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Sex / Marriage - QUIZ.

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1 Sex / Marriage - QUIZ

2 1.__________ is a transaction in which a woman and man establish a continuing claim to the right of sexual access to one another, and in which the woman involved becomes eligible to bear children. a.Family b.Marriage c.Incest d.Affinity e.Sex

3 2. The ability of females and males to have sex at any time would have been advantageous to early humans in that a.they would be more successful at reproduction. b.sexual activity and other factors operated to tie people more closely to the social groups vital for their survival. would lead to the development of cultural ideas of pair bonding, and ultimately marriage. prevented homosexual behavior from being apparent in cultures. gave them something to do.

4 3. In all cultures, the ___________ provides an absolute prohibition on sexual contact between certain kin, but the definitions of who constitute close kin vary from culture-to-culture. a.incest taboo b.marriage vow c.kin aversion rule d.estrus prohibition e.pair bond

5 4. Marriage within a particular group of individuals is called
a.incest. b.exogamy. c.monogamy. d.endogamy. e.polygamy.

6 5. ___________ is a marriage in which an individual has a single spouse.
a.Polygamy b.Polygyny c.Monogamy d.Polyandry e.Bigamy

7 6. Marriage to more than one husband is called
a.monogamy. b.polygyny. c.polyandry. d.serial marriage. e.idiocy.

8 7. The levirate and the sororate
a.are secret societies, like sororities and fraternities. b.function to maintain the relationship between the family of the bride and the family of the groom. not work if the surviving spouse was an only child. d.are types of cattle in pastoralist societies. e.exist only in advanced industrial societies.

9 8. Serial monogamy is characterized by
a man or woman living with more than one partner at the same time. b. a woman being married to five brothers in the same household. c. a widower marrying his dead wife's sister. d. several men and women having sexual access to one another. e.a man or a woman marrying or living with a series of partners in succession (one after the other but not at the same time).

10 9. An arranged marriage tends to be more stable than one in which the partners choose each other.
True False

11 10. In many traditional Muslim societies, the old ____________ law continues or has been reinstated to regulate sexual activity.

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