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2 YPÄJÄ EQUINE COLLEGE The leading centre of vocational and further education in horse sector in Finland The training and competition centre in equestrian sports in Finland Established in 1993 to continue and develop the operation of the old educational organizations and the Finnish National Stud started in 1930’s The owners of the company ltd Hevosopisto: The Ministry of Education and Culture % The surrounding municipalities: Forssa, Jokioinen and Ypäjä 25 % The Finnish Trotting and Breeding Association 25 % The Equestrian Federation of Finland 25%

3 YPÄJÄ EQUINE COLLEGE the aim is to educate equestrian professionals for the needs of the industry 280 students attend the basic vocational programmes (horse management) and students in the further education programmes: trotting trainer, bereiter, horse physiotherapy, saddler, farrier, stable manager (specialization breeding) programmes for riding instructor international level 1, 2 and 3

4 VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS and EDUCATIONS in equine sector in Finland
GYMNASIUM, specialized in horse sports AGRICULTURAL POLYTECHNIC: Equine Studies UNIVERSITY, Coach BASIC SECOND LEVEL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION – young students > > NQF 4 DOUBLE EDUCATION = High school + vocational qualification BASIC VOCATIONAL EDUCATION: Groom/Riding Instructor L I Further Qualification for: - Riding Instructor L II Horse Trainer (Bereiter/ Trotting Trainer/ Horse Physiotherapy/ Saddler) Farrier NQF 4 UPPER QUALIFICATIONS - ADULT EDUCATION > > Groom Riding Instructor L I NQF 4 Specialist Qualification for: Riding Instructor L III NQF 6 – Stable Manager NQF 4

5 Many choices of specialization in the basic education
Touristic Ride Leader Basic vocational education: choises of specialization in the education for GROOM qualification

6 ”GREEN CARE” education for p
Hippotherapy Using horse in social therapy

7 YPÄJÄ EQUINE COLLEGE 80 staff members
stables for 400 horses, 130 horses owned by the Equine College, 30 owned by the MTT, appr. 130 private horses area: 320 hectares four riding halls, several riding arenas, a full sized (1000 m) trotting track and a variety of training roads and cross-country training tracks co-operation with the Equine research unit of the Agricultural Research Centre (MTT) and with the equine hospital the Stud The Stallion center Photo: Tuija Rauman

vocational education further education short courses for professionals and leisure students competitions and events training young riding horses and trotters horse care and accommodation horse shoeing saddlery congress facilities, accommodation and restaurants riding school summer camps trail riding training center for the Finnish Equestrian Federation and private riders the Stud and Stallion center Photo: Ilkka Kuuluvainen

9 YPÄJÄ EQUINE COLLEGE in cooperation:
EEN – Equestrian Educational Network IGEQ – International Group for Equestrian Qualifications ESSA – European State Studs Association EFFA – European Federation of Farriers Associations EHN – European Horse Network

10 YPÄJÄ Equine College MTT Equine Research Center Ypäjä Horse clinics
Hippolis – the National Equine Competence Association of Finland Finnish Equestrian Museum Co-operation with: - Helsinki University faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences - Turku University

11 FINNHORSE the national treasure in riding, driving and trotting racing

12 YPÄJÄ 130 km to Helsinki 100 km to Tampere 75 km to Turku


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