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Russ H. Read OPT- ED Oct. 2, 2009 Biosciences Talent Required.

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1 Russ H. Read OPT- ED Oct. 2, 2009 Biosciences Talent Required

2 Biotechnology Industry Biotechnology’s Potential Food & agriculture Industrial Medicine Environment Information Fuels “Vast and Imaginative” It’s a Bladder! It’s a Bladder! Made in NC Our BT graduates helped!

3 Building the Future Traditional Segments- Agricultural, Industrial, Environmental Medical and Health New Interface bio/nonbio segments- overlapping spheres of emerging technologies Academic & Medical Research infrastructures- magnets for bioscience companies Home grown industry needs- capital, educated manpower & an efficient, effective business environment

4 BIOTECH EXPANSION GreenEnergyHealthFood Water purification BioenergyMolecular designNatural products Air purification BiodieselNanomedicineBiotics Recycled Bio mass Cellulosic ethanol RegenerativeAnti-oxidants HydrogenPersonalized medicine Agricultural bioprocessing Heal, Fuel, Feed the World! Market Factors

5 Bioscience Segments Sector2006 100 % Agriculture 8 Pharma 24 Med. Device 33 Res. & Testing 35 Research & Testing leading segment

6 Global Biotechnology $ Market Billions Past, Present & Future 2006 2008 2010 73.5 89.7 100 ? Market grew +12%

7 Size of US Biosciences Industry Year 2004 2006 Diff % Companies 40,454 42,910 +6 Employees1,243,0001,295,979 +4.3 Growth in Talent and Companies

8 Geography Employment occurs in all 50 States BUT North Carolina ranks 3 rd in BT employment AND we have PLAN in place to GROW

9 Market Issues Technology- Invent, Research & Develop Capital- Invest, Divest & Reinvest Talent- Recruit, Transform & Groom

10 Technology Invent, Research & Develop R&D investment of $65.2B in new medicines +3% over p.y. 2,900 medicines in development- examples CancerHeart & StrokeHIV/AIDS Alzheimer’s 750 215 109 91 Pipeline of Hope & Opportunity

11 Capital Invest, Divest & Reinvest 356 companies are public 44 companies have a market cap over a $1B Capital is tight Companies are conserving cash, hibernating “B” projects Excerpts from Burrill Well capitalized Companies are on the Hunt for Products and Talent

12 New Deals Mergers & Acquisitions Pfizer / Wyeth Roche / Genentech Merck / Schering Plough Out of Box Thinking SANOFI – AVENTIS Cell Culture Research Complex in Paris What is this? Its What You get When You combine Porsche & VW

13 Recruit, Transform & Groom Companies: Biotech & pharma companies are shedding surplus head count Workers 55+ growing 4X faster than the labor force as a whole 76 million Americans will retire between 2010-2015 The economy will recover, retirements will outpace job postings ! Community: Unemployment rate is at a record high- education enrollment is high People are working longer Talent is career changing or rearranging or realigning(life-style) North Carolina works Together to Recruit, Train and Groom

14 Talent Required Scientists, clinicians, technicians, chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, research associates, regulatory experts, manufacturing & production teams, packaging, ancillary support teams etc., Mature People Who are Willing to Adapt to Highly Skilled Technical Work

15 Workforce Segments North Carolina BT Employment Growth has Outpaced ROA by a Factor of 3 X

16 Biosciences Jobs Wages Bioscience Jobs on Average Out pay Private Sector Jobs by 1.7 X

17 Systems Approach Summer enrichment programs for middle and high school students Articulations from high school to 2 year colleges Community College Regional Partnerships 1+1 Internships for all levels ( H.S., college/4 year and post. grad.) US DOL approved Biotechnology Apprenticeships Seamless articulations from 2 year schools to 4 year schools 2+2 Reverse articulations- the new post graduate Distance learning hybrids- More Simulations & Gaming Short(120 hours) non-credit programs for technical operators


19 CASE - Piedmont Triad Region Population 1,517,790 Health Care- Largest employers 130 Total Bioscience/ Support Co.s 4 Research Universities NC A&T State, Greensboro UNC Greensboro Wake Forest U. & Medical School Winston Salem State University 9 Regional Community Colleges $300 M/year in extramural research funding 350 Life Science Graduates per year

20 Demand-Driven Process opportunity implementation results sustainability needs Know Local Resources 21 initiatives strategic plan

21 Partnerships are Essential Collaboration

22 Careers – Possibilities & Preparation Find Creative Ways to Partner Assure Job Skills & Job Seeking Skills are Ready Start Up Co. Private/PublicNot- for- Profit Internship Secondement Job share Hard SkillsSoft SkillsJob Prep Skills Technical competence Teamwork and communication Resume writing, interviewing

23 Mica Welsh, AAS 07 Jim Crawford, BS, AAS 06

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