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August 1 st 2011. Overall thoughts I love LashControl mascaras for many reasons. The packaging is unique and for the life of me I can’t figure out.

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1 August 1 st 2011



4 Overall thoughts I love LashControl mascaras for many reasons. The packaging is unique and for the life of me I can’t figure out why other brands haven’t thought of adding a squeezable grip. No more wiping extra mascara off on a tissue or separating your lashes to remove clumps and excess. This really is a fool proof mascara, I tried my hardest to get LashControl to clump, I didn’t even use the grip and it still didn’t clump. I have never came across a mascara that I felt like it was completely different from other mascaras. I said time and time again that I don’t spend a lot of money on mascaras because to me they’re all basically the same, I was wrong. LashControl is the only mascara I’ll spend over $9 on. Any non-hassle products are a keeper for me. How many products do you know actually does what it claims 100%? Few if not none right? Well add LashControl to the list. Rating: Price: $20

5 Forget Falsies! KDH Found A Magical Mascara That Will Give You Luscious Lashes: Try Lash Control Mascara! KDH loves Lash Control mascara Longer, thicker fuller lashes are on the most wanted list of every KDH reader we know and we were wowed by the newest mascara to hit the beauty market. The new Lash Control mascara offers a completely new way to apply a coat of color to your lashes with a simple squeeze of the tube so you decide how much product to apply. No more wiping excess off on a tissue or along edge of the opening. What’s more, the beeswax-based formula conditions lashes and it washes off in a snap. *Lash Control Mascara, $20; available at

6 Lighten Up Of course, if you're lusting after fuller lashes, you can always get them the old- fashioned way: with mascara. Glo testers tried out the latest products, including Dolce & Gabbana Secret Eyes, $29, which promises lightweight, long lashes, and LashControl Pink Squeeze, $20, with a squeezable tube to remove excess mascara from your brush. According to Glo's tester, Secret Eyes delivered clump-free fringe for a natural look. And our LashControl sleuth had this to say: "It was really light and almost seemed like I wasn't wearing anything at all." August 1, 2011

7 August 5 th,. 2011 Rolling with Rowland: Kelly's Purple and Gold Makeup at the Sean John Empress Fragrance Preview Yesterday, spokesbeauty Kelly Rowland made an appearance at the Sean John "Empress" fragrance preview (which Jessica, Claire and CeCe got to attend). I did not realize how much I had grown to anticipate Rowland's makeup looks until recently. Since gold and purple were my high school (RIP Wuerzburg American High School) colors, this is the type of makeup look I would've done right before the homecoming game as it's flirty, sexy and cute --- all at the same time. Achieve the look with the following products: eyes] Groom the brows withMake-Up Designory (MUD) Brow Fix, a non-flaking gel formula that keeps brows groomed and gorgeous all in one swipe. Squeezable and petite, you can conveniently achieve sleek, precise brows on the go. Prep the lids with Too FacedShadow Insurance Glitter Glue Glitter Bonding Eye Shadow Primer. This primer really does work! I tried it out recently and I was amazed at how well it worked to keep the glitter and shimmer in my eyeshadows on my lids instead on my cheekbones. It's colorless, creamy and blending eyeshadows is a dream. I love!

8 Pack NARS Eyeshadow in Night Sun on the lids, from the inner corner to the middle of your eyelid. Take NARS Eyeshadow in Party Monster and apply from the middle of the lid to the outer corners. Line upper and lower lash lines with CoverGirl LiquilineBlast Eyeliner in Black Fire. Smudge the lower lash line with Party Monster as well. Apply Smoke and Mirrors Beauty Hollywood Lashes. Fuse both your natural lashes and the faux lashes with innovative, squeezable Lash Control Mascara in Purple Squeeze. Purple Squeeze is a lengthening and conditioning formula with a 2x black volumizing brush. The brush is slightly bent to allow you to really work the brush in the root of your lashes and extend them outward. You can also layer the formula to get the length you want. I haven't been able to put it down since I received it for editorial consideration! [cheeks] With a very light hand, blend Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Betray, a deep plum rose, on the apples of your cheeks and blend towards your temples. [lips] Apply MAC Dazzleglass in Funtabulous. Do not haphazardly wipe the applicator across the length of your lips; there's a science in applying your gloss in a way that will keep your cupid's bud the star of the show. Check out this Beauty Basics--Lip Gloss tutorial on Bergdorf Goodman's blog.

9 On our desk: Lash Control (@LashControl) Mascara. We have the Purple Squeeze, which is the lengthening and conditioning formula ("Ultra Long and Silky"). What makes this particular mascara amazing is that you can continuously regulate how much product gets on your brush---it has a built-in wiper sleeve at the mouth. It has organic ingredients too!

10 Personalize Your Mascara! Introducing (drum roll, please)…personalized mascara! One of the niftiest products to land on our desks recently, Lash Control Mascara allows you to regulate the amount of product you want on on your brush. One-size-fits-all product begone; we love the idea of being able to have dramatic lashes one day, demure the next. The first thing you notice when playing around is the bright pink, built-in wiper sleeve (if you're prone to airhead-moments like us, note that the mascara is not pink—just color-coded). Squeeze when you're pulling out the brush to control the amount of mascara on the brush—no globs, no clumps, and no tissues for scraping off excess mascara! Cool, right? We think so. A volumizing formula is also available, as well as clear for a top coat finish (and perfect for brows!). Interested? Try it—for free—by following us on Twitter and entering today! For the latest beauty news, freebies, and more, become a fan of Real Beauty on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Facebook August 5th, 2011

11 If eyes are the windows to the soul, then I want only the most fabulous window treatments – and that’s why I go nowhere without mascara. For me, mascara is a staple, like bread - or chocolate. I was thrilled to be sent a sample of LashControl® Mascara. Billed as “high-tech simplicity at its best,” LashControl comes in a tube that allows you to control the amount of mascara released on the wand. Squeeze the built-in wiper sleeve as you pull the brush through the wand and remove excess mascara – which remains in the wand. It’s simply genius and allows the brush to be used as an applicator and separator. It cuts down on waste and reduces clumping. I hate it when I pull the applicator out of the tube and the mascara is a lumpy mess that I have to wipe on a tissue. To me, mascara is priceless and I hate wasting it. Plus, with LashControl, there are no more clumps! LashControl mascara is infused with botanicals including ginko biloba, chamomile flower extract and ginseng root extract to help condition and hydrate lashes. It comes in three formulations: Pink Squeeze to lengthen and condition, $20.; Purple Squeeze for volume and conditioning, $20.; and Clear Squeeze which can be used as a top coat for extra luster or alone to groom brows, $16. And it’s one shade of black which, in my opinion, is the only color for lashes. I like this mascara a lot. (That’s seriously high praise coming from mascara-loving me.) I played around with the squeezing mechanism to see if the mascara itself clumped when I didn’t control the amount. It didn’t. The formula and color are rich and made my lashes pop with only one coat. I was so happy with my new gift, I tucked it into my makeup case posthaste to ensure that it would be used every day. LashControl is available at select retailers and at Follow LashControl on Twitter!!/LashControl

12 August 13 th, 2011 LashControl Is Fun, Sexy And It Works. High- Tech Simplicity At Its Best. Description: This unique, patented, breakthrough mascara lets you decide, how much mascara you want to apply, no clumps, no wiping, no mess! It’s gentle; in a rich beeswax and water base, the formula helps to condition the lashes, coating them with protective ingredients that help to hydrate each lash and keep them healthy. No other mascara today has our patented built-in squeezable wiper sleeve, enabling the consumer to continuously control and customize the application process. Gorgeous lashes instantly; from just a touch, to bold, one layer or more. Total beauty for $20. Price: $20.00

13 Beauty Quick Tip Is Your Mascara Causing Clumpy Lashes? Now you can skip the clumps for perfect coverage with LashControl. The clever applicator let's YOU control how much product is released on the brush, so you can build beautiful lashes. iMag readers can click here to get an exclusive 20% off with the promo code “foxylashes” until August 28th. August 15th, 2011

14 I Tried it Tuesday: Lash Control Mascara August 16, 2011 By Dawn Davis Clumpy lashes are a personal pet peeve. I think dramatic mascara is ok for a night-out look, but I don't want Cover Girl Volume Exact, which has one of those rubbery brushes that coats each lash with just the right amount of the thickening formula. The only problem with my clump-phobia is that there are a lot of great mascaras out there (cult favorites, recs from other beauty editors) that I just can't get behind. They have big, fluffy brushes that pick up a lot of the product, and even when I wipe it on a tissue or the back of my hand, I still seem to get clumps. (Who knows, maybe my eyelashes are particularly susceptible.) So when I heard about Lash Control—which celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes is crazy about—I had to give it a try. The formula is great (there's a lengthening, a volumizing and a clear version), but the really cool part is the tube: There's a soft middle section that you squeeze to remove the clump-causing extra mascara. I figured out that the trick to getting the brush super- clean is to squeeze and twist the wand simultaneously. Now, my plan is to try all of those other formulas, but pop them into the Lash Control bottle before I apply.

15 Arachnophilia was loud and alive on fall’s ready-to-wear catwalks. From Chloe and Ungaro to Lanvin and Gucci, models’ lashes were as clumpy as can be. If you’re feelin’ the fringe, here are some tips to try out the trend: 1. Choose the right mascara: Defining and separating products aren’t the name of the game. Instead, go for curling and volumizing formulas in carbon black. MAC Zoomblack Zoom Lash Mascara, which was used at Ungaro and Chloe, and Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara, which gives great volume at the right price, are both contenders. For total control and jet black lashes, I love Lash Control mascara in 2x black. Just squeeze the tube to determine how much mascara ends up on the brush. 2. Application is key: Shimmy on a coat of mascara by dragging the brush from base to tip, creating the general shape you want. Then, apply several more coats by wiggling the brush just from the base to mid-shaft. Drawing the brush out to your tips will create too much separation. Even dabbing and pressing the brush against your lashes will create perfect clumps. Make sure to let lashes dry for a few seconds in between coats. Repeat the steps on your bottom lashes. BG Tip: Since your fringe is the main event, there’s no need to worry about meticulously applying several shades of eye shadow to complete the look. Skip the shadow and balance your dramatic lashes with a great, strong brow. Use a tinted brow gel that works double duty by both taming and tinting the hair. Just a few swipes will give your brows gorgeous depth and definition. Pull it all together with a classic, rich red pout (as shown above left at Gucci) or a light, soft nude lip (as seen above right at Lanvin). P.S. Click here to see which other mascaras I've got my eyes on.

16 LashControl Makeup artist Scott Barnes, who has worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Lopez, used to recommend that clients wipe excess mascara off the applicator. But with LashControl, which Barnes declares “a genius concept,” one can customize the amount of mascara on the brush. LashControl’s patented squeezable applicator takes excess product off – or leaves it on — thanks to a built-in wiper sleeve at the mouth of the mascara tube that leaves as much, or as little, product as you like on the brush. Color coded and available in black lengthening, black volumizing and clear, LashControl is available online for $20 at and at upscale salons, spas and beauty

17 When I heard I could get celeb-worthy eyelashes without having to go through a pricey extension process or using daily falsies, I jumped at the opportunity. Let me begin by saying, I tend to have major lash envy. Yes, I have all the length a girl could ask for, but the application process seems to be my ruin. I constantly find myself with clumpy, spider-like lashes that tend to flake by day's end. But I recently discovered LashControl Mascara and my eyelash woes are no more. It seems the secret to lush, long lashes is in the tube – the squeezable tube, that is. This innovative product allows you to control the amount of mascara you desire on the brush by squeezing the colourful grip, and the built-in wiper sleeve removes any excess. So what does this all mean? Zero clumps! Plus, the beeswax- based formula helps to hydrate your lashes, making flakes a non-issue. Now I can have my lashes and bat them too. How do you amp up your lash line? Do you use falsies, curlers or specials wands?

18 Inside Soap Magazine- Sept. 15 2011

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