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Dr. Adrian Todd -

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1 Dr. Adrian Todd -

2 Dr. Adrian Todd - Isaiah 62 - God’s Bride, The Church Isaiah prophesied 8 centuries before Christ  two main parts 1-39 (judgement), 40-66 (comfort)  contains many familiar Messianic references Old Testament prophecy often speaks at 3 levels  to the time it was written  to the future and the church era  to us personally Isaiah 61:10-62:12

3 Dr. Adrian Todd - Isaiah 61:10-62:12 Watch out for the following themes  God’s commitment to His people  the commitment expressed in marriage  salvation (meets our need) and righteousness (meets God’s requirement)  a new identity

4 Dr. Adrian Todd - Zion, Jerusalem, the Church Zion, the hill Zion and Jerusalem, the people of God The New Jerusalem, the Bride, the Church, Rev. 21:9-10 God always wanted a people to be in relationship with Him We live in Zion, Hebrews 12:22 We wait for Zion, Revelation 21:10 Romans 9:7-9 speaks of children of promise and faith

5 Dr. Adrian Todd - The Bridegroom commits 61:10  The bride groom, Jesus, accepts the clothes, the task given to Him  The bridgroom rejoices, see Hebrews 12:2 for the joy set before Him  hints of priestly dress, Jesus our High Priest, see Hebrews

6 Dr. Adrian Todd - The Bridegroom commits 61:11  committed to bring salvation to the nations  Jesus set His face towards Jerusalem and the Cross, Luke 9:51  righteousness is the natural consequence of Jesus actions

7 Dr. Adrian Todd - Intercession & Prayer 62:1-3  He does not keep quiet, but prays, John 17  He has a passion (salvation like a torch burning)  He has a vision: salvation, righteousness, glory, a name, crown (diadem) of beauty  the Lord’s hand: under His power, and His guidance

8 Dr. Adrian Todd - Marriage & Relationship 62:4-5  harks back to 61:10  and, looks forward to the marriage of the lamb, Revelation 19:7  My delight is in her (Hepzibah) Jesus loves the church  Married (Beulah) to Him not a passing whim  a new identity in Christ  intimacy v9, drinking in His sanctuary courts

9 Dr. Adrian Todd - Partnership - a married couple 62:6-7  The Lord includes us in His ministry  He appoints watchmen, intercessors  determined and persistent, not keeping silent  the Parable of the Unrighteous Judge, Luke 18:2-8  we are to pray for the World to come, v10  The Church is not to be an exclusive club  And, not just in prayer but action see v10

10 Dr. Adrian Todd - Security & Provision 62:8-9  His right hand, personal intervention  His strong arm, personal power  Being part of God’s People is a place of safety  His ways are the environment in which we flourish  All that we need is available in Him  It is from that secure place we can reach out

11 Dr. Adrian Todd - Family of God 62:10-12  Gates; go out, pass through  Stones; remove the obstacles for people to come  Raise a standard; summon people to come to this wonderful relationship  Sought out; the Lord Himself came to look for us  the redeemed of the Lord He is our next of kin

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