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A Powerpoint by Charlie Urban-Mead

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1 A Powerpoint by Charlie Urban-Mead

2 White Fang (protagonist)
White Fang is a mixed-blood canine. He is three quarters Alaskan sled dog and one quarter wolf. He is, according to the book, more gifted by nature than most dogs, with better reflexes. When he runs into a group of Native Alaskans and is defended by his mother, Kiche , both are claimed and adopted by Grey Beaver, the leader of the group, since Kiche was Grey Beaver’s brother’s. Grey Beaver names him White Fang because he was snarling at the Indians with his tiny white fangs. At the camp, he has a rough childhood and is eventually sold to a dog fighter, which he excels at because of his reflexes.

3 Beauty Smith (Antagonist)
Beauty Smith’s real name is unknown by everyone, according to the book. When he was young, he was called “Pinhead.” He was nicknamed “Beauty” by the people living with him because he is so ugly. He is racist, and hates anything to do with foreigners. Therefore, he loves to watch White Fang fight with and hurt foreign dogs. One day, he approaches Grey Beaver and tries to buy White Fang, but Grey Beaver will not sell him. Eventually, Grey Beaver becomes a drunkard and, in return for several bottles of beer gives White Fang to Beauty. Beauty is a coward, according to the book, and lashes out at anything weaker than himself. Therefore, he is cruel to White Fang.

4 Beauty Changes White Fang
As a dog fight coordinator, Beauty “toughens up” White Fang by keeping him in a small cage all the time on low rations. This enrages White Fang, and he would try to attack the cage in his anger and Beauty would laugh. This always enraged White Fang further, until he ignored all of his instincts. Eventually, that came to be how he lived: enraged to the point where anything he saw, he attacked and, if it were killable, killed. This is how White Fang changed to be a fighting dog.

5 Conflict One day, out in the woods to avoid the police, White Fang is set against a bulldog named Cherokee. Cherokee is somewhat slow and easy for White Fang to slash, but he seems not to feel the pain, and after many large slashes against his throat, keeps trying to get White Fang into his huge jaws. Eventually, White Fang goes for Cherokee’s throat, and gets it. However, in the process, Cherokee gets his jaws around White Fang’s throat. They scratch at each other, but Cherokee is winning, and the only one still betting on White Fang is Beauty Smith. Finally, the police come as White Fang is dying, and they break up the fight.

6 Resolution When the police discover a series of dogfights, they come to break it up, just in time to save White Fang. A man who came along with the police to help, Weedon Scott, decided to adopt the half-dead White Fang. He teaches White Fang to live well again and he teaches White Fang to love mankind, rather than hate and worship it at the same time. White Fang thinks of him as the “love-master.” One day, Scott must return to his family in California, and so he locks White Fang in the house, but White Fang breaks a window to get to Scott, so Scott decides to bring him to California.

7 Other Characters (Major)
Cherokee-A fighting bulldog: the fist bulldog in the Klondike: stocky with a large jaw and fair reflexes: belongs to Tim Keenan Tim Keenan-Owner of Cherokee: a faro dealer (dealer for a card game) Weedon Scott-Gold miner in the Klondike: breaks up the fight between White Fang and Cherokee and decides to adopt White Fang and becomes his owner: Matt’s friend Matt-Weedon Scott’s friend, a dog-musher: considers himself White Fang’s owner after he is adopted Kiche-White Fang’s mother: half dog, half wolf who ran away from her owner to live with the wolves and mated with One Eye until she was readopted by Grey Beaver then given away Grey Beaver-Brief, first owner of White Fang: a harsh Native Alaskan: Believes in beating lessons into dogs

8 Other Characters (Major) (contd.)
Lip-Lip-Rival of White Fang as he was growing up: larger and more experienced, he always fought White Fang and won: When White Fang grew up to be a better fighter than him, led the hunting pack Jim Hall-Criminal who escaped prison for a crime he had not committed swearing to take his revenge on Judge Scott who sentenced him to jail Collie-Dog of Weedon Scott in California, hated White Fang at first, becomes his mate One Eye-Alaskan sled dog, owned by Bill and Henry: father of White Fang: mate of Kiche: dies in a fight with the she-lynx

9 Other Characters (Minor)
Kloo-Kooch-Mate of Grey Beaver: Kind Native Alaskan squaw Mit-Sah-Son of Grey Beaver: Native Alaskan Bill-Alaskan who goes on a hunting trip with Lord Alfred and Henry: eaten by wolves Henry-Alaskan who goes on a hunting trip with Lord Alfred and Bill: survives fighting a wolf pack Lord Alfred-Alaskan who goes on a hunting trip with Bill and Henry: dead at beginning of story Unnamed Rival Wolves-Fight each other/One Eye for Kiche Dick-Dog of Weedon Scott: hates White Fang at first, grows to like him Unnamed She-Lynx-female lynx: lives near White Fang’s den: Kills One Eye: Killed by Kiche and White Fang: mother of Unnamed Lynx Cub Unnamed Lynx Cub-Lynx cub eaten by One Eye: Death angers mother into killing One Eye: Son of Unnamed She-Lynx Judge Scott- Father of Weedon Scott: Judge who sent Jim Hall to jail

10 Other Characters (Minor) (contd.)
Alice Scott-Wife of Weedon Scott: Lets White Fang into the house every night Unnamed Annoying Trio of Dogs- Three dogs who daily attack White Fang to annoy him: Eventually killed by White Fang at Weedon Scott’s urging Unnamed Doctor-Doctor who, when White Fang is attacked by Jim Hall, says White Fang has less than one chance in 10,000 of surviving Unnamed Children-Weedon Scott’s children: pet White Fang Unnamed Groom-Groom who attacks White Fang with a whip when finding him eating chickens: gets his arm torn to the bone by White Fang Unnamed Native Alaskan Boy-Bullies Mit-Sah and White Fang, White Fang attacks and maims Unnamed Native Alaskan Man- Demands White Fang’s death at the aiming of his son: request is denied by Grey Beaver

11 Unnamed Groups Alaskan Men-Come to save Lord Albert: Save Henry instead Wolves-Hunt Bill, Henry, and their dogs, includes Kiche, eventually One Eye, Unnamed rivals, many others Native Alaskans-Adopt White Fang and Kiche, includes Grey Beaver, Kloo-Kooch, Unnamed Native Alaskan Boy and Man, and Mit-Sah and many others Fighting Dogs-One by one set against White Fang and are killed for the entertainment of village men: includes Cherokee, and many others Village Men-Men who weekly go out into the woods to watch dogfights away from the police: includes Beauty Smith, Tim Keenan, Sourdoughs, and many others Sourdoughs-Village men who have lived in Alaska for a long time, call outsiders whitebreads, since they don’t use baking-powder: includes Beauty Smith Californians-People who live in California: includes Judge Scott, Weedon Scott, Unnamed Children, Unnamed Doctor, Alice Scott, Unnamed Groom, Annoying Trio of Dogs, Collie, Dick, and many others

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