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Alex Koopman WJ, Distelmaier F, Hink M, Verkaart S, Wijers M, Fransen J, Smeitink J, Willems P Inherited complex I deficiency is associated with faster.

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1 Alex Koopman WJ, Distelmaier F, Hink M, Verkaart S, Wijers M, Fransen J, Smeitink J, Willems P Inherited complex I deficiency is associated with faster protein diffusion in the matrix of moving mitochondria. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol Mar 19; Schneider D, Pohl T, Walter J, Dorner K, Kohlstadt M, Berger A, Spehr V, Friedrich T Assembly of the Escherichia coli NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I). Biochim Biophys Acta Mar 15;. The Small-Molecule Iron Transport Inhibitor Ferristatin/NSC Promotes Degradation of the Transferrin Receptor The Small-Molecule Iron Transport Inhibitor Ferristatin/NSC Promotes Degradation of the Transferrin Receptor L. Horonchik and M. Wessling-Resnick Zolghadr K, Mortusewicz O, Rothbauer U, Kleinhans R, Goehler H, Wanker EE, Cardoso MC, Leonhardt H. A fluorescent two-hybrid (F2H) assay for direct visualization of protein interactions in living cells. Mol Cell Proteomics Jul 12;. Hurd TR, Raquejo R, Filipovska A, Brown S, Prime TA, Robinson AJ, Fearnley IM, Murphy MP. Complex I within oxidatively-stressed bovine heart mitochondria is glutathionylated on Cys-531 and Cys-704 of the 75-kDa subunit: Potential role of Cys residues in decreasing oxidative damage. J Biol Chem Jul 8;. Pagliarini DJ, Calvo SE, Chang B, Sheth SA, Vafai SB, Ong SE, Walford GA, Sugiana C, Boneh A, Chen WK, Hill DE, Vidal M, Evans JG, Thorburn DR, Carr SA, Mootha VK. A mitochondrial protein compendium elucidates complex I disease biology. Cell Jul 11;134(1): Azuma M, Kabe Y, Kuramori C, Kondo M, Yamaguchi Y, Handa H. Adenine nucleotide translocator transports haem precursors into mitochondria. PLoS ONE Aug 27;3(8):e3070. Whitnall M, Rahmanto YS, Sutak R, Xu X, Becker EM, Mikhael MR, Ponka P, Richardson DR. The MCK mouse heart model of Friedreich's ataxia: Alterations in iron-regulated proteins and cardiac hypertrophy are limited by iron chelation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Jul 15;105(28): Garmier M, Carroll AJ, Delannoy E, Vallet C, Day DA, Small ID, Millar AH. Complex I dysfunction redirects cellular and mitochondrial metabolism in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol Sep 10;. Hirst J, King MS, Pryde KR. The production of reactive oxygen species by complex I. Biochem Soc Trans Oct;36(Pt 5): Dieteren CE, Willems PH, Vogel RO, Swarts HG, Fransen J, Roepman R, Crienen G, Smeitink JA, Nijtmans LG, Koopman WJ. Subunits of mitochondrial complex I exist as part of matrix- and membrane-associated subcomplexes in living cells. J Biol Chem Sep 30;.

2 Antonio Pugh RA, Honda M, Leesley H, Thomas A, Lin Y, Nilges MJ, Cann IK, Spies M. The iron-containing domain is essential in RAD3 helicases for coupling of ATP hydrolysis to DNA translocation and for targeting the helicase to the ssDNA-dsDNA junction. J Biol Chem Nov 20; Kulkarni A, Wilson DM 3rd. The Involvement of DNA-Damage and -Repair Defects in Neurological Dysfunction. Am J Hum Genet Mar;82(3): Huang Q, Hong X, Hao QHuang Q, Hong X, Hao Q RelatedArticles SNAP-25 is also an iron-sulfur protein. FEBS Lett Mar 28;.RelatedArticles XPD Helicase Structures and Activities: Insights into the Cancer and Aging Phenotypes from XPD Mutations Phenotypes from XPD Mutations L. Fan, J.O. Fuss, Q.J. Cheng, A.S. Arvai, M. Hammel, V.A. Roberts, P.K. Cooper, and J.A. Tainer Structure of the DNA Repair Helicase XPD H. Liu, J. Rudolf, K.A. Johnson, S.A. McMahon, M. Oke, L. Carter, A.-M. McRobbie, Structure of the DNA Repair Helicase XPD S.E. Brown, J.H. Naismith, and M.F. White Wolski SC, Kuper J, Hänzelmann P, Truglio JJ, Croteau DL, Van Houten B, Kisker C. Crystal structure of the FeS cluster-containing nucleotide excision repair helicase XPD. PLoS Biol Jun 24;6(6):e149. Ishigami M, Hiraki K, Umemura K, Ogasawara Y, Ishii K, Kimura H. A source of hydrogen sulfide and a mechanism of its release in the brain. (NEW METHOD FOR SULFIDE DETERMINATION? Antioxid Redox Signal Aug 28;. Münck E, Bominaar EL. CHEMISTRY: Bringing Stability to Highly Reduced Iron-Sulfur Clusters. Science Sep 12;321(5895): Ingavale SS, Chang YC, Lee H, McClelland CM, Leong ML, Kwon-Chung KJ. Importance of Mitochondria in Survival of Cryptococcus neoformans Under Low Oxygen Conditions and Tolerance to Cobalt Chloride. PLoS Pathog Sep 19;4(9):e

3 Daili Lu J, Yang J, Tan G, Ding HLu J, Yang J, Tan G, Ding H RelatedArticles RelatedArticles Complementary roles of SufA and IscA in the biogenesis of iron-sulfur clusters in Escherichia coli. Biochem J Oct 17;. Muller JM, Milenkovic D, Guiard B, Pfanner N, Chacinska A Precursor Oxidation by Mia40 and Erv1 Promotes Vectorial Transport of Proteins into the Mitochondrial Intermembrane Space. Mol Biol Cell Oct 31;. Neuspiel M, Schauss AC, Braschi E, Zunino R, Rippstein P, Rachubinski RA, Andrade-Navarro MA, McBride HM Cargo-selected transport from the mitochondria to peroxisomes is mediated by vesicular carriers. Curr Biol Jan 22;18(2): Todorovic S, Justino MC, Wellenreuther G, Hildebrandt P, Murgida DH, Meyer-Klaucke W, Saraiva LM Iron-sulfur repair YtfE protein from Escherichia coli: structural characterization of the di-iron center. J Biol Inorg Chem Mar 21;. Zhang Y, Lyver ER, Nakamaru-Ogiso E, Yoon H, Amutha B, Lee DW, Bi E, Ohnishi T, Daldal F, Pain D, Dancis A. Dre2, a Conserved Eukaryotic Fe/S Cluster Protein, Functions in Cytosolic Fe/S Protein Biogenesis. Mol Cell Biol Jul 14;. [Epub ahead of print] Jin Z, Heinnickel M, Krebs C, Shen G, Golbeck JH, Bryant DA. Biogenesis of iron-sulfur clusters in photosystem I: Holo-NfuA from the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 rapidly and efficiently transfers [4Fe-4S] clusters to apo-PsaC in vitro. J Biol Chem Aug 11;.

4 Holger Angelini S, Gerez C, Ollagnier-de Choudens S, Sanakis Y, Fontecave M, Barras F, Py B NfuA, a new factor required for maturing Fe/S proteins in Escherichia coli under oxidative stress and iron starvation conditions. J Biol Chem Mar 13;. Bandyopadhyay S, Naik SG, O'Carroll IP, Huynh BH, Dean DR, Johnson MK, Dos Santos PC A proposed role for the Azotobacter vinelandii NfuA protein as an intermediate iron-sulfur cluster carrier. J Biol Chem Mar 13; Yabe T, Yamashita E, Kikuchi A, Morimoto K, Nakagawa A, Tsukihara T, Nakai M. Structural analysis of Arabidopsis CnfU protein: an iron-sulfur cluster biosynthetic scaffold in chloroplasts. J Mol Biol Aug 1;381(1): Füzéry AK, Tonelli M, Ta DT, Cornilescu G, Vickery LE, Markley JL. Solution Structure of the Iron-Sulfur Cluster Cochaperone HscB and Its Binding Surface for the Iron-Sulfur Assembly Scaffold Protein IscU. Biochemistry Aug 15;. Bitto E, Bingman CA, Bittova L, Kondrashov DA, Bannen RM, Fox BG, Markley JL, Phillips GN Jr. Structure of human J-type co-chaperone HscB reveals a tetracysteine metal binding domain. J Biol Chem Aug 19;. Shimomura Y, Wada K, Fukuyama K, Takahashi Y. The Asymmetric Trimeric Architecture of [2Fe- 2S] IscU: Implications for Its Scaffolding during Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biosynthesis. J Mol Biol Aug 13;. The Serine Protease Matriptase-2 (TMPRSS6) Inhibits Hepcidin Activation by Cleaving Membrane Hemojuvelin Hepcidin Activation by Cleaving Membrane Hemojuvelin L. Silvestri, A. Pagani, A. Nai, I. De Domenico, J. Kaplan, and C. Camaschella

5 Judita The malate-aspartate NADH shuttle components are novel metabolic longevity regulators required for calorie restriction-mediated life span extension in yeast Erin Easlon, Felicia Tsang, Craig Skinner, Chen Wang, and Su-Ju Lin Genes Dev. 2008; Plectin isoform 1b mediates mitochondrion-intermediate filament network linkage and controls organelle shape Lilli Winter, Christina Abrahamsberg, and Gerhard Wiche J. Cell Biol. 2008; , Cooperation of Two mRNA-Binding Proteins Drives Metabolic Adaptation to Iron Deficiency Cooperation of Two mRNA-Binding Proteins Drives Metabolic Adaptation to Iron Deficiency S. Puig, S.V. Vergara, and D.J. Thiele, Cell Metabolism

6 Oliver Sutak R, Xu X, Whitnall M, Kashem MA, Vyoral D, Richardson DR Proteomic analysis of hearts from frataxin knockout mice: Marked rearrangement of energy metabolism, a response to cellular stress and altered expression of proteins involved in cell structure, motility and metabolism. Proteomics Mar 13;. Schagerlof U, Elmlund H, Gakh O, Nordlund G, Hebert H, Lindahl M, Isaya G, Al-Karadaghi S Structural Basis of the Iron Storage Function of Frataxin from Single-Particle Reconstruction of the Iron-Loaded Oligomer. Biochemistry Apr 5; Review: Oxygen Sensing by Metazoans: The Central Role of the HIF Hydroxylase PathwayOxygen Sensing by Metazoans: The Central Role of the HIF Hydroxylase Pathway W.G. Kaelin, Jr. and P.J. Ratcliffe Li K, Besse EK, Ha D, Kovtunovych G, Rouault TA. Iron-dependent regulation of frataxin expression: implications for treatment of Friedreich ataxia. Hum Mol Genet Apr 17. [Epub ahead of print] Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Jul 15;105(28): The MCK mouse heart model of Friedreich's ataxia: Alterations in iron-regulated proteins and cardiac hypertrophy are limited by iron chelation. Whitnall M, Rahmanto YS, Sutak R, Xu X, Becker EM, Mikhael MR, Ponka P, Richardson DR. Hum Mol Genet Aug 25;. The in vivo mitochondrial two-step maturation of human frataxin. Schmucker S, Argentini M, Carelle-Calmels N, Martelli A, Puccio H. Glutathione Peroxidase 4 Senses and Translates Oxidative Stress into 12/15-Lipoxygenase Dependent- and AIF-Mediated Cell Death into 12/15-Lipoxygenase Dependent- and AIF-Mediated Cell Death A. Seiler, M. Schneider, H. Förster, S. Roth, E.K. Wirth, C. Culmsee, N. Plesnila, E. Kremmer, O. Rådmark, W. Wurst, G.W. Bornkamm, U. Schweizer, and M. Conrad Cell Metab. Long S, Jirku M, Ayala FJ, Lukes J. Mitochondrial localization of human frataxin is necessary but processing is not for rescuing frataxin deficiency in Trypanosoma brucei. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Sep 3;. Kakhlon O, Manning H, Breuer W, Melamed-Book N, Lu C, Cortopassi G, Munnich A, Cabantchik ZI. Cell functions impaired by frataxin deficiency are restored by drug-mediated iron relocation. Blood Sep 16;. Campanella A, Rovelli E, Santambrogio P, Cozzi A, Taroni F, Levi S. MITOCHONDRIAL FERRITIN LIMITS OXIDATIVE DAMAGE REGULATING MITOCHONDRIAL IRON AVAILABILITY: HYPOTHESIS FOR A PROTECTIVE ROLE IN FRIEDREICH ATAXIA. Hum Mol Genet Sep 24;.

7 Roland Keel SB, Doty RT, Yang Z, Quigley JG, Chen J, Knoblaugh S, Kingsley PD, De Domenico I, Vaughn MB, Kaplan J, Palis J, Abkowitz JL A heme export protein is required for red blood cell differentiation and iron homeostasis. Science Feb 8;319(5864): Ross DSRoss DS A Quantitative Evaluation of the Iron-Sulfur World and Its Relevance to Life's Origins. Astrobiology Apr;8(2): Wang Y, Tajkhorshid E. Electrostatic funneling of substrate in mitochondrial inner membrane carriers. Proc Natl Acad Sci Jul 15;105(28): A Novel Heme-Regulatory Motif Mediates Heme-Dependent Degradation of the Circadian Factor Period 2 Jianhua Yang, Kevin D. Kim, Andrew Lucas, Karen E. Drahos, Carlo S. Santos, Sean P. Mury, Daniel G. S. Capelluto, and Carla V. Finkielstein Mol. Cell. Biol. 2008; Ghosh MC, Tong WH, Zhang D, Ollivierre-Wilson H, Singh A, Krishna MC, Mitchell JB, Rouault TA. Tempol-mediated activation of latent iron regulatory protein activity prevents symptoms of neurodegenerative disease in IRP2 knockout mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Aug 6;. [Epub ahead of print] Nakai Y, Nakai M, Hayashi H. Thio modification of yeast cytosolic tRNA requires a ubiquitin-related system that resembles bacterial sulfur transfer systems. J Biol Chem Jul 29;. Xu XM, Møller SG. Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biogenesis Systems and their Crosstalk. Chembiochem Sep 16;.

8 Sabine Williams BA, Cali A, Takvorian PM, Keeling PJWilliams BA, Cali A, Takvorian PM, Keeling PJ Distinct Localization Patterns of Two Putative Mitochondrial Proteins in the Microsporidian Encephalitozoon cuniculi. J Eukaryot Microbiol Mar-Apr;55(2): Stechmann A, Hamblin K, Pérez-Brocal V, Gaston D, Richmond GS, van der Giezen M, Clark CG, Roger AJ. Organelles in Blastocystis that blur the distinction between mitochondria and hydrogenosomes. Curr Biol Apr 22;18(8): Epub 2008 Apr 10. Tokarska-Schlattner M, Boissan M, Munier A, Borot C, Mailleau C, Speer O, Schlattner U, Lacombe ML. The nucleoside diphosphate kinase D (NM23-H4) binds the inner mitochondrial membrane with high affinity to cardiolipin and couples nucleotide transfer with respiration. J Biol Chem Jul 17;. [Epub ahead of print] Superoxide Flashes in Single Mitochondria W. Wang, H. Fang, L. Groom, A. Cheng, W. Zhang, J. Liu, X. Wang, K. Li, P. Han, M. Zheng, J. Yin, W. Wang, M.P. Mattson, J.P.Y. Kao, E.G. Lakatta, S.-S. Sheu, K. Ouyang, J. Chen, R.T. Dirksen, and H. Cheng Aldridge C, Spence E, Kirkilionis MA, Frigerio L, Robinson C. Tat-dependent targeting of Rieske iron-sulfur proteins to both the plasma and thylakoid membrane in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC6803. Mol Microbiol Aug 11;. [Epub ahead of print] Gakh O, Smith Iv DY, Isaya G. Assembly of the iron-binding protein frataxin in S. cerevisiae responds to dynamic changes in mitochondrial iron influx and stress level. J Biol Chem Sep 9;.

9 Torsten Moosmann B, Behl C Mitochondrially encoded cysteine predicts animal lifespan. Aging Cell Nov 19;. Rothery RA, Workun GJ, Weiner JH The prokaryotic complex iron-sulfur molybdoenzyme family. Biochim Biophys Acta Sep 18;. The Hepcidin-Binding Site on Ferroportin Is Evolutionarily Conserved The Hepcidin-Binding Site on Ferroportin Is Evolutionarily Conserved I. De Domenico, E. Nemeth, J.M. Nelson, J.D. Phillips, R.S. Ajioka, M.S. Kay, J.P. Kushner, T. Ganz, D.M. Ward, and J. Kaplan J Biol Chem Aug 15;. The redox environment in the mitochondrial intermembrane space is maintained separately from the cytosol and matrix. Hu J, Dong L, Outten CE. Seo HY, Chang YJ, Chung YJ, Kim KS. Proteomic Analysis of Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Upon Iron Deficiency Induced via Human H-Ferritin Production. J Microbiol Biotechnol Aug;18(8):

10 Uli Abdel-Hamid AM, Cronan JE. In vivo resolution of conflicting in vitro results: synthesis of biotin from dethiobiotin does not require pyridoxal phosphate. Chem Biol Nov;14(11): The N-end rule pathway is a sensor of heme Rong-Gui Hu, Haiqing Wang, Zanxian Xia, and Alexander Varshavsky PNAS Jan. 08 Yap5 Is an Iron-Responsive Transcriptional Activator That Regulates Vacuolar Iron Storage in Yeast Liangtao Li, Dustin Bagley, Diane M. Ward, and Jerry Kaplan Mol. Cell. Biol. 2008; Lillig CH, Berndt C, Holmgren A.Glutaredoxin systems. Biochim Biophys Acta Jun 18;. Jiang H, Zhang X, Ai C, Liu Y, Liu J, Qiu G, Zeng J. Asp97 is a Crucial Residue Involved in the Ligation of the [Fe4S4] Cluster of IscA from Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans. J Microbiol Biotechnol Jun;18(6): Comini MA, Rettig J, Dirdjaja N, Hanschmann EM, Berndt C, Krauth-Siegel RL. Monothiol glutaredoxin-1 is an essential iron-sulfur protein in the mitochondrion of African trypanosomes. J Biol Chem Jul 31;. Taylor AM, Farrar CE, Jarrett JT. 9-Mercaptodethiobiotin Is Formed as a Competent Catalytic Intermediate by Escherichia coli Biotin Synthase. Biochemistry Aug 9;. Gibson LM, Dingra NN, Outten CE, Lebioda L. Structure of the thioredoxin-like domain of yeast glutaredoxin 3. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr Sep;64(Pt 9): Pedro-Segura E, Vergara SV, Rodríguez-Navarro S, Parker R, Thiele DJ, Puig S. The Cth2 are-binding protein recruits the Dhh1 helicase to promote the decay of succinate dehydrogenase SDH4 mRNA in response to iron deficiency. J Biol Chem Aug 20;. [Epub ahead of print] Miki R, Saiki R, Ozoe Y, Kawamukai M. Comparison of a coq7 deletion mutant with other respiration-defective mutants in fission yeast. FEBS J Sep 19;.

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