on client requirements 150+ products enabled with eInfochips IPs Deployed for Global Fortune100 clients As a company, a primary focus area for eInfochips is Product Innovation. eInfochips adds value to client products that goes much beyond labor cost arbitrage. In spite of being a services company, 5% of our revenues are ear-marked for independent R&D – to develop software and hardware reusable components. These are eInfochips IPs have three primary benefits for our clients - These IPs would accelerate product design and reduce time to market IPs bring predictability to the design, and reduce the risk for the product Since these are eInfochips owned IPs, we can customize them to suit specific product or deployment requirements. We now have a portfolio of over 50 IPs that are deployed for Fortune100 clients. Most of these IPs are in areas of Mobility, Multimedia, Automation, Analytics and VLSI Verification. Mobility Software Multimedia Software Test Automation Video Analytics SoC Verification 6

7 500+ 10M+ 130+ 1.9% 3.12% 3.39% 0.92% Nil Quality Focus. Products
Deployments 130+ Countries 1.9% Average Effort Variance 3.12% Average Schedule Variance 3.39% Defect Rejection Ratio 0.92% Field Defect Leakage After Innovation, our second fundamental focus area is Quality. Most of the work we do is for multi-billion dollar enterprises – some of whom you got introduced on a previous slide. Their requirements for quality and process adherence are extremely stringent. We have contributed to over 500 products that today have over 10 million units deployed in 130 countries. We have delivered these products under an effort and schedule variance of less than 4%, with a field defect leakage of less than 1%. <FOR SEMICON COMPANIES ONLY> Note that these statistics are only for embedded and software products. This does not include out semiconductor / VLSI practice numbers where the requirements are much more stringent, and so is our quality performance. <> Out teams are CMMI Level 3 and ISO9001 certified. While this is important, a greater measure of our performance is that not one of the 500+ products that we have been engaged on, has seen a product recall requirement from on client. Also, never has our client rejected any of our deliverables. <Optional Story> In fact, this reminds me to a case where we helped a client prevent a product recall cycle with an automatic OS upgrade. The client has over a million units of QNX based devices installed across the Americas. They wanted to move to an Android OS for a better UI and reduced loyalty expenses. Now, the hardware platform designed 5 years ago, was not powerful enough to support an Android OS, and hence they were looking at a device exchange program. We enabled the client optimize the Android OS to a point where the original HW platform could support it, and rolled out a remote QNX to Android upgrade to ensure a seamless user experience. The client was saved of a tremendous exercise and expense, and loss of customer loyalty as they partnered with eInfochips. Nil Deliverables Rejected Product Recalls 7

8 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% Life in Numbers! Top 25 clients retained
Offshore Center Delivery 90% Business from clients > $1 Billion in revenues 80% New Product / Silicon Development 70% Life and Mission critical products 60% If there was just one slide I had to show you, it would be this one. About 60% of our business comes from life and mission critical products from key industries like Aerospace and Defense, Medical Devices and Semiconductor, some of which you will see in the next slide. This is a result of our strong emphasis on product quality, and stringent process and documentation standards. This is the result of our Quality Focus, stated on the previous slide. Unlike a lot of engineering services companies that have a majority of their business from product sustenance and support, about 70% of the work we do is for new product development. As a pre-requisite, we have to master the latest technologies, tools and platforms. We work on newer, unstable product phases and contribute to the topline for our clients. This is a result of our Innovation focus, detailed earlier. Over 80% of our business comes from clients with annual revenues over a billion dollars, including 7 Fortune75 companies. This is a testimony to the fact that we have the required delivery processes and infrastructure to meet their stringent partner requirements, and that we have met their expectations on deliverables. They have been instances where we have contributed to their processes and practices, and they have acknowledged it with glowing testimonials. Going back to the slide, we discussed that most of the business we deliver is on a turnkey basis – that clients engage us for solutions to their business challenges, and not to handpick individual skills. Over 90% of our team delivers products out of eInfochips design centers, and less than 10% of team is at client locations – more as communication bridges for the offshore team, than individual contributors. Now consider these 4 numbers in unison. We engage the most challenging part of the product lifecycle – product development – for top global product companies on a portfolio of highly critical products and applications, delivering turnkey solutions from our offshore locations in India. This speaks volumes of out ability in product innovation and quality. Considering this as a compounded challenge for our innovation, quality and process infrastructure, we have successfully met or exceeded expectations for our Top25 clients. I think it truly summarizes our capabilities to be a strategic innovation partner for product engineering. <Pause> Any questions on this slide? Now let me walk you through some of the real products that we have either developed or co-developed for our clients. 8

9 Some of our work. Cockpit Displays Video Software Endoscopy Unit
Tablet Software EDA Software Set Top Box Camera Design eCommerce SW Interactive Board Analytics Software 3D Conferencing Live HD Broadcast UAV Video Unified Comms Barcode Scanner Biometric Devices 16nm Silicon Navigation Unit Home Control IFE Systems Here are some representative products that we have collaborated for. As you can see, they are spread across verticals like Aerospace and Defense, Medical Devices, Security and Surveillance, Semiconductor, Multimedia and Broadcast, Consumer Electronics, Retail and eCommerce and Software. In fact, if you have seen the mid-air refueling systems for military aircrafts, we have worked on them too. I am sure you would have seen the OB vans used for live news reporting. These OB Vans – Outdoor Broadcasting Vans, are today being replaced by this device, that we designed. It takes live video feed using a handy camera and transmits the live signal over one or more in-built modems. The relayed signal is combined at the broadcast station and shown live. It uses multiple cellular connections in place of a satellite link that reduces latency and size. The reporter can access remote areas that OB Vans can not, and also leave the system at a location in cases he or she foresees potential danger, while the device can transmit continuously on a battery or mains for an extended period. Our client has won many awards for the product and continues to engage with us for newer product variants. <Optional> As you would see, our strong capability in multimedia capture-process-store-stream-display lifecycle is a part of many products here. 9

10 What clients achieve. Crystal Cabin Award Here are some of the awards that our clients have won on various forums, for products that we have collaborated on. This touchscreen IFE console has won Apex Awards for 2 years in a row, while the HD video broadcast device we discussed in the previous slide has won the TV technology award last year. If you note closely, all these awards are for product innovation – which we have facilitated for our clients. This is only possible as we are an innovation driven company, and engage on co-innovation projects with our clients. This endorsement from the CEO of a multi-billion dollar European product company has summed up our association very well – What we have accomplished in the product development arena globally is unprecedented and symbolic. “What we have accomplished is unprecedented, and is symbolic in the product development arena, globally. None of this would have happened without eInfochips!” CEO, Global Leader in Biometric Access Products 10

11 What clients say. "eInfochips has played a remarkable role in customizing applications for our various customers. Overall, eInfochips shows an incredible amount of initiative and commitment to its customers." Engineering Director, HDTV Chip Company "We were looking for partners that understood what we are trying to do and had complementary skills to help us bring this product to market quickly. We found that partner in eInfochips." CEO, Wireline Networking Company Here are some more testimonials from various other clients that we have worked for. There are many more, but this truly sums up our value for organizations like yours – Incredible amount of initiative and commitment to your bring product to market quickly. "Deadlines were taken very seriously and efforts to meet them often involved long working hours and tremendous personal sacrifice. Have rarely seen such commitment from a consulting organization." Engineering Director – Network Security Company 11

12 Semiconductor and Product Design Services Awarded by Frost & Sullivan
What analysts say. Company of the Year Semiconductor and Product Design Services Awarded by Frost & Sullivan World #1 in Semiconductor Services Zinnov Leadership and Execution Zone, GSPR 2013 Here is how some of the analysts have recognized us in the past few years. In July, Frost & Sullivan recognized eInfochips as the COMPANY OF THE YEAR – for product and semiconductor design services. Gartner too lauded eInfochips as the world’s best company for semiconductor design services. NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) – India’s leading trade body with over 1200 members identified eInfochips as the Top50 emerging service companies in India. Management Consulting Top 50 Emerging Service Companies in India National Association of Software and Services Companies 12

13 eInfochips Core Expertise
Our Ecosystem. eInfochips Core Expertise EDA Tools Embedded Platforms Volume Production UI Design Industrial Design Mechanical Design Certification Labs (We are corporate strategic partners for Intel but we don’t have permissions to use their logo on our website/collateral.) While we focus on the product development and lifecycle, we take ownership of a lot of other product aspects with the help of our partners. We are partners with all the major EDA tool companies – Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor. We also partner with the top embedded platform companies – this ensure that we are updated with their latest products and features, while we have early access to their factory samples for design. This makes sure we bring in the latest embedded platforms for your product designs. We also undertake prototype development and volume production for our clients, and partner with contract manufacturers in India, China, Taiwan, US and Europe. Our past engagements with these CMs ensure that we have a fair understanding of their production equipment and capabilities. This knowledge goes as an input into the design process and reduces design iterations during the production phase, bringing in predictability in the timelines and reduced production transfer effort. While a lot of User Interface and User Experience design for our clients is delivered from in-house expertise, Ahmedabad is also blessed with The National Institute of Design – Globally ranked 32 by Business World. We engage with NID and for special design requirements and bring the best options available for out clients. For enclosure, industrial and mechanical designs, we partner with NID and Lumium as required. Considering that certification is an important part of the product lifecycle, we have worked with NABL certified labs for environmental and radiation tests. We have an in-house lab as well for pre-certification testing, and ensure first-pass for our clients. We work on a partner-model with these companies as to ensure we work with the best people for these activities. While this set of partners deliver different aspects of the solution, eInfochips takes complete ownership of all deliverables, making it easy for our clients to engage. 13

14 Growth Engine. eInfochips partners with the local educational ecosystem to groom a strong talent community Capacity to train 400 Graduates every year 50+ expert instructors for various subjects Project-specific training modules for eInfochips Strategic partnerships for updated training content Special programs for experienced professionals Android Embedded Systems Device Drivers VLSI Programming C/C++/C#/.NET QT and HTML5 NOTE: Use this slide only if it is relevant. eInfochips has an independent organization called eITRA – eInfochips Training and Research Academy that builds academic partnerships to groom a strong talent ecosystem in the region. eITRA today boasts of alliances with Cypress, ARM, IEEE, Synopsys etc. and offers courses to bridge the gap between the academia and industry requirements. They offer more than 30 different courses with 50+ instructors to students before being absorbed by eInfochips or any other company. For clients that have an ODC with eInfochips, project specific training suites are defined and professionals selected by eInfochips for these ODCs are taken though such client specific and ODC specific trainings so as to ensure a high level of skilling to meet the project requirements. These programs help eInfochips grow organically to meet the strong demand for our solutions. IIT Mumbai 14

15 Security + Surveillance
Expertise Lifecycle Industries Application Software Embedded Software Drivers and Firmware Board and Mechanical FPGA and SoC Aerospace and Defense Security + Surveillance Semiconductor Consumer Devices Medical Devices Retail and eCommerce Software Technology Media and Broadcast This is the solution space that eInfochips is traditionally strong at. From an expertise perspective, eInfochips has proven expertise on each section of the product – from FPGA and SOC level to the application software components. Our understanding of the OS and embedded platforms enables efficiency and performance for software applications that users interact with. While a large portion of our business comes from Product Design, we own the complete product lifecycle for our clients in most cases. Our ODCs cater to multiple products in different stages of the lifecycle to seamlessly be an extended arm of their in-house R&D located in India. eInfochips has delivered multiple technology solutions and product designs for clients in these verticals, but our exposure is not limited by this list. We also have worked with clients in Industrial Automation, Telecom, Transport and Automotive, Office Automation, Storage and Computing, Oil & Gas etc., among others. Design Testing Sustenance 15

16 Product Engineering Offerings.
Feasibility Analysis Design Architecture HW / SW Development Industrial Design Usability Engineering Prototype and Production Variant Management Enhancement Customization Platform Migration Release Management Obsolescence Management Independent QA Test Suite Management Test Automation Compliance and Certification Production QC Development Sustenance QA and Testing Here are some of the detailed service offerings we have. We have delivered one, many or all of these offerings for clients. We have developed embedded and software products that require the hardware and the software to integrate seamlessly as expected, for the product to be fully functional. Today, we have an ODC to sustain and re-engineer over 80 variants from 9 product families, and ensure they are interoperable with each other. This includes client-specific customizations and release management functions. We engage for new product development, BoM optimization, geography specific localization, and also to reduce overall cost of ownership with sustenance and support solutions. Our QA team is independent from the development team by the organization structure, to ensure independent QA. The QA team derives test requirements from the product documents and acceptance criteria shared by clients. They are adept at automation and utilize 3 automation frameworks that are eInfochips IPs. The QA team also ensures post-production QC and product compliance and certifications for specific geographies and industries. 16

17 Solutions across the Silicon Design Lifecycle
Semiconductor Engineering Offerings Solutions across the Silicon Design Lifecycle For Semiconductor Solutions, we offer Design, Verification and Physical Design solutions. We are engaged with 3 of the top 5 semiconductor players in the world, and these solutions constitute the largest practice at eInfochips. In fact, we are also engaged with EDA companies for VIP development, so chances are that some VIPs that you use today could be developed by eInfochips. We have worked in Physical designs for geometries of 16mm, and have also provided FPGA prototyping services and post-silicon solutions. Our solutions for the semiconductor industry add value to every facet of our clients. Our primary collaboration expertise is with the engineering teams for our clients, where we provide turnkey solutions for ASIC/SoC and FPGA Design, Verification and Physical Design. Our in-house verification and physical design checklist has evolved and matured over multiple client projects, enabling us to file defects even on VIP that are in the market for over 2 years. We have strong FPGA expertise as well, and have delivered multiple ASIC/SoC prototype projects on different FPGA platforms. We also enable the silicon with EVMs and Reference designs, as turnkey solutions – from concept and design to supporting tier-1 clients in evaluation and benchmarking. Our expert teams provide design audit services to ensure clients extract the full potential of the silicon platform. 17

18 Engagement Models. Concept-to-Revenue (ODM) Revenue Share
Consulting Outcome Based Revenue Share Concept-to-Revenue (ODM) As discussed earlier, we engage on multiple models based on the project scope and relationship maturity – consulting, Outcome based and Revenue Sharing being the common modes. A new engagement model that we have recently deployed is the Concept to Revenue model. Clients share their business challenges with us, and we propose solution options, technical specifications etc. for the client to evaluate. We design, develop, prototype, certify and even manufacture the products to deliver labeled and packaged products to the client’s doorstep. We take complete product ownership to enable clients focus on the concept and the revenue, while we take care of the entire development process. 18

19 Thank you, next steps? 19

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