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Africa Review.

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1 Africa Review

2 STUDY YOUR MAPS! Egypt Lake Victoria Nigeria Lake Tanganiyka
Kenya Nile River Sudan Congo River South Sudan Niger River DRC Indian Ocean Mediterranean Sea Red Sea

3 Which is separated from the coast by the Atlas Mountains?
The Sahel The Sahara Desert The Kalahari Desert The equatorial rain forest

4 Which best describes the Sahara Desert?
Perfectly flat and sandy The largest desert in the world Impossible for people to go across Located only in the northwest coast of Africa

5 Where is the African Sahel located?
Just south of the Sahara Along the Mediterranean Coast Along the eastern edge by the Indian Ocean In the southern most part of the African continent.

6 What is causing the Sahel to expand in recent years?
Damming rivers and preventing irrigation Several years of heavy rains and flooding Over-grazing and cutting trees for fuel Government programs have moved too many people into the area

7 Which describes the savanna region?
Desert Grassland Coastal plain High mountain ranges

8 Where is the largest area of African savanna?
Along the Mediterranean coast Along the edge of the Sahara Desert In the extreme north of the continent In the center of the continent along the equator

9 Which is the biggest threat to the African rainforests today?
Overpopulation War and political unrest Extended periods of drought Pollution from nuclear power plants

10 Where is the Kalahari Desert located?
Along the equator In southern Africa Across Egypt and Sudan North of the Sahara Desert

11 Which is the longest river in Africa?
Nile River Niger River Congo River Amazon River

12 Congo River is to Atlantic Ocean as Nile River is to:
Red Sea Indian Ocean Atlantic Ocean Mediterranean Sea

13 Which is the largest lake in Africa?
Lake Chad Lake Nasser Lake Victoria Lake Tanganyika

14 Which river system flows through the largest rainforest in Africa?
Nile River Niger River Congo River White Nile

15 Which is true of both the Niger River and Congo River?
They begin near the Red Sea They begin near Lake Tanganyika They flow into the Atlantic Ocean They flow into the Mediterranean Sea

16 What is important about the Niger River delta?
The delta is poor farming land The area is rich in oil deposits The area frequently dries completely up Few people live in the area around the delta

17 What has prevented the Congo from developing its rich mineral resources?
Political unrest No coastline or seaport Lack of a good transportation system Small population, with little interest in this work

18 Where do most of Egypt’s people live?
Along the coast The Sahara Desert The Nile River valley The city of Alexandria

19 Which makes up a large portion of Nigeria’s potential wealth?
Oil reserves Heavy industry Cattle production Commercial agriculture

20 Why do Nigerians see little from their country’s oil wealth?
Political corruption A weak global market for oil The poor quality of oil produced The difficulty in pumping oil from the ground

21 Why have the people of South Sudan suffered terribly in recent years?
Outbreaks of small pox Political and ethnic conflicts Constant drought and high winds Flooding from the large river system in that country

22 What is one of the major problems facing those who depend on the Nile River for their water?
The Nile River no longer has any fish The Nile is too shallow to be used for transportation. The river always dries up during the summer months The water is contaminated by human and industrial waste.

23 How did the Aswan High Dam change Egyptian farming?
The Dam has allowed year-round irrigation The Dam allowed more silt to be washed down the river The Dam has increased the annual flooding of the Nile River Many men were able to give up farming and work in construction.

24 What is silt? A type of chemical fertilizer
A chemical used to produce electricity Industrial pollution found in the Nile River Rich topsoil carried from one location to another by floodwaters

25 Continual use of chemical fertilizers causes what to build up in soil?
Silt Salt Animal waste Rocks and gravel

26 Which part of Africa has access to the Niger River?
Sahel Lake Victoria Sahara Desert Kalahari Desert

27 Which best describes a major use of the Niger River?
Little used because it is too shallow Source of much hydroelectric power Used for transportation and agriculture Used for irrigation projects in the Sahara Desert

28 Which best describes a major use of the Congo River?
Irrigation of farmland Water only for rainforest animals Supplying pipelines to share water with Egypt Transportation of goods and people from the interior of Africa to the Indian Ocean

29 What do some people believe might lead to water wars in Africa?
Demands to reroute water to the desert Competition among countries that share a river system Demands to reroute rivers to supply water to the rainforest United Nations decrees telling African nations how to share water

30 Why do some governments ignore pollution of major rivers and waterways?
They want the industries to be profitable The people of most countries do not care about pollution Industries always have plans in place to clean up pollution Most government officials do not recognize pollution as a problem

31 What destroyed grassland and forests that were once found in the Sahel?
Years of heavy flooding The development of factories Continuous farming and overgrazing Repeated use by nomads and camel caravans

32 Why are droughts a problem for farmers in the Sahel?
Animals move into the desert to find water The desert stops expanding when there is rain in the Sahel The soil is of poor quality and dry conditions result in fewer crops People do not try to farm in the Sahel any more due to the increased rainfall

33 Which is a result of desertification for the people living in the Sahel region?
Increased tourism More jobs in manufacturing Increased starvation and poverty Decreased support from the United Nations

34 Which has been a major cause of desertification?
Years of uncontrolled flooding Overuse of the land by the people Heavy seasonal winds coming off the desert Sharp and unexpected changes in the climate

35 What African country is losing its rainforest rapidly today?
Egypt Congo Kenya Nigeria

36 Why is most rainforest area lost today?
Unchecked forest fires Harsh drought and high winds Diseases that attack old growth trees Logging for industry, farming, and fuel

37 Which is the location of most desertification in southern Africa?
Sahel Sahara Desert Kalahari Desert Tropical Rainforest

38 What is meant by the “Great Line” when one is talking about desertification?
The line between the desert and the cultivated areas The line dividing rural and urban neighborhoods The point in a river at which pollution begins A barrier up around factories to keep people away for their own safety

39 Which phrase best describes the Sahara region?
Hot, dry desert Rolling grassland Tropical rainforest Scattered grassland and scrub brush

40 What is a nomad? Plantation owners who live along the coast
Industrial workers who live in African cities One who wanders from place to place to find food and water Those who live and farm in the villages at the edge of a desert

41 What were two of the most important trade goods carried across the Sahara Desert by caravan?
Iron and silver Gold and salt Gold and silver Spices and wood

42 What is the name for a desert area that gets some rainfall or where there is a spring?
Nomad Oasis Savanna Tuarag

43 What phrase best describes the Sahel?
Rolling grasslands and low hills An area that borders the desert A desert made up of high sand dunes Cleared land that was once rainforest

44 Why is farming so difficult in the African Sahel?
No rain falls in the Sahel at all Thick grass makes farming difficult Rainfall can vary widely from year to year Farm animals in the Sahel eat up all the crops

45 What is the most common way people make a living in the Sahel?
Logging Fishing and shipbuilding Caravan trade in gold and salt Herding and subsistence farming

46 Which phrase best describes the savanna?
A semi-arid region south of the Sahara Desert An area of harsh desert in the north of the continent Grasslands making up half of the African continent An area of fertile plain along the Mediterranean coast

47 Which is found on the African savanna?
A heavy jungle canopy A wide variety of animals Dry areas with just an occasional oasis Lots of commercial logging businesses

48 Which is the greatest danger for the African savanna today?
Seasonal fires Logging industries The annual droughts Activities of people

49 What are some African countries trying to do to protect the savanna?
Setting land aside as national parks Setting up zoos for the animals that are threatened Stopping all commercial logging in central Africa Refusing to let people move into the savanna area

50 What phrase best describes the rainforest?
Hot and dry desert Semi-arid farmland Rolling grassy plains Humid and warm with thick vegetation

51 In what part of Africa is the largest rainforest found?
The Nile River basin The Niger River basin The Congo River basin The Mediterranean coast

52 Beginning in the 1800’s, what did European nations do that affected the African rainforest?
Cleared land for great plantations Passed laws protecting rainforest from development Moved Europeans with no homes to land in the rainforest Helped African nomads relocate to the desert to farms in the rainforest

53 What is the definition of deforestation?
Eliminating a species of an animal Creating nature preserves to protect forests Cutting down and clearing trees from the area Forcing people to move from cities into traditional villages

54 What does it mean if a plant or animal becomes extinct?
It begins to smell very bad That type of animal can be used for food That type of animal becomes too numerous There are no more of that type of plant or animal in the world

55 What is a factor in the destruction of the rainforest?
Annual grass fires Areas of decreasing desert Rapidly growing population Decreased use of wood as fuel

56 Which would be an example of an ethnic group?
People who grow similar food People who share a language or religion People who share a belief in a god or gods People who like to read the same literature

57 What would be an example of a religious group?
People who grow similar food People who share a language or religion People who share a belief in a god or gods People who like to read the same literature

58 What religion did the Arabs bring with them to Africa?
Islam Judaism Animism Christianity

59 Why was learning Arabic important for those who became Muslim?
The Quran is written in Arabic Arabic is an easy language to learn Arabic was the only written language Muslims are required to speak only Arabic

60 Where are Muslims found in Africa today?
Only in the north Only in the Sahel Throughout Africa Few Muslims live in Africa

61 In which country do most Ashanti live?
Egypt Kenya Ghana Morocco

62 What is the significance of the Golden Stool for the Ashanti people?
It symbolizes the power of the Ashanti people The stool was meant to encourage equal rights for all The Ashanti would become rich making furniture and household goods The Ashanti people could not worship if they were sitting on the Golden Stool

63 Those who practice the traditional Ashanti religion
Use the Quran as their holy book Believe there is one supreme god Believe that Jesus is the son of God Must pray facing Mecca five times a day

64 What are the main religions of the Ashanti people today?
A traditional religion and Hinduism A belief in Judaism and Christianity A traditional Ashanti religion, Christianity and Islam There is little formal practice of religion among the Ashanti today

65 What best describes the Bantu people?
The Bantu people are nomadic people in the Sahara desert The Bantu are a separate race in the northern part of the African continent The Bantu live only in cities and towns, none of them farm or herd animals anymore They are many different people who share a related language and some culture

66 Why is the Bantu migration so important to the study of Africa?
The Bantu migration led to the first settlements in the Sahara The migration was forced by the African governments in the north The Bantu migration covered a large expanse of the African continent During the Bantu migration, the people refused to intermarry with Arabs or Muslims

67 Which describes the religion of the Bantu people?
Most as Muslims Most Bantu practice Animism Nearly all Bantu are Christians The Bantu practice a wide variety of religions

68 Where are the majority of Swahili people found?
The Sahel East Africa North Africa South Africa

69 The Swahili language is a mixture of Bantu and
Muslim Ashanti Arabic English

70 What does the word Swahili mean in Arabic?
Forest dweller Nomad wanderer One who herds animals One who lives on the coast

71 What religion is most common among the Swahili people?
Islam Buddhism Hinduism Christianity

72 What are the “mila” that are part of Swahili belief?
Spirits that can possess a person Special foods eaten on the holidays Rituals of the pilgrimage to Mecca Prayers that must be said five times a day

73 How do literacy rates for men and women compare in most countries in Africa?
It costs more for a country to educate women Most women do not want to go to school There is very little difference in the literacy rates for men and women In nearly all the countries women have a lower literacy rate than men

74 In a unitary form of government, who holds most of the power?
Individual voters Local governments Central government Central and local governments

75 In a federal system of government, who holds most of the power?
The president The local government Central government Central and local governments

76 In a confederation government system who holds most of the power?
Individual voters Local governments Central government Central and local governments

77 In an autocracy, who makes most of the important governmental decisions?
The courts The people An individual ruler An elected legislature

78 Which describes the decision makers in an oligarchy?
Voting citizens Judges and lawyers A king and his family A group of powerful leaders

79 Why do the individual voters have more power in a democracy than they do in an autocracy or an oligarchy? Kings are always cruel rulers The People play a role in deciding who rules All of the power stays in the hands of local governments Voters in democratic countries always choose qualified leaders

80 Which branch of government is responsible for making and carrying out the laws in a parliamentary system of government? Courts Monarch President Legislature

81 What is the leader of a parliamentary system most often called?
King Prime Minister Governor President

82 Which BEST describes the two predominant forms of a democratic government?
Dictatorship and republican Presidential and dictatorship Presidential and confederate Presidential and parliamentary

83 Who chooses the country’s leader in a parliamentary form of government?
The monarch Popular vote by the people Decision by the national courts The party with the most representatives in the legislature

84 Which BEST describes a head of state in a parliamentary government system?
Person who has no role in government Ceremonial figure without much actual power The most powerful person in the national government One who can veto or cancel laws passed by the legislature

85 Which branch of government passes laws in a presidential system of government?
Judicial Executive Legislative Bureaucracy

86 In a presidential system of government how is a president chosen?
Separately from the legislature By a decision of the national courts By a majority vote of the legislature By the political party with the most representatives in the legislature

87 What is the role of the president regarding laws passed by the legislature?
Enforce the laws Change the laws he does not like Sends the laws to the state for approval Laws passed by the legislature do not have to the president for approval

88 What is one main difference between a president and a prime minister?
A prime minister has more power than a president A president has to be elected while a prime minister does not A prime minister does not belong to a particular political party, while a president always does A president is separate from the legislature, while a prime minister answers directly to the legislature

89 Which term correctly defines apartheid?
Ruled by a king A two-house legislature Legal separation of races Ruled by European colonial country

90 Why are literacy rates for girls lower than those for boys in Africa?
Very few schools have been opened for girls in many countries in Africa Girls have shown they cannot do schoolwork as easily as boys Most girls in African countries have no interest in going to school Traditional views say that girls should be married rather than educated

91 What would be the correct definition of a dowry?
The gifts wedding guests give to the bride and groom Money paid to the government to get a marriage license The household goods a bride must give the groom’s family Money or gifts given by the groom to the bride’s family

92 Many of the girls who go to school in Sudan are only allowed to study
Military subjects Religious subjects Housekeeping skills Languages and reading

93 Which of these does NOT play a role in the spread of HIV/AIDS?
Poverty Poor health care system Lack of government organization Programs for prevention and treatment

94 What often happens to the children of those infected with HIV/AIDS?
AIDS never infects the children of victims All these children are taken care of by the state government Many of these children become orphans All children born to victims have the virus as well

95 Why don’t more Africans infected with HIV/AIDS take the antiretroviral drugs that can slow down the progress of the disease? The drugs are too expensive for most Africans These drugs are not for sale in Africa These drugs do not seem to work on African patients Western drug companies will not accept African currency as payment

96 How do political conflicts sometimes lead to famine?
Crops never seem to grow well in times of war Conflicts disrupt farming and little food is produced Political leaders order farmers to stop work in times of conflict Political conflicts rarely have any significant effect on food production

97 In a traditional economy, how are economic decisions made?
Custom and habit Government leaders Consumers and planners Combination of consumers and producers

98 What would be a problem for a community with a traditional economy?
People in the village find ways to make their products more efficiently The price of advanced electronics, like computers begins to rise rapidly People in the country begin to want and need products that cannot be made or traded locally Older villagers take on younger workers to learn to make the products they have been producing

99 In a command economy, how are economic decisions made?
Custom and habit Government planners Consumers and the market Combination of consumers and planners

100 Which would be a problem in a command economy?
People would get rich Local crafts would be produced before manufactured goods A worker trying to start a new business on his or her own would need permission Individual business people would risk their own money to produce goods

101 In a market economy, how are economic decisions made?
Custom and habit Government planners Consumers and the market Individuals starting new businesses

102 Who takes on the financial risk in starting a new business in a market economy?
Combination of planners and investors Government planners Consumers Individuals starting new businesses

103 Why are most modern economies referred to as mixed economies?
Poverty is always highest in countries with market economies Government planners do not know how to handle economic problems Products made by traditional economies have no markets in the modern world Most countries have aspects of all three economic types at work in their economies

104 Why do most economies in the world today operate somewhere between a market economy and a command economy? Most economies have found they need a mix of free market and some government control to be successful and protect consumers Government control always makes a market economy profitable Most consumers prefer government control to a free market system Government control of some aspects of the economy has never been successful in the modern world

105 What is South Africa’s main export?
Oil Textiles Gold and diamonds Agricultural products

106 What is Nigeria’s main export?
Oil Textiles Gold and diamonds Agricultural products

107 Why is specialization so valuable in international trade today?
Most countries can make only one product very well Specialization limits the amount of agriculture a country allows Specialization always keeps the prices low on goods that are imported into a country Specialization allows people to do a more efficient job at producing what they make best and trade for the things they want

108 What is a tariff? A tax paid by the purchaser when the goods are sold
A tax placed on goods coming into one country from another A tax placed on goods made by local craftsmen or manufacturers A fee paid when goods are shipped from one state to another in the United States

109 What is a quota? A limit on the amount of foreign goods allowed into a country A tax placed on imported goods when they enter the country A decision to prevent certain goods from being imported at all A tax placed on goods when they are purchased in the market place

110 What is an embargo? A tax placed in goods coming into the country from overseas A limit on the amount of certain goods allowed into the country A tax placed on the producer before he can sell his goods in another country A halt to trade with a particular country for economic or political reasons

111 How could a huge tariff on imported grain help the people in the country charging the tariff?
The grain process would be lower if tariffs were in place Local grain would always be of a higher quality than grain from other countries Local grain would be more plentiful because it was grown closer to the market Local famers would be able to sell their grain since it would be cheaper than imported grain

112 Why did a number of countries of the United Nations have an embargo on South Africa?
South Africa refused to take part in international trade They wanted South Africa to end its system of apartheid Some were hoping for better oil deals from the South African government They wanted South Africa to lower the world price of gold and diamonds

113 Why is a system of currency exchange necessary for international trade?
Nearly all world currencies are worthless on the world market Those buying goods on the world market want to be paid in gold and silver Most goods bought on the international market must be paid for in US dollars There must be a way to pay for goods purchased from countries with different types of currencies

114 Which is part of a country’s human capital?
Skills and knowledge workers have Taxes collected from a country’s workers Money paid to workers for producing goods The amount of goods sold in foreign trade in a year

115 What accounts for the high unemployment rate in South Africa?
Grain production requires few workers The government does not provide free public education Unemployed black workers are still feeling the effects of the apartheid system South Africa’s industries use only foreign workers who put local people out of work

116 What is the gross domestic product (GDP)?
Total value of goods and services produced by a country in a year The amount collected in taxes from the people of a country in one year The value of all the goods and services produced by small shops and individually owned businesses in a country The value of all the products a country buys from foreign nations in a year

117 If a country does not invest in its human capital how can it affect the country’s GDP?
Investment in human capital has little effect on a country’s GDP GDP is only affected if workers pay for the investment out of their pockets Most workers want to keep their jobs just as they are and do not care about GDP GDP may go down because poorly trained workers will not be able to do their jobs well

118 What are capital goods? The workers who make the goods and services
The factories and machines used to make goods Money spent to train workers to use new technology Money available for scholarships to graduate schools

119 What happens to much of the money earned from the sale of African gold?
The profits go back to the citizens of South Africa The money is divided up among the citizens of South Africa All the profits make up bonuses for the gold company executives The money goes to pay for weapons used in wars and civil conflicts

120 How are profits from diamonds being used today in many African countries?
Profits fund military supplies for the civil wars Money is used to pay for environmental clean-up programs The money is used to make improvements in educational facilities Surplus grain is bought and imported for hungry people in these countries

121 Which best describes an entrepreneur?
A business person Business person who tries not to take risks with their money Someone who is always successful in whatever he attempts Someone who is willing to take a risk to begin a new business

122 Which BEST describes income?
Money borrowed from a credit union Money you earn working or investing Credit offered on the basis of a person’s salary Taxes paid to the government based on annual salary

123 What is the definition of savings?
Money sent to the government as taxes Money used to pay off loan obligations Money left over after buying what is needed and wanted Money used to buy things one needs like food and shelter

124 Which is a plan for saving and spending?
A will A budget A savings account A checking account

125 The ability to borrow money is called
Credit Savings Investments Mutual funds

126 Credit becomes a problem when
Banks begin to issue their own credit cards Credit is used to pay for things like college tuition Credit card companies offer people additional credit cards A person cannot find the money to pay their monthly bills

127 Why did Europeans take an interest in the African continent after the discovery of the New World?
They were engaged in the slave trade They wanted to control African industry They wanted African agricultural products They were invited to help organize African educational systems

128 Why did the European countries eventually set up colonies in Africa?
They wanted to bring African laborers to Europe They needed the raw material found on the African continent Africans invited them in to develop their natural resources They wanted to help African nations settle ethnic and tribal disputes

129 Why did many of the boundaries of the new African states created after WW II cause problems?
The boundaries split tribes and kinship groups All of the boundaries carefully followed the paths of rivers All of the new countries were too large to rule effectively Europeans drew the boundaries so they could keep all the mineral wealth to themselves

130 Which European country first colonized South Africa?
France Germany Great Britain The Netherlands

131 When Great Britain took over South Africa and the Dutch settlers moved farther north, which African group fought that expansion? Zulus Berbers Ashanti Mau Mau

132 What valuable natural resources were found in South Africa after the British took control of the country? Coal and iron Salt and silver Oil and natural gas Gold and diamonds

133 Which organization was formed to work for equality in the country of South Africa?
African Union Pan African Congress African National Congress Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

134 What is the apartheid system?
Equality for all Segregation of races Constitutional monarchy Western style democracy

135 What was significant about Nelson Mandela’s election to political office in South Africa in 1994?
He was the first black president of South Africa He was elected as a representative of the Zulu nation He united the Zulu and Ashanti people in order to win the election He was the overwhelming choice of British citizens living in South Africa

136 What percent of the population of South Africa was black when that country achieved independence?
20% 40% 50% 70%

137 What decision did South African President F. W
What decision did South African President F. W. deKlerk eventually make about the country’s apartheid laws? He added many new and even harsher laws He began to recommend that the laws be repealed He lifted segregation restrictions on those living in South African cities He worked to spread apartheid laws to nations neighboring South Africa

138 What was Nelson Mandela’s attitude toward the people who had been responsible for the old government of South Africa? Many of the old leaders were sent to jail on his orders He turned the leaders over to the United Nations for punishment He tried to have all the old government officials exiled to other countries He felt the different races needed to try to work together in the new government

139 The main goal of the Pan-African movement was to
End any support for the African National Congress Immediately overthrow all of the ruling governments in Africa Get all African nations to become members of the United Nations Get Africans to think of themselves as one people and to work together

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