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He Fengping No.1 Senior High. How many ? Skimming:

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1 He Fengping No.1 Senior High




5 How many ? Skimming:

6 African Americans jump over a broom or brush the beginning of a family life in France & Germany make jokes about the couple the start of new life country / peoplewedding customsreasons / meanings in Greece & Italy in Russia in the USA in England eat special sweet; enjoy special dances tie a doll or a toy bear to their car want to have a daughter or a son carry a bouquet of flowers throw… the next person to get married throw flowers on the ground to follow the path leading to happiness Note taking:

7 __________ the world, wedding customs are very important events and ________ from country to country. For African Americans, it is ________ for the bride and groom to jump over a broom or a brush ___________ flowers, which __________ the beginning of family life. In France and Germany, ____________about the bride and groom is a wedding tradition. In both Greece and Italy, people eat special ______ and enjoy special wedding dances. In Russia, couples ___a doll or a toy bear___their wedding car. The bride in the USA carries ___________flowers during the wedding _________, after that the unmarried women get together to catch the bouquet of flowers. It is the British tradition for little girls to ______ flowers ____________ the wedding ceremony for the bride and groom to walk on. Throughout different tradition covered with represents making jokes Cloze test: sweets tieto a bouquet of ceremony throwon the way to

8 Language: 1. V-ing as subject eg: Getting married can be one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. Making jokes about the bride and groom is a weddding tradition in both France and Germany. Being watched by others 1) _______________________ (被人看着) makes me nervous. 2) ___________________________ (种植更多的花草树 木) can help clean the air in big cities. Planting more trees and flowers

9 2. note vt. & n. eg: It is interesting to note that African slaves who were brought to the USA started this tradition. There is a simple ceremony at a government office noting the official marriage of the couple. Translation: 1) The policeman noted down every word she said. 2) Leave a note if he is not there. 3) My grandpa often notes the hard life in the past. 4) You should take notes of what is on the screen. 5) You can refer to the notes of the text to have a better understanding.

10 3. a bouquet of flowers = a cluster of flowers A. a swarm of B. a bottle of C. a bunch of D. a herd of E. a pack of F. a drop of G. a flock of H. a sheet of a. rain b. bees c. chickens d. water e. wolves f. paper g. bananas h. cattle [bu(:)’kei, bu’kei]

11 Think and talk Wedding customs in China

12 Homework--writing: Summarize what you have found about the wedding customs in China and put it into a passage.


14 a. b. to make a note of ; write down n.a. a brief informal letter b. explanation to a sentence or passage c. a piece of paper currency d. a brief record, especially one written down to help to remember The French make _________ with pots and pans; in Germany, wedding guests break dishes to represent the start of _________. loud noises a new life

15 6) 8) I would like to have this 5-yuan note changed for some coins. country / peoplewedding customs reasons / meanings African Americans in France & Germany in Greece & Italy in Russia in the USA in England


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