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1 Leadership for Learning meeting the challenges of change Sr Agnes Law fdcc.

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1 1 Leadership for Learning meeting the challenges of change Sr Agnes Law fdcc

2 2 Observations Learning leaders - learning staff - improving school (Robinson 2008) Leadership & school improvement mutually responsive – organic (Hallinger 2010) Different leadership style adopted in different stages of school improvement (Day et al., 2010) Collaborative (Murphy 1996) & distributed leadership (Fullan 2001) - school improvement  Leadership focus on staff professional development to augment school academic capacity

3 3 Learning leaders - learning staff FOR MORE INFO... Robinson et al, 2008, Leadership for Learning: Results from a Meta-analysis p. 657 Leadership DimensionEffect Establishing goals & expectationsES = 0.42 Strategic ResourcingES = 0.31 Planning, coordinating & evaluating teaching and curriculum ES = 0.42 Promoting and taking part in teacher professional learning, formal & informal ES = 0.84 Ensuring an orderly & supportive environmentES = 0.27

4 4 Leadership & School Improvement Important catalyst –Leadership as supporting factor for school improvement Contextual impact –School culture or improvement capacity always exercises an even stronger influence on leadership Implication –Systemic change in school needed

5 5 Stages of School Development Starting with the turn around phase FOR MORE INFO... Hallinger, Mar 2010, HKIEd, Lessons from Research on Leadership for Learning: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Taking Ownership Developing Creativity Everyone a Leader Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4

6 6 Distributed Leadership? achievement of a long process of staff professional development planning for individual & whole school professional development – short & long term with implementation & constant evaluation and explicit high level of expectation leadership at all levels – key lever for academic improvement including voices of teachers & students

7 7 Staff Professional Development to reduce gap between highest & lowest achievers to ensure structure and system to support teaching & learning to ensure organisational culture of learning to seek external input to further effect improvement to groom new forms of leadership to accentuate collaboration in learning and distribution of power

8 8 Organising Professional Development FOR MORE INFO... Refer to handout ‘Organising Professional Development’ & ‘Professional Life Phases of Educators’ ‘Direct’ teaching Learning in school Learning out of school

9 9 Professional Life Phases of Educators 0-3 yrs Commitment: support & challenge 4-7 yrs Identity & efficacy in the classroom 8-15 yrs Managing changes: growth tensions 16-23 Work life tensions: career advancement? 24-30 Challenges to sustain motivation 31+ Ability to cope with change, looking to retirement FOR MORE INFO... Day (2006), Notes of seminar on Leadership & the Impact of Continuing Professional Development of Teachers, Teacher & Leadership Research Centre, University of Nottingham

10 10 Our Practice 3 layers of professional learning –Learning according to individual choice/needs (e.g. courses by EdB, on-line courses from ASCD) –Departmental staff development day/sessions –Whole school staff development days/sessions

11 11 Our Practice Leadership in professional learning –Staff Development Team for whole school PD planning –Teachers delivering professional development sessions –Demo lessons to other colleagues or sharing with teachers of other schools

12 12 Our Practice Long & short term planning –5 year whole school staff professional development plan –Individual professional development planning for future 1 or 2 years, reviewed in May every year

13 13 Collaborative Leadership Person In CDimension of School Development PrincipalStaff Professional Development on L & T, School Culture, Religious Formation - Ts & Ss Deputy PrincipalAcademic Dev (curr, KLA), Timetabling, Finance, Building, F & E, Resources Vice PrincipalOLE, CCA, ECA, Student Quality – S leaders, awards & scholarship, extended learning, Ts & Ss international conference, financial assistance Assistant PrincipalLife Education – homeroom period, counseling, discipline, career & further studies, civic & media ed, sex ed, health edu, student needs, learning support School Policy & Improvement Committee 4 Ps, 5 elected staff (2 senior, 2 basic rank, 1 new blood within 3 yrs in sch.,), 2 appointed staff, 4 elected Ss rep.

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