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Recognizing supervisors & students

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1 Recognizing supervisors & students
Cooperative Education’s 10th Annual Celebration Recognizing supervisors & students University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa- STUDENT EMPLOYMENT & COOPERATIVE EDUCATION

2 Recognizing 10 years of Excellence!
October 23, 2003 at the Queen Lili’uokalani Center for Student Services

3 Office of Student Affairs
Myrtle Ching-Rappa, Director Student Employment & Cooperative Education Dr. Alan Yang, Dean of Students Arleen Fujimoto-Ikuma, Assistant Director/Co-op Coordinator

4 Faculty, Employers, and Students

5 Co-op students and supervisors!
Ceridian Employer Services Christina Kanemoto, Marketing Co-op Alumni Lisa Sakoda, Co-op Supervisor

6 Co-op students and supervisors!
U.S. Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility Brent Hashimoto and Laura Ha, Co-op Trainees Nuclear Engineering Wallace Kawaguchi, Supervisor

7 Co-op students and supervisors!
L to R top - Katherine Nishida & Sandi Yamasaka, Student Nurse Co-ops L to R bottom- Carol Fujioka RN Kaiser Permanente and Norma Fujise, School of Nursing

8 The Student Showcase Co-op students presented their Co-op highlights and experiences to the group of Deans, faculty, employers, and students. Mahalo to: J. Brooke Bingaman and Eric Lau Meteorology Graduate students, Co-op with the National Weather Service- Honolulu Forecast Office Brent Hashimoto Electrical Engineer Undergraduate student, Co-op with the U.S. Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & IMF Jenelle Wong Architecture Graduate student, Co-op with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

9 Student Showcase presents:
J. Brooke Bingaman Meteorology Co-op

10 Student Showcase…. Eric Lau Meteorology Co-op

11 Student Showcase…. Brent Hashimoto Engineer Co-op

12 Student Showcase…. Jenelle Wong Architect Co-op

13 Co-op Awards...

14 Special recognition- Faculty Award
Dr. Tep Dobry - Interim Assistant Dean for the College of Engineering since 2000 Engineering instructor for the Co-op course, ENGR 493 since 2000. Hi Chang Chae Excellence in Teaching Award in 1999 and 2001. Continued support and service as a mentor, guide, and liaison in the College of Engineering for students, employers and Co-op faculty.

15 Supervisor Nominees Greg Ahlstrom, Finance Manager with Parsons UXB Joint Venture Nominator Qin Guo, Accounting Co-op Carol Fujioka, Registered Nurse with Kaiser Permanente Nominator Katherine Nishida, Co-op Student Nurse Carol Anne Hall, Registered Nurse with The Queens Medical Center *1994 Supervisor of the Year and nominated 3 x Nominator Sandi Yamasaka, Co-op Student Nurse Wallace Kawaguchi, Supervisor Nuclear Engineer U.S. Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility Nominator Laura Ha, Co-op Trainee – Nuclear Engineer Andrew Nash, Science Operations Officer with the National Weather Service- Honolulu Forecast Office Nominators J. Brooke Bingaman & Eric Lau, Meteorology Co-ops Lisa Sakoda, Sales Associate with Ceridian Employer Services Nominator Christina Kanemoto, Marketing/Sales Co-op

16 Supervisors nominee awards:
L to R: Lisa Sakoda and Wallace Kawaguchi Carol Fujioka Greg Ahlstrom

17 Co-op Supervisor of the Year
Andrew Nash “ Andy consistently shares insights from his experience and helps us achieve our goals.” – Eric Lau, Co-op student

18 Student Nominees: D. Brandon K. Braitwaite-Ahuna
Co-op Nuclear Engineer with U.S. Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & IMF Major: Electrical Engineering “The Co-op program has been the biggest influence on my career decision. It has given me a head start at exploring the real career world.” Treena Loos - Co-op with National Weather Service- Honolulu Forecast Office Major: Meteorology “The Co-op experience has greatly enhanced my career development and goals. It has allowed me to minimize the ‘entering the workforce blues’ by gaining experience while pursuing my degree. “

19 Student Nominees Erin Nakayama
Student Nurse Co-op with Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children Major: Nursing “The experience I gained from the Co-op program was priceless. It allowed me to improve on my general nursing skills and build new ones.” Kieran Schafer Co-op Trainee Naval Sea Systems Command with U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center Major: Liberal Arts- Communication/Science “The Co-op experience has not only given me greater insight into the job fields of today, but has allowed me to apply and to better understand the material I learn in school.

20 Co-op Student of the Year
Treena Loos Highlights Put together a first of its kind, comprehensive, statewide database of rainfall data Calculated precipitations frequencies for State of Hawaii Converted Hawai‘i State Dam Catalog to Access database Compiled Hurricane forecast error statistics Presented for the Integrating Mentoring for Unlimited Achievement (IMUA), a diversity grant funded program with Student Employment & Co-op to promote and mentor high school girls into science, math, engineering & technology careers

21 10th Annual Co-op Awards From left to rignt: UH Mānoa Chancellor Peter Englert, Treena Loos (Co-op Student of the Year, Andy Nash (Co-op Supervisor of the Year) Dr. Tep Dobry (Special Faculty Recognition) & Arleen Fujimoto-Ikuma.

22 Co-op thanks faculty, employers, & students for your support:
Acknowledgements and donors for scholarship & awards Clock & Trophy- Waldo Nakamura Steven Nariyoshi Realty, LLC Bishop Museum IBM 7-Eleven Wallace Theaters Waikiki Aquarium Rainbowtique UHM- Office of Intercollegiate Athletics UHM- Kennedy Theater UHM- Parking Office- Elwyn Watkins U.S. Forest Service Student Employment & Cooperative Education – Craft Fair & Silent Auction fundraising Awards Selection Committee Employer Sharon Nakamura, Personnel State of Hawai‘i -Dept of Accounting and General Services Faculty Dr. Kenton Kramer, Professor of Tropical Medicine & Medical Microbiology School of Medicine Alumnus Garret Kojima, Graphic Designer Crazy Shirts, Inc. Former Co-op with Walt Disney Imagineering

23 Cooperative Education- Recognizing 10 years of Excellence
Co-op Supervisor of the Year 1994 Carol Hall Queen’s Medical Center 1995 Lydia Groom Queen’s Medical Center 1996 Arnold Kameda Coopers & Lybrand, LLP 1997 Gayle Arakaki Queen’s Medical Center 1998 Brenda Maglasang Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children 1999 Goro Sulijoadikusumo State Department of Transportation 2000 Wil Chen Kapi‘olani Health Systems 2001Jill Kurasaki Queen’s Medical Center 2002 Brenda Pang Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children 2003 Andrew Nash National Weather Service- Honolulu Forecast Office Co-op Student of the Year 1994 Denton Kort City & County H-POWER 1995 Mary Medina Queen’s Medical Center 1996 Katsuya Tasaki Kapiolani Community College Office of Community Services 1997 Vivian Chiu-Yue Ho Castle and Cooke Properties Inc. 1998 James Kwon U.S. Air Force 1999 Yu-Ling Chang Tzu-Chi Academy 2000 Harry Lake III Castle & Cooke Homes, Inc. 2001 Shayna Dorris U.S. Army Audit Agency 2002 Chad Kaanoi Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & IMF 2003 Treena Loos National Weather Service- Honolulu Forecast Office

24 The Staff Myrtle Ching-Rappa Director Linda Miyake Secretary
Arleen Fujimoto-Ikuma Assistant Director/Co-op Coordinator Aileen Ching Co-op Support Staff Iris Takushi Co-op Counselor Wendy Sora Wendy Orita Co-op Assistant Student recognition powerpoint David Lato Graphic Artist Invitation, E-invitation, & Program designs David Neely Web designer Website design & technical support Michael Ni & Aimee Matsuura Assistant Set-up

25 Join us… Student Employment & Cooperative Education
2600 Campus Road #113 Honolulu, Hawai‘i Tel: TDD: Jobs database: An Equal opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution Please share with your colleagues how Co-op has worked with you!

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