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Victims, Survivors & Heroes

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1 Victims, Survivors & Heroes
Who’s Who in the May 1996 Disaster on Mount Everest

2 The Victims

3 Doug Hansen Doug Hansen-dies right below the summit during the first night of the storm. Second attempt to summit. A postal worker from Seattle, Washington.

4 Rob Hall Rob Hall- one of the strongest climbers in the world, dies right below the summit, trying to save Doug Hansen, survives the storm, but dies sometime during the next day, speaks with his wife to name his unborn child

5 Scott Fischer Scott Fischer- one of the strongest climbers in the world, collapsed below the summit, attempts to rescue fail, probable death caused by Acute Mountain Sickness

6 Yasuko Namba Yasuko Namba-Japanese climber, stranded with Beck Weathers, dies in the storm, left for dead. A 47 year old business woman from Japan whose hobby was mountain climbing.

7 Andy Harris Andy Harris-disappears in the storm, no one really knows what happened to him, last contact was on his way to take Rob Hall oxygen, many think he walked off the mountain. New evidence suggests that he might have spent the night with Rob Hall & Doug Hansen then disappeared into the storm.

8 The Survivors

9 Makalu Gau Makalu Gau-Airlifted off the mountain, injuries are extensive frostbite to hands and feet, injuries worse than Beck Weathers Leader of a 13 member team from Taiwan. Makalu Gau lost his fingers on both hands, his toes and parts of his feet and nose (which was since been reconstructed through plastic surgery).

10 Charlotte Fox Charlotte Fox-lost in storm with Beck Weathers, rescued by Anatoli Boukereev A professional ski patroller and EMT from Aspen, Colorado.

11 Tim Madsen Tim Madsen-lost in storm with Beck Weathers, rescued by Anatoli Boukereev A professional ski patroller and Charlotte Fox’s boyfriend from Aspen, Colorado. His relationship with Charlotte Fox did not survive after the disaster.

12 Neil Beidleman Neil Beidleman-Guide with Rob Hall’s expedition, caught in the storm until he sees the Big Dipper able to find Camp IV and help for stranded climbers Returned to Mount Everest in Said that he left part of his heart on the mountain in 1996.

13 Jon Krakauer Jon Krakauer-writer who documents the disaster in his book, Into Thin Air A reporter for Outside magazine he was assigned to report about the growing interest by amateur climbers in climbing Mount Everest.

14 Beck Weathers Beck Weathers-Airlifted off the mountain, left for dead three times, wakes up and walks into Camp IV, severe injuries, loses his nose, right hand and fingers on his left

15 The Heroes

16 Lt. Col. Madan K. C. Lt. Col. Madan K. C.-pilot who flew the helicopter flight above the ice fall at Camp II, 21,500 feet

17 Anatoli Boukreev Anatoli Boukreev- rescures several climbers by going out three times into the storm risking his own life, ironically dies on Annapurna December 1997

18 David Breashears David Breashears-“Dream Team” climber who helps rescue Beck Weathers, director of the IMAX film Has summated Mount Everest five times the last time in 2004 IMAX camera had to be modified for use on Mount Everest. Camera 92 pounds down to 48 pounds 500 feet of film weighs 5.5 pounds and only last 90 seconds.

19 Ed Viesturs “Dream Team” climber who helps to rescue Beck Weathers, has summated Mount Everest seven times, five without oxygen. He is the only American to summit the world’s 14 tallest mountains.

20 Peach Weathers Peach Weathers-arranges for a helicopter to rescue Beck Weathers Said that she felt like a “pawn in a game of chess she didn’t want to play.”

21 Mike Groom Mike Groom-Guide with Rob Hall who is part of the “Dream Team” who helps Beck Weathers down the mountain He tethered Beck Weathers to his harness then guided and lowered him down some of the most dangerous sections of the mountain before the storm struck.

22 The Sherpas Sherpas-risk their lives to save Makalu Gau, try to rescue Rob Hall and Scott Fischer Lopsang Jangbu tried to drag Scott Fischer down the mountain to save him. Died in a avalanche on Mount Everest September 1996.

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