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Child Sexual Exploitation “ It wont happen to me”

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2 Child Sexual Exploitation “ It wont happen to me”

3 What is Child Sexual Exploitation ??????? Sexual Exploitation is where young people under 18 receive ‘something’ such as : Food/Sweets Somewhere to stay Drugs/Alcohol/Cigarettes Gifts/Money Love/Affection In return for naked photos, performing sexual scenes for a camera and sexual acts. THIS IS ALSO CALLED GROOMING IT IS SEXUAL ABUSE !!!

4 ALL young people are potentially at risk. A Young person is someone under 18yrs old. Young boys and girls, and teenagers from all different backgrounds. It can happen to anyone DON’T BLAME YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!

5 What are the signs? In small groups look at the signs and indicators cards and decide which you think are the most common.

6 They are all signs of risk ! Discuss these questions:  What is meant by going missing?  What is meant by dressing inappropriately?  Importance of friends and family?  What message does being absent from school send out?

7 TYPES OF EXPLOITATION … 1.Older Relationships- for example 15 year old with 25 year old. Introduction to a “party” lifestyle, drink, drugs, glamour, excitement Slowly pulled away from parents, teachers, friends and family. Sexual activity is expected. Young people don’t see themselves as victims and often believe that they are in love and the older boyfriend/girlfriend loves them. This is also known as grooming. 2. Trafficking What do we mean by trafficking? Its being transported from one town/city to another,Train tickets paid for Its being Introduced to groups of adults for sexual reasons Its being moved around to be abused.

8 3.Prostitution This is being forced to sell your body. Having sex in return for money. This can often involve violence. It can make young people feel very alone, frightened and desperate with no one to turn to. 4.Organised Gangs Abuse carried out by more than one adult and can involve one or more than one young person as the victim. Pressure put on young people by a gang to repay gang debts by having sex. TYPES OF EXPLOITATION …

9 The Grooming Line Selecting a child/young person. Becoming friends with you; Being nice, and caring, taking interest and giving compliment s. Gaining your trust Sharing private information about you to other abusive adults. Making you feel special and important. Spending time together. Become your best friend. Testing out physical contact reaction. Looking after you Doing nice things together.. Being your boyfriend/ girlfriend. Creating a sexual relationship. Showing you Pornography. Encouraging drug taking, drinking and going to clubs. Telling you it’s all ok Keeping you away from family and friends. Taking over your life!! Hitting and threatening you. Hurting you sexually and making you have sex with other people. Removing the love and friendship. Making you feel ashamed and telling you that it’s all your fault.

10 Grooming Grooming can happen on social networks.

11 WOULD YOU ….. Would you accept a friend request from one of these people??? give them your address? send them sexy text messages? send them pictures of yourself naked? …. “sexting” meet up with them or arrange to meet?

12 How do you really know who you are talking to on the internet??? BUT WHAT IF THEY REALLY LOOKED LIKE THIS?????? ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! Paedophiles, such as Vanessa George and Paul Gaad use the internet to groom young people into performing sexual acts. They use images of younger attractive people and pretend to be much younger so that they can chat to young people, swap mobile numbers, exchange picture messages and meet up. They are not what they seem!! REMEMBER STRANGER DANGER !!!!!!

13 What is the legal age of consent??? Read through the following list and decide whether you think these situations are illegal (against the law)or legal ……. 19-year-old female having sexual intercourse with her 14-year-old boyfriend? A professional adult photographer encouraging a 13-year-old to pose naked for sexy photos? 12-year-old female performing oral sex on an 18-year-old male? 21-year-old female having a sexual relationship with her 15-year-old girlfriend? 13-year-old male being shown a pornographic film by a 34-year-old friend of his mum?

14 ALL OF THEM ARE ILLEGAL To have sex legally you both need to be 16 or over.

15 If this is happening to me what do I do??? TELL SOMEONE Teacher Parent Police Youth Worker Social Worker This could be about you or someone you know. We all need to look after each other. BREAK THE SILENCE

16 CONTACT NUMBERS MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS TO STAY SAFE If it doesn’t feel right, then its probably not !!!!!!!! DC Claire Tittering ton DC Emma Constantine Child Sexual Exploitation Unit 0161 8569314 – 24hr message facility FACEBOOK - ADD US!!!!! Crimestoppers 0800555111 Social Services 0161 3424186

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