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EText Higher Ed & International Monthly Steering Committee Meeting April 2011.

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1 eText Higher Ed & International Monthly Steering Committee Meeting April 2011

2 Agenda Content Manager v4.3.4 eText v4.4 iPad v1.1 eText for Android app Wiki site updates “Ultimate Demo” title

3 Content Manager v4.3.4 Successfully released on April 23 rd Training sessions held April 25 th Several key enhancements, such as: –UI for partial PDF ingestion Interface to facilitate ingestion of individual pages and page ranges –Online editing of essential title information Interface for editing eText title info e.g. title, author(s), and ISBN(s) –UI for configuring the XML manifest Eliminates the need to download and edit the manifest.xml file offline –More granular organization of eText titles Additional levels/subdirectories will eliminate unwieldy list of directories on FTP server

4 eText v4.4 Release Development underway for an early June release Planned list of features includes: –X & Y coordinate linking Ability to link to a specific X & Y pixel coordinates on the eText page for more specific navigation –Print Page Watermarking Option within Authoring Server to insert footer and watermark across the printed page to deter piracy

5 eText v4.4 Release (cont’d) Accessibility enhancements for sighted users –Adding tooltips –Making the accordion accessible via keyboard controls –Identifying an explicit tab order Additional language support –Traditional Mandarin –Turkish –Norwegian

6 eText v4.4 Release (cont’d) Support for CCNG using Scenario 11 Two new School integration scenarios –“S15” - RUMBA equivalent of S14 (iPad) –“S16” - RUMBA equivalent of S8 (stand-alone for Mac/Windows) Updates to publishing/promotion forms with new S15 & S16 fieldsS15 & S16

7 Content Manager v4.4 Also scheduled for early June Additional features that are dependent on Authoring Server v4.4 functionality: –Export Button Initiate export/backup directly from Authoring Server –PDF pre-processing “Groom” hi-res PDFs to reduce file size and enable faster processing –Auto-ingestion of zoom box info Makes adding Whiteboard zoom boxes significantly easier

8 iPad v1.1 Scheduled for early June Plan to include the following new features: –Offline personalizations –Non-modal Audio & Synchronized Highlighting –Update with new Pearson branding

9 iPad v1.1 cont. Offline Personalizations User can create notes, highlights and bookmarks in off-line mode The most recent changes will take precedence

10 Other iPad news… iPad Rumba app for School –Scheduled for August eText for iPad integration with eCollege –Tentatively slated for v.1.2 release

11 eText for Android App Plan to release before the end of the year Tentative plan is to support Honeycomb O/S, 7” or greater screen size Consistent user experience –Same features as iPad and Flash views –Synchronization with other views

12 Wiki Site Updates Revised eText Overview Section Revised and combined HE/INTL & School Production Section New! eText Audio Options documentNew! eText Audio Options Coming soon….updated scenario info with S11, S14, S15 & S16

13 Ultimate Demo Demonstration title designed to show virtually all the features of eText Works on iPad and Mac/Windows Internal use only, not for customers Available now using SMS Registration Codes Demo

14 Thank You! Janet Marhefka Phone: 201-236-7037 Visit our Wiki:

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