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Karamat Iqbal Born in Pakistan In Birmingham since age 12 Youth Worker, Teacher, Adviser, Consultant Author: ‘ Dear.

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1 Karamat Iqbal

2 Born in Pakistan In Birmingham since age 12 Youth Worker, Teacher, Adviser, Consultant Author: ‘ Dear Birmingham’ – on Pakistani exclusion White working class education reports Current: Educational Practitioner Director: Multi-academy Trust PhD student – Warwick University 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal


4 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

5 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal RegionTotal 2003Total 2013Increase 2003-2013 North East2,9504,3301,740 North West29,460 43,955 14,495 Yorkshire & Humber39.640 56,275 16,635 East Midlands6,77010,8204,050 West Midlands Bham 40,160 59,685 42558 19,525 East of England9,81015,7255,915 London30,63042,79012,160 South East14,47022,2407,770 South West1,2102,2701,060 Totals175,100258,09082,990 Pupils of Pakistani heritage in English schools 2003 & 2013

6  White British 38%  Pakistani 25%  Muslim 36%  Christian 33% 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

7  Mixed methods  Document analysis  Auto-biographical sociology  3 diverse state schools  219 pupil questionnaires – all ethnic groups  55 interviews – 24 Pakistani pupils; 16 parents 15 teachers 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

8 Value education Regularly attend school Work hard Have supportive families Have a good staying-on rate 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

9 1. Pakistanis 89% 2. Bangladeshis 87% 3. Indians 86% 4. White-British28% 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

10  All Pakistani boys interviewed, were either attending a mosque after school or had done so in the past  28 % White did so; mainly for non-religious purposes 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

11  Pakistani pupils: 64% ◦ A number of parents were also supportive of this idea.  Suggestions: ◦ In the curriculum ◦ Extra-curricular – before or after school 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

12  Religion not just about believing and activities; it had a clear impact on their schooling.  It taught them to be better students, to respect teachers, respect learning. 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

13 The same level of respect, for teachers, for mosque, for parents; that’s the way I have been brought up. It’s all the same. You've got to respect your elders no matter what; you can't be rude to them. You've just got to show them a lot of respect. My mum and my dad have always told me that you've got to respect, whoever is older than you, you've got to show them respect. I've always been told: respect your elders. I respect my teachers a lot. Pupil 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

14  Muslim parents have two main education goals for their children 1.Preservation, maintenance and transmission of their distinctive beliefs and values, both through direct teaching and through a school ethos informed by those values 2.Access to the opportunities offered by a general education, including living as full British citizens without fear of racism or other forms of prejudice

15 Education more than 5 A*-C; Children’s religious education farz for parents “(Education) also includes knowing about his religion; he needs to know what Islam is, read his prayers, the fundamentals of Islam; it would make him a good human being as well. (Religion is) very, very important for us. In the way that, he needs it so to be a good human being. To understand his religion, religion is very, very important. Parent 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

16 Educated = to have good manners and morals You know, …the importance of his education to me is not just about his academic performance, but, the overall personality that he develops, you know. I would not like it for him to just achieve a very high grade in school, that is one aspect of it; that is needed for success in life. You know, he needs to have good knowledge of things AND (original emphasis) groom his overall personality as well. It’s about the overall personality Grammar Parent Wali 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal

17 1. Education –deen and dunya 2. Greater continuity between pupils’ lives at home & school 3. Greater school-community partnership 4. More Pakistani teachers 5. Greater understanding amongst teachers of Pakistani culture and religion 6. Arabic, Urdu and Islamic Studies on the curriculum 05/05/2015 Karamat Iqbal



20 - a conversation with My Hometown


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