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Real Madrid Football club Adelaïde Boucher-Ferté.

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1 Real Madrid Football club Adelaïde Boucher-Ferté

2 History Trophies Famous players Interesting facts The stadium El clásico

3 Towards 1900 a new sport from ….England, called football becomes popular in Spain Clubs are started and the Real Madrid was born in 1902

4 1 The Best club of the 20th Century 10 European cups (and in 2014!) 3 Intercontinental cups 2 Latin cups & 2 Small World cups 32 Ligas (Spanish league) 19 Copas del Rey 9 Spanish Super Cups

5 Previous stars Current stars RonaldoBenzema Bale BeckhamZidane Ronaldo

6 Current stadium 80,354 seats (1947) New project Objective: best stadium in the world!

7 Most expensive player in the world: Gareth Bale A museum with all trophies and old equipment in the stadium Supporters all over the world

8 Real Madrid Club de Fútbol vs Futbol Club Barcelona 2 of the best clubs - Explosive combination! Number of meetingsOfficial: 227 Total: 260 Most winsOfficial: Real Madrid (91) Total: Barcelona (107) Most player appearancesManuel Sanchis (43) Top scorerLionel Messi (21) Most recent meetingReal Madrid 2–1 Barcelona (Copa del Rey final, 16 April 2014)

9 Shirt colour? Most expensive transfer in the world? Stadium name?

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