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Founder of Herbalife. Mother died tragically at age 36 from an overdose of prescription Diet Pills. He was only 18 years old. He vowed to dedicate his.

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1 Founder of Herbalife. Mother died tragically at age 36 from an overdose of prescription Diet Pills. He was only 18 years old. He vowed to dedicate his life to help people manage their weight safely. Mark started Herbalife in 1980 at age 22 MARK HUGHES

2 HERBALIFE TODAY 32 Years Nutritional Experience 60 Million Customers 82 Countries 62 Doctors and Scientists Member of Direct Selling Association Listed on the NYSE $5.4 Billion Turnover in 2011

3 Predicted Growth $1B$2B$2.6B$2M$3.1B$3.5B$3.8B$4.3B 1980198519901996200220052006200720082010 $23,000 $10 Billion

4 CEO - Michael O Johnson Former President of Disney International 17 years with Disney International Accomplished tri-athlete

5 Nutrition Advisory Board Leading scientists focus on the quality and benefits of Herbalife products. Some of the top doctors: Dr. David Heber, M.D., Ph.D. F.A.C.P., F.A.C.N. Chairman, Nutrition and Scientific Advisory Boards Dr. Louis Ignarro, Ph.D. Nobel* Laureate in Medicine, Developer of NiteWorks  *The Nobel Foundation has no affiliation with Herbalife and does not review, approve or endorse Herbalife products

6 Herbalife Products are designed to provide Total Nutrition, Inside and Out... Cardiovascular Health Energy and Sports DrinksOuter Nutrition Targeted Nutrition Weight Management Enhancers Healthy Snacking


8 Herbalife Delivers Results in: Brenda Lost: 15kg Weight ManagementHealthy LifestyleSports Nutrition Nutrition Sponsors of FC Barcelona and LA Galaxy Soccer Team Driven by results

9 Antoinette Watkins Size 36 – 34 10kgs in 8 weeks Reduced 13% body fat

10 Angy 16 yrs old… Paid for products from pocket money 6kgs weight loss Maria… Petrol Attendant from Rustenburg 35kgs Weight Loss Now earns R5000 PM R15 – R20 per meal..?

11 Jakki… tried every diet on the market! Lost 23 kilograms after trying every other diet

12 Happy….is very happy 45kgs Weight Loss Domestic Worker

13 Chantelle safe weight gaining, pregnancy & Ethan… Was underweight, gained weight

14 Monique lost weight safely….. while breastfeeding…. 7kgs weight loss Nhlanhla…TB Healthy Weight Gain of 23kgs

15 Buti… 23kgs Louis 14kgs

16 Christo…50 years old Christos body fatis down to11.5% Size 36 – 34 Natasha… Gym Instructor Loses 4kgs Elaine … Miss World Fitness Used Herbalife Products ONLY

17 Lionel Messi Twice Ballon D’Or Winner FC Barcelona David Beckham & LA Galaxy

18 Monica from Somerset west – matric student and model

19 Amina Tambay… 6 kids & 5 businesses

20 Jonas Mashinini Artisan Michelle Chan Model Gnl George Meiring 4 Star General / Chief of Defence Force

21 How to Get Started Purchase an International Business Pack (IBP): Registration Form Manuals and Brochure’s Core Products worth R800 Access to E.B.S Training website & Tools R895 ex delivery


23 Conrad Van Staden I always knew there had to be a better way than having to work for a boss so I tried everything I could to make extra money and achieve my dreams. At one stage I bought a hot dog stand and tried to run it part time, of course that was a complete failure. For a while I was in property and then went onto the stock market where I doubled my money the first month and then lost everything in the second month. Then went on to purchase a business which cost me 1.2 million rand and the following 8 months lost everything, my wife And I literally had to drive our cars back to the bank together. While trying to put our lives back together I was searching for an opportunity which I could start part time with little to no cash flow and found this opportunity. In my first month I did nothing and made absolutly nothing but in my second month I made R3000 profit and was then able to take my income on a very part time basis up to R16500 and have now been able to go full time with the opportunity. I’m so excited that I can now control my income and get an increase when I choose too.

24 Roy's Story Liza and I came to the UK in 2001 with our children to explore new frontiers. I quickly found employment within the IT services sector and managed to work my way up the corporate ladder exactly as planned. By 2006 I had a well paid job, in the sector of my choice and was progressing my career pretty much as planned. I had bought a lovely home for my family in Wiltshire and used to commute through to London on a daily basis. For some reason I did not feel satisfied with what I had achieved and was not fulfilled in the way that I would have expected. I felt that I was working myself into the ground, my family was suffering the consequences and there was no light at the end on the tunnel. Certainly, for me, this was not all that life had to offer! Liza has family in Cape Town that have been successful Independent Herbalife Distributors for a number of years and at the beginning of this year (2008) I decided to attend a Herbalife Opportunity Meeting to see what this was all about. Never before have I encountered an opportunity that provides the freedom and versatility that Herbalife offers, I was overwhelmed when I was able to earn an income of £2500 after only 3 months in the business.


26 We started with the business a few years ago at the age of 52, when my company in the packaging industry was liquidated and my dream of providing a future, financial structure for my family was Shattered. At the age of 52 Life stopped! It was as if i had run into a brick wall! Whatever financial structure we had built up for 30 years was immediately taken away from us. Our luxury house and luxury cars were reposed, medical aid, policies, future financial plans, and credibility were wiped out including our dreams. We had no future funds planned? WE WERE BROKE! We even sold our furniture to live off. We were introduced to Herbalife step by step plan and our first month we made R3 500.00 profit and since then life has never been the same. Within 6 months we had built our income to R19 000.00 and last month earned an incredible R30 960.00. From being financially broke, we were able to within our first 6months go overseas to Barcelona, Spain. The company has now rewarded us with fully paid for Mediterranean cruise and next year we are on our way to Thailand. Our dreams that died a few years ago are now being reborn again and our financial structure that was completely wrecked is now being rebuilt through this amazing Herbalife system. Through Herbalife we now have daily cash flow, middle of the month income, a new lifestyle, travel to exotic destinations and currently work from home around my family and we are recreating future that NO-ONE can take away from us! We will be millionaires again and the difference this time is that it will be cash in the bank and not on paper. The best part of it all is we have achieved this only by helping other people get what they want and teaching them how to dream again. We know that whatever your dreams and aspirations are we can show you how to achieve them with this amazing business opportunity. Hi There, I am Trevor Meinking from Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa.


28 Shawn & Cemon Lewis Bankrupt business owners make R100 000+ per month My Wife and I are both full time in the business, but it Started a few years ago when the company I owned went Bankrupt. I walked into my home one day to find everything Repossessed and an eviction notice on the door. We landed Up in a 1 bedroom flat with just R9 in our pocket and two Weeks to come up with the rent or face being evicted again. Luckily the Sheriff of the Court had left the bed behind, Because under the bed was the Herbalife Distributor Pack. I Had reviewed the information prior to my business collapsing And remembered the stories of people who were making A great success of the business. We decided to give it a go. Following the step by step plan we, made R1500 profit in our First two weeks and life has never been the same. We now have a beautiful home in Durbanville Cape Town, we Work from our home, around our kids and have Traveled Overseas 6 times already toi the UK, USA, Holland, Germany, Prague and we had a holiday in Paris. We are now In Qualification for a fully paid for Mediterranean Cruise and a getaway vacation in Zanzibar. We just cant believe how the business has changed our lives. Last month our income was over R100 000 profit and we well double that By the end of the year. The best part of it all is we have achieved this only by helping other people get What they want!

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