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use hashtag #NACEwebinar The Modern Jewish Life Cycle Presented by Michele Schwartz,

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1 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar The Modern Jewish Life Cycle Presented by Michele Schwartz, CLCEP @atxmichele NACE San Antonio

2 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Agenda Tonight, we will cover: 1.The Jewish Life Cycle Market: $ & Sense 2.Do you speak Simcha? 3.You need the answers to these ?… 4.How to $ell to Yenta

3 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Learning Objectives After tonight, you will be able to: 1.Prepare an accurate timeline for a Jewish Wedding 2.Understand up sell opportunities 3.Market Better to the Jewish Community

4 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Jewish Wedding Ceremony

5 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Importance of Jewish Wedding

6 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Optional pre-ceremony events Auf Ruf (a week before the blessing) Fasting / Separation (day of wedding) Groom’s Tish / Kabbalat Panim (day of wedding)

7 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Bedeken Bedeken means “covering” in Yiddish

8 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Ketubah According to hiddur mitzvah, when a physical object is needed to fulfill a commandment, it should be made as beautiful as possible Ketubah

9 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Chuppah

10 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Processional Order Rabbi / Cantor Ushers Best man Groom with Parents Bridesmaids Matron Bride with Parents

11 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Hakafot (circling) Circling/Hakafot: “A woman shall go around a man.” Jeremiah 31:22

12 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Erusin / Kiddushin Betrothal Holiness

13 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Neusin This part of the ceremony begins with the chanting of the Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings.) Photo courtesy of

14 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Breaking of the Glass

15 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Yihud Yihud is derived from a Hebrew word which means “one”

16 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Two Important Questions What does kosher mean to your client?

17 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar 100% Kosher? Mashgiach? Pareve/Meat/Milk?Plating & Serving

18 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Two Important Questions What time does sunset on Saturday mean to the clergy?

19 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar You have a degree in Social Work, right? How to select the rabbi Family issues Interfaith / religious issues Trends and traditions Honoring people in the ceremony Ancillary events

20 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Marketing Opportunities Submit Content Key Words in Blog Posts Clergy Jewish Community Events Big Machers

21 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar The Sales Proposal Winning ProposalNot So Much… Grilled Apple and Carmelized Onion Tacos with Cheese and Balsamic Syrup Spanakopita Savory Pastry Filled with Spinach & Feta Cheese Wild Rice Stuffed Mushroom Sesame Seared Tuna Tataki served on wonton with wasabi crema Zuchinni and Potato Latke with Dill Creme Fraiche -Buffet- Pasta Salad With Grilled Salmon, Wilted Greens, Carmalized Shallots, Toasted Almond Slivers, Feta and an Herb Vinaigrette. Hill Country Salad local greens, candied pecans, local chevre and seasonal vinaigrette -Dessert Station- Chocolate Fountain Melted chocolate with apples, pretzel sticks, banana, strawberries, sugar wafer cookies, fortune cookies. Served

22 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Case Study

23 Follow @NACENational; use hashtag #NACEwebinar Q&A

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