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Marriage In Afghanistan

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1 Marriage In Afghanistan
Alexis Blackmon

2 Basic Facts Celebrations last 3 days long
Everyone in the immediate and extended family is invited as well as friends of the family Required LOADS of planning and expenses Governed by marriage laws and are strictly governed. (AMTAPL 1)

3 Laws that Govern Afghan Marriages
Allow girls 10 years and younger to be engaged, not married. Can get married at the minimum, 16 years old. Grooms family pays for expenses of the marriage Afghan women are not permitted to marry other than Muslim men, men can marry Afghan, Jewish, or Christian women. The marriage will only include the Nikah (marriage) ceremony (AMTAPL 1)

4 Groom Chosen by Parents
The groom is initiated by the women in the family(age, looks, education background, his ability to support his wife and family background), Men(character and reputation) to finish the process. a formal proposal of marriage is made by the letter to the father of the bride When the proposal is formally accepted, the bride’s family will host a party to symbolize the acceptance and underline the fact that the expenses of the bride from date of engagement will be borne by the groom’s family. Chosen by Himself Informs his family of his interest Father of the groom make inquires of the female If approved, father send an elder of their family to propose for the male. (AMTAPL 1)

5 Family Obligations Women
Age, looks, education background, his ability to support his wife and family background Men Character and reputation (AMTAPL 1)

6 The Henna Night: Takht e Khina
Held before the wedding Groom’s family pays expenses The groom sits by the bride. The bride is teased by the female relatives of the groom and not allowed to reach the dais unless she pays toll Bride closes her right hand and refuses to let them decorate it, unless open by force or accepting a gift from the groom’s mother Groom puts henna in the bride’s hand and covers it with a white clean cloth then leaves the party. Then hands and feet get covered in henna patterns (TEHANAMC)

7 Sher-E-Ne Khore Party Paid for by the bride’s family
Bride is required to wear a full green dress Couple will be engaged for one month to get to know each other. (AW)

8 The Rest of the Celebrations
Conducted over a three day span Done between 6pm and 2am HUGE party (TEHANAMC)

9 Marriage Ceremony Bride and the groom exchange vows in the presence of the mullah or priest The priest reads sections from the Quran and direct the bride and the groom through the ceremony “marriage reception” – hosted by the Groom’s family The bride and groom then go through several rituals, exchange rings, and cut the wedding cake. In the morning, breakfast is served and the bride and groom are conducted to their wedding chamber and left alone. (TEHANAMC)

10 Traditions “Mirror and Qur’an.” They are covered with a single shawl, and given a mirror which is wrapped in cloth. A Qur’an is placed on the table in front of them. In privacy under the shawl, they then unwrap the mirror and look at their reflection for the first time, together as a married couple. They each then take turns reading verses from the Qur’an. Guest won’t receive invitations until 1-2 days before the event Shade of purple at engagement party(Bride) Wedding requires two dresses: Green and “fairy like” white (WIA&AW)

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