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Conference Call Disclaimer The testimonials or incomes presented are applicable only to the particular individuals depicted and are not representative.

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2 Conference Call Disclaimer The testimonials or incomes presented are applicable only to the particular individuals depicted and are not representative of everyone's income and are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical. Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, effort, ability to follow directions and personal talent, as well as, the amount of time dedicated to his or her business. Online Business Systems has contributed to successful business development for some distributors; however, Online Business Systems cannot guarantee that by using Online Business Systems’ training and marketing system, you will achieve success. Your success will depend on many factors, such as: how you follow the Online Business Systems’ methods and procedures which you use, your management skill and experience, your business judgment, economic conditions, the market, and competition in the area in which you have chosen to do business. Actual business earnings will vary, and all individuals considering the business model should carefully consider the business model in its entirety including the costs of engaging in this business.

3 Paste Photo Here Starring Hosts name and team rank e.g.World Team Members

4 Herbalife A WAY OF LIFE! Gain the edge Amazing Health and Vitality

5 Welcome Do you have any health issues? Most people suffer from a multitude of health issues in today’s polluted & stressful society

6 The Reality of our Daily Diet A balanced diet is essential for providing our bodies with the nutrients required to make it function properly. Unfortunately, most Australians find making healthy choices to be a challenge. Sugar Salt Alcohol Tobacco Fats Chemicals Pesticides Artificial Colors Preservatives Pollution: air, water Hormones Protein Vegetable Protein Vitamins Minerals Micronutrients Fibre Amino Acids Complex Carbs Botanical Factors Water

7 Think about your lifestyle! What are your excesses?

8 The FATS (‘triglycerides’) story! High triglyceride levels are a precursor to coronary heart disease

9 Triglicerides Missing (unsaturated with) hydrogen atoms Bonded (saturated) with hydrogen atoms

10 Saturated fats

11 Monounsaturated fats

12 Polyunsaturated fats

13 Omegas 3 and 6

14 Benefits of Omega 3 Reduce inflammation throughout your body Keep your blood from clotting excessively Maintain the fluidity of your cell membranes Lower the amount of lipids (fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides) circulating in the bloodstream Inhibit thickening of the arteries Reduce risk of becoming obese Help prevent cancer growth

15 Do you need more Omega-3? Depression Cardiovascular disease Type 2 diabetes Fatigue Dry, itchy skin Brittle hair and nails Inability to concentrate Joint pain

16 Omega-3 foods

17 Transfats

18 The Good News THE PAST DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE! 1. Balanced Nutrition 2. Exercise Regularly 3. Hydrate your Body

19 In business for 30 years 65 million customers 2 million Distributors worldwide Record retail sales of US$3.7 billion in 2009 Member of the Direct Selling Association An environmentally responsible company Herbalife Today

20 Dr. David Heber Chairman of Herbalife Medical Advisory Boards Director of UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition Dr. Luigi G Medical Affairs and Education Dr. Louis J. Ignore Nutrition and Scientific Advisory Boards 1998 Nobel laureate Medical & Scientific Advisors * The Nobel Foundation has no affiliation with Herbalife and does not review, approve or endorse Herbalife® products. * The University of California as a matter of policy does not endorse specific products or services. Dr. Heber's credentials as a Professor are for identification purposes only. Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Lab at UCLA

21 Herbalife Sports Sponsorships - Team LA Galaxy, Herbalife Sports Sponsorships - Athletes Townsend Bell, Lionel Messi and more..

22 Hosts or Guests Testimony with before and after

23 More – Guest /hosts story

24 Cellular Nutrition Core Products Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix leanest protein on the market designed to control weight Personalised Protein Powder builds lean muscle controls hunger burns calories Multivitamin Complex over 20 essential nutrients helps support the immune system

25 Using our Program is as Easy as 3, 2, 1… Cellular Nutrition with Herbalife * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

26 Starter Program ShapeWorks Protein Plus Starter Program Vanilla – SKU # 3424 Chocolate– SKU # 3425 Berry – SKU # 3426 Tropical – SKU # 3427 Cookies & Cream– SKU # 0146

27 THE BELLY BUSTER ADD to SHAKES for a 10 Day Rapid Program Normal Use – 1 Tablet 3 time daily Belly Buster – 3 Tablets 3 times daily Chitosan Fibre Complex – SKU # 0210 Florafibre – SKU # 0023

28 Herbalifeline – Omega-3 supplement Contains EPA and DHA, which promotes cardiovascular health

29 Enhance Weight-loss Chitosan Fibre Complex fat blocker absorbs 20% fats appetite suppression Instant Herbal Beverage green tea boosts energy appetite suppression Florafibre lactobacillus acidophilus “friendly bacteria” improves immune system bowel support

30 Healthy Snacks Satisfy hunger and feel energised Protein snacks for between meals

31 Energy & Fitness Liftoff effervescent sports drink blend of guarana, caffeine & taurine less than 10 calories N-R-G natures raw guarana raw unprocessed energy allergy relief, hay fever, asthma

32 Targeted Nutrition Formula 4 unsaturated fatty acid supplement helps keep skin supple supports a reduced fat diet Cell-U-Loss Herbal blend. Promotes healthy activity of the urinary tract Helps maintain the appearance of healthy-looking skin Contains herbs traditionally used to support fluid balance Herbalifeline omega 3 fatty acids good blood support heart health eye support

33 Targeted Nutrition Joint Support Advanced glucosamine maintain healthy joints osteoarthritis Rose Ox antioxidant free radical scavenger hormones, menopause, depression Tang Kuei muscle relaxant beneficial to women relieves menstrual & menopausal symptoms exercise support Xtra-Cal calcium includes vitamin D & magnesium aids bone density

34 Targeted Nutrition Herbal Aloe Drink system detox aids healthy digestion helps relieves indigestion supports intestinal issues - IBS

35 NouriFusion Cleanse Tone Moisturise Moisturising Mask Clarifying Mask Eye Gel Eye Cream Night Cream

36 Skin Activator Daily Replenishing Cream

37 Radiant C Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser Body Lotion with Sunscreens Face Quencher Daily Skin Booster

38 Body Essentials Everyday Soothing Hand & Body Lotion Everyday Soothing Gel Hand Cream Everyday Body Wash Everyday Soothing Spray Bath & Body Bar

39 Hair Essentials Everyday Shampoo Everyday Conditioner Moisturising Shampoo Moisturising Conditioner Soft Hold Hair Spray

40 Three Ways to Benefit Good Nutrition – Better Health for Less $$$ Create - “A Flexible Income” - Have Inventory on Hand - Supervisor “a great decision” Create - “ Financial Freedom or Independence” - With the Online Business System - 25 DP or 40 DP Plan - Get to the Supervisor Position ASAP

41 How to Order Products?  Call 08 8154 0220  Online: Order TODAY!  Call your Coach Or if you are registered with Herbalife order direct at:


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