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Showt proposal to xx Communications: DC to serve as Showt’s exclusive agent in the ROK for ___ months to promote the Showt platform DC to collaborate with.

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1 Showt proposal to xx Communications: DC to serve as Showt’s exclusive agent in the ROK for ___ months to promote the Showt platform DC to collaborate with ROK advertisers and media companies to create Showt interactive campaigns across internet, mobile, television and print

2 Benefits for DC All revenue for Showt activities in the ROK (minus revenue shared with ad agencies or third party media groups) An unparalleled point of differentiation for DC vis-à- vis all other media groups in South Korea resulting in significant new client and campaign development Burnishing DC’s reputation in Korea (and globally) as a progressive platform for democracy, free expression and new technology Valuable first-mover advantage in Showt campaign creation and data mining Cost to DC : Zero

3 Creating a form of expression that never existed before... BEFORE Showt: Many people have strong feelings about public figures and public issues, but since there is no easy way to express those feelings that will be listened to and counted, they let those feelings pass AFTER Showt: A new world where every citizen of the world with access to a mobile phone or the internet is empowered to express their opinions quickly and easily Showt, therefore, will create the market for this service, and be the dominant player in it.

4 Creating demand where none existed Similar products / services that created demand where none existed: – personal computers – mobile phones – internet search engines – webmail – SMS text messaging – online shopping – Social networks (Facebook, Twitter)

5 Q: Why would anyone Showt? A: The act of expressing oneself is a basic human need. If Showt makes it easy to express oneself and have that expression be recorded for posterity, more and more people will become accustomed to it, and the habit will grow and persist. If the Showt results are widely reported by the media/press, it will make people be more likely to Showt. Replies by public figures (ShowtBacks) to Showters will encourage Showting, as Showters will feel they are part of a direct communication channel with these public figures.

6 Q: Can someone Showt repeated for the same person or thing? A: The back-end for Showt allows for easy adjustment for the Showt repeat rate. We will try to strike a balance between allowing enthusiasts to Showt frequently and maintaining Showt’s ability to maintain one person / one Showt protocols. Q: Does everyone have to login to Showt through the Internet? A: No, but their IP address is recorded, as a security measure against robots and malware, and to restrict people from Showting too many times. Q: Can someone Showt for an organization, such as an athletic team or a political party? A: Yes. You can Showt for any organization, team, political party, city, state, country, product, film, TV program, etc. Q: How will Showt make money? A: Advertising and promotions.

7 Q: Can someone Showt for a minor celebrity or local government official? A: Yes, Showt is open-ended and user generated. Anyone can Showt for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Q: How will Showt get noticed by the general public? A: Thousands of news websites will insert Showt widget into their sites, all over the world, allowing readers to Showt when they see the name of a public figure (or organization) they feel strongly about. The news site provides their readers a wonderful interactive tool, and the site gets to keep a share of the Showt advertising revenue.

8 Q: How will Showt co-exist with sponsored professional surveys, like those conducted by Gallup and A.C. Nielsen? A: Public surveys are intermittent, and are expensive to conduct. Showt is 24/7/365 and is free. Showt is open-ended and available to the public all the time.

9 Q: Isn’t Showting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ too simplistic? Don’t public figures make the news with several items in a single day, making it difficult to pin down to what the public’s Showts refer? A: Only heads of states (presidents or prime ministers) make the daily news cycle with MORE than one item per day: – holding a press conference – appointing a judge or cabinet minister – signing or vetoing a piece of legislation – meeting a visiting head of state All other public figures make the news with a one item a day: – premiere of a new film, TV show, music CD, fashion line – winning a sporting event – announcing a divorce/separation – winning an award or prize – being arrested or found guilty/innocent of a crime

10 ANSWER CONTINUED This makes it easy to figure out what a particular Showt means. If Lionel Messi is playing on Monday, then nearly all the “Lionel Messi Yes/No” Showts on Monday night and for the next 24 hours will refer to his performance in the match. The world is full of important decisions where there is no “gray scale” only a Yes/No binary decision: – Political elections – TV contest voting – Decide – yes or no – to marry or divorce someone – Sporting match betting – “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” movie reviews

11 Q: How is Showt going to compete with the thousands of online polls, forums, and surveys offered by almost all the news websites in the world? ADVANTAGE ONE – EXPRESSION IS SIMPLE & EASY TO AGGREGATE WORLDWIDE WITH Showt – The thousands of forums, surveys and polls that are published now are all worded differently on different sites, and in different languages, making it impossible to aggregate / consolidate results. – For example, will run an English language poll about Barack Obama and will run a similar poll in French, but the results will not be able to be combined because the wording and language of the poll question will different. – Showt is simple (vote ‘Yes ‘or ‘No’ about a person), so it’s simple to aggregate votes across countries and languages.

12 ADVANTAGE TWO – THE PUBLIC CONTROLS THE TOPIC AND THE TIMING – Showt will be the spontaneous, ‘always on’ platform for expression of the voice of the people. The people won’t have to wait for editors or website publishers to set up a survey or poll. They can Showt whenever they want. ADVANTAGE THREE – CONTINUITY OF INPUT – The use of the Showt platform every day of the year will result in a fascinating and useful pool of continuous public opinion data. This continuity of data can never be replicated by intermittent conventional surveys with wordings that vary from survey to survey.

13 Q: Will Showt data be available for posterity? A: Yes. We will keep all Showting data for posterity, and make it available to researchers, historians, and policymakers. Q: Will Showt provide a place for users to enter comments? A: Yes, but we will not push this. The Unique Selling Proposition of Showt is to give people a level playing field to Showt their opinions. The vast majority of people do NOT want to debate or discuss, they just want to express themselves quickly and simply.

14 Q: Will Showt be allowed to operate in countries where freedom of speech is restricted? A: Similar to Twitter, we will carefully negotiate with media companies (and Ministries of Information) in these countries, and find what will make Showting possible, even in reduced form.

15 Q: How will Showt combat copycats? A: Showt will have enormous early mover advantage all over the world. If the Showt service is free/inexpensive, well managed, 100% reliable, it should be more or less impervious to competition. The consumer will want to Showt with the company that is most commonly cited by the media, so Showt will have an enormous advantage over copycats who are not quoted.

16 Q: Showt just knows the general vicinity of the Showter, not the gender, age, ethnicity, religion, education, income level, because it has a ‘no signup required policy’. Isn’t that missing out on a lot of useful data? A: We will invite people to sign up to become Showt members, but it won’t be required. We estimate that a reasonable percentage of Showters will sign up to take advantage of the benefits of membership (ability to track your Showt, get Showt alerts, etc.). But we feel that this small number of members will give us a large database from which to extrapolate details, such as gender, age, education, income level, across the total Showt population.

17 Vice President, Engineering, AdMob, mobile advertising marketplace acquired by Google Vice President of Product Engineering, Facebook, overseeing development of site architecture, the first FB platform and mobile versions Director, Real Time Messaging, Yahoo! Group Manager, Oracle Holder of 6 US patents for messaging systems and architecture Fluent in English, Hindi and Tamil T.S. Ramakrishnan, M.S. Comp. Sci.

18 Asian media and telecommunications pioneer CEO and Chairman, AsiaSat (1993-2011), a leader in the Asian satellite television and telecommunications revolution Senior Executive, Cable & Wireless Board Member, CASBAA (Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia) 1997-2010 Showt Chairman Peter Jackson

19 Founding CEO (1995-2009), Sony Entertainment Television, a pioneering general entertainment television channel ($2 billion valuation) Negotiated Sony’s landmark broadcasting rights deals for World Cup Cricket and IPL (Indian Premier League) Fluent in English, Hindi and Bengali CEO of Showt South Asia Kunal Dasgupta

20 Michael March, J.D., M.S.F.S. Senior media executive, entrepreneur, attorney and advisor with 25 years experience in Asia Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, QVC Japan Senior Vice President of Sony Pictures Television International, responsible for corporate development for cable and satellite broadcasting, television program production, and content licensing Founding Managing Director of National Geographic Channel Asia, a 50-50 joint venture of NBC Television and National Geographic Television Asia General Counsel for Verizon Fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese

21 Jonathan Cheng, HBA Managing Director, Jen Capital Advisors Limited, a subsidiary of family owned Chiaphua Group (est. 1922) Co-Founder, IncubASIA Limited Early investor, Magictel (acquired by E-Kong Group, HK:524) Early investor, Wafer Systems Limited (listed HK GEM: 8198) 20 years of experience in investment banking, venture capital, and private equity, in TMT and real estate Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and French

22 Leo Austin, M.A. Managing Partner, Augus Partners Inc, Beijing Senior Advisor and Chairman’s Assistant, Vats Group (China’s largest luxury wine and spirits group) Independent Director, China Ming Yang Wind Power, (listed MY:US), China’s largest non-state owned wind turbine producer Previously Independent Director, eLong Inc (Nasdaq:Long), a Chinese online travel group controlled by Expedia Inc Strategic Adviser to Shandong Satellite TV’s private arm, Zhongbang Fluent in written and spoken Mandarin Chinese. MA (Oxford)

23 Founder and Chairman, JDH Toys and Nippon Toys (HK & PRC), two of the world’s leading toy design, development and manufacturing management companies Joint venture partner with Li & Fung Distribution, in exclusive distribution of Hasbro Toys and other branded toys in the PRC (retired) Founder, Chairman (retired), Yardway Group (now China Env Tec) Board member of various international and Hong Kong listed and private toy companies Fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Charles S. Ip

24 Principal Director & Senior Private Banker, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore Director & Senior Private Banker, Citigroup, Singapore Managing Director & Head of Global Macro & Market Research, Development Bank of Singapore Chief Economist & Strategist for Asia Research, Nomura, Singapore Vice President & Head of Quantitative Research, J.P. Morgan, Singapore Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Bahasa Malaysia, Hakka Fong Cheng Hong, Ph.D.

25 Investment banker, lawyer, entrepreneur and senior executive with15 years experience in the Asia-Pacific telecommunications, media and technology industry CEO of Australian new-media business focusing on multi-communication platform location-based services Head of Equity Origination, UBS Australasian Telecommunications Group Co-chair, Macquarie Bank’s Corporate Finance Group e-Strategy team Lawyer at a leading Canadian firm, specializing in corporate and commercial law Jonathan Lerner, LL.B., A.SIA, M.SustMgmt

26 Over 25 years as a creative director and producer in film, television and advertising in major markets all over the world Creative Director & General Manager E-Commerce, TVSN, Australia’s commerce and e-commerce pioneer Chief Creative Officer,, 24/7 travel television channel in US, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan CEO, GoodLuck4 Media, a boutique advertising agency specializing in brand, marketing and media Battista Remati, M.A. Marketing

27 Media executive and entrepreneur, launched pioneering media businesses in China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia Co-founder, Executive Producer and CTO of, Asia’s first 24/7 travel television channel with all original content Vice-President (Broadcasting) & CTO, TVSN, Asia’s t-commerce and e-commerce pioneer Inventor of PowerScreen technologies, patent-pending, low-cost interactive broadcast production and distribution platform CEO, Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts, joint venture between the film school at the University of Southern California and the Royal Film Commission Jordan Andy Jacobs

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