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GL Bajaj Institute of Management & Research

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1 GL Bajaj Institute of Management & Research
  Communications- Excellence to Success & Innovations to drive Dynamics of Indian Telecom and ICT Sector Keynote Presentation By NK Goyal, President CMAI Chairman Emeritus, TEMA. Vice Chairman ITU APT Chairman, ITPS Dubai Member, Governing Board Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (Govt. of India) At GL Bajaj Institute of Management & Research 11th March, 2013

2 Two Topics Today Communications- Excellence in Life
Innovations in ICT Sector

3 My Personal View Can I say WORLD IS A CONFUSED PLACE TODAY and in State of CHAOS Systems, definitions we are now made to follow were created 250 years before. Economy, Education, Teacher, Student, Bank, Democracy, Politics, Society, University, Love, Friendship.. ..Mere empty words, meanings are not same. Love most talked, most confused, most misunderstood Aspirations we have, times we are living, the way we live, the way we do things, Needs we have implicit and explicit……..all are changing. Dichotomy : Privacy Vs Openness, Social Media Vs Freedom; Globalization Vs local development Art of Communications dramatically changed. From talk less to talk more….letters/telegrams to web……lack of human touch..where is the hug PPT on laptop.... Little do we realise the ease and comfort of the whole process. We innovate to destroy..society, human values, our own paging, camera, voice recorders, tele printer etc. etc.

4 Basic Fundamentals? One of most difficult things in the world for every human being to achieve, yet looks most easy, we all do it every day every moment, right from birth till death, even doing right now and we all think we do it wonderfully well. Communicate……Arjun/Krishna….accident story……within family, lover beloved…. You are saying correct but not correct…I love you most in world… you cannot describe situation correctly…morning scene/birds,/flower blooming…not knowingly correctly what you are doing…purse fall… You know what you know… you want to listen what you know

5 Basic….cont.
Past baggage ….reaction to Neta….why not father, son Feelings of soul…words of this world…love one word for all type of loves Knowledge.... Schools many….. much education but knowledge is decreasing No patience to wait….temple prayers…office When you refuse to change, you loose opportunity to expand/graduate.

6 Living Style Raag/ Beraag/ Betraag…budha prostitute
Currency Note theory Love…the most misunderstood word in world Love actually is attachment/fear, fear of boredom, afraid to change, afraid to commit… you love me….yes…would marry me...why change subject. Love is finishing me for my lover

7 MIND Super computer, highest thinkable storage, processing at world’s fastest speed…yet intelligent? Habitual wavering…no rest Negative talks, thoughts…. mind enjoy Attention maximum one and half minute

8 Navigation Way To Happiness And Peace
Everybody wants to be happy and satisfied with all aspects of their life. Just ask yourself…are you happy? Can you define what happiness is? Happiness is the state of mind. We have become emotionally immature. Earlier society took lots of decisions… now stressful decisions to be made for selection from wide variety of all, visits, study…video games. People needs so many things to be happy...desires have gone out of control. It is not that if you achieve so and so, you would be happy. The happiness is always somewhere else is the thought each one of us thinks. The fact is happiness is here and here itself. There is no need to achieve anything or go anywhere to get happiness. It is the state of mind one has.

9 Way to Happiness & peace...cont
Any of your action can not give me sorrow or pleasure?....spit on Bhudhha I can be happy with rupee one and may not be happy with even one Billion as well. You have only two choices to be happy...modify outer circumstances or change inner attitude. Mahatma…one who can accommodate anything-limitless.

10 Internal Energy Energy like a bank…intake, safe store, no wastage and less consumption. Ways for intake…… nourishment rich food, right way of food intake(1/4 empty, adequate liquid, no water during food, chewing, one type of food. guests, no junk food, no unnecessary spice, chutneys, sauces), good thoughts, connection to power house, temples, right breathing way( full air, abdomen side, oxygen rich air, pollution free air) Exercises…even lightest Safe storage….peace, no stress, good sleep No wastage… Cribbing….boss is bad, staff not good, environment not OK Un useful thoughts…. films, cricket, getting involved in unnecessary works( fights on street, explaining something to unconnected persons, TV shows, filmy magazines), wastage through five senses, hands off dead matter, neutral effect in morning, Less consumption…. Right energy for right job Meditation…..break to body in night but to mind…peace, body self healing Spirituality... it is attitude to talk, walk, do things.

11 Success in Work Team work…you alone can not do all work, need team
Give human touch…you employ a family not a machine… share concerns, birthday, illness in family, child education Leadership….means giving directions, guidance, support, owning failures and credit for successes to the deserved ones. Never loose an opportunity to praise, never rush to condemn…even condemn with praise. If you need to grow, let your staff grow to take higher/your responsibilities…never shy or fear. Sharpening of tools …. Constant and regular…woodcutter story Always finding ways to excel….new software, new or not known shortcuts, web sites, tools, jigs & fixtures, lessons from success stories, competitors plus points etc. Use information not only know! Eagles eye on future….what is going to come, technological or product developments.

12 Success in Work cont.. Dedication & sincerity…work with heart...nurse/mother example Believe it to be true, no wavering…morning wake up, weight loss Perfection…may be small or big work…..i know the best but I am looking for opportunity for some important work…eg. Driving, even photocopy, fixing appointment, ordering food etc. Goal focused…,arjun’s eye story, morning walk & office going, way side disturbances (but what after reaching office….lost priorities? Persistence….broken record eg. Whatever you do, you cannot defeat me? I never fail? Will go on trying ! Failure only when I stop trying. Correct own working…..sandwich syndrome

13 Success…..cont. Avoid cribbing….. for Government, nature, colleagues, superiors and all others! Hurry to do something!....even hurry takes time. Time management… plan, follow and only start is difficult….save second by second, minute by minute. Top of Pyramid is alone, single, no space. You will have to leave some one on the way to reach top. Something people are crying and you can do without it…..story of Cheel.

14 Be A Good Human Passionate towards living being….they all in this world for a cause, let them do. Family attitude…pressure cooker in home…you cannot do without them…find out space, time ..smallest opportunity to share, start from smallest things…flower, bangle, bindi, cosmetics, vegetables, fruits and so on Keep Good behavior intact…Scorpio story Smile…biggest answer to several problems… nature co exists

15 STRESS…the wonderful thing!
Stress…mental attitude one and everything….our hidden reaction to everything happening around. Stress is must to do work and achieve things... Running after seeing tiger

16 Restlessness-Five Types
Restlessness in the environment. ….Negative energy, unpleasantness of place…… Mantras, Meditation, Singing, Dancing and…playing children !  Restlessness of the body……..physical fatigue …Yoga Asanas, fasting, sleep Restlessness of the mind……….mind habit permanent wandering and thoughts, chattering …..maybe also due to ambitions, desires ……meditation, dispassion – Vairagya Restlessness of the emotions……..reaction to what somebody said…….. positive thinking, breathing exercises – Pranayam Restlessness of the soul……. A deep longing for truth, for some higher sense in life, for the Divine, for God……Study, Vipasana, prayer and higher meditation

17 What to learn? Things which have lost their significance
Processes which have lost their credibility Traditions which are time consuming and mostly based on orthodox Technology which is no longer necessary, viable, needed or have became obsolete Truths which has become propagandas Knowledge which are not cost effective Relationships which have become painful, time consuming or unprogressive

18 Never Give Up
I didn't even complete my University Education. -Bill Gates In my childhood days, I stitched shoes. -Abraham Lincoln I struggled academically throughout elementary school. -Ben Carson I used 2 serve tea at a shop 2 support my football training. -Lionel Messi I used 2 sleep on d floor in friend's rooms, returning Coke bottles for food money, getting weekly free meals at a local temple.- Steve Jobs My teachers used 2 call me a failure. -Tony Blair Chicken recipe rejected over a 1,000 times before KFC was founded at the age of 65 years -Col Sanders First two car companies failed and left him broke. Yet Ford Motor Company was first to apply assembly line manufacturing for cars and becoming one of the three most famous and richest men in the world – Henry Ford Rejected for engineer job at Toyota, started making scooters at home, sold to neighbors, founded Honda, the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer and one of the most profitable automakers – Soichiro Honda Fired by an editor because, "he lacked imagination and had no original ideas." , first animation company went bankrupt , Financing for Disney World rejected hundred times, now . Revenue of U.S. $30 billion annually.- Walt Disney

19 Innovations to drive Dynamics of Indian Telecom and ICT Sector

20 CES, 2009 being inaugurated and ribbon cutting at Las Vegas on 8th January, 2009 by NK Goyal with Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman & CEO of Sony Corporation, Mr. Tom Hanks, the American movie star, Mr.Gary Yacoubian, Chairman CEA & President of Myer-Emco AudioVideo, Mr. Gary Saprio, Vice President of CEA, Ms. Qu., Presixdent, CECC China, Mr. Patrick Lavelle, President and CEO of Audiovox, Mr. Peter Lesser, President and CEO of X-10 (USA) Inc, Mr. Loyd Ivey, Chairman and CEO of MiTek Electronics and Communications, Mr. Jay McLellan, President and CEO of Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), Mr. Mike Mohr, President of Celluphone, Mr.Grant Russell, President of Kleen Concepts 

21 About CMAI CMAI prime Integrated Association of India representing all verticals of ICE, telecom sector of India in India having members and more than 54 MOUs with International organizations with branch offices in USA, UK, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Malaysia. It offers one window service for information dissemination, guidance on setting up businesses in India. It connects to Industries, Government, Trade and Business It is involved in policy formulations with Government and other stake holders or Technology Innovations, Indigenous manufacturing It is developing scientific knowledge and practical means for protecting human ecology and environment from the harmful effects of environmental hazards like e waste, radiation etc. It assists manufacturers to maximize competitiveness in the domestic and international markets. It also offers consultancy services on turn key basis through its member companies

22 About CMAI With CMAI membership, you gain access, authority, and intelligence designed to help you to: Protect interests when standards and policies are being formulated Engage peers regularly about market challenges or business opportunities Access timely news, information, and market intelligence Expand business to overseas markets efficiently and effectively Gain a competitive advantage through convergence Take the Lead on green initiatives in the ICTE Industry Participate in Indian and global Exhibitions, Seminars, Workshops

23 Innovations – Key For Growth
Ordinary people are indeed capable of extraordinary inventions India faces key developmental challenges in critical areas: healthcare, food, nutrition, agriculture, education, energy, water, financial inclusion, livelihoods. Globally and in India such challenges are addressed in two ways – Philanthropy and Government Grants / Subsidies. Best brains in the world to solve the problems of the poor recognizing the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) and not merely  attracted to solve the problems of the affluent Despite many constraints -- lack of education and severe cash crunch -- most of them have succeeded in using technology cost-effectively to build ingenious products.

24 Importance of Innovations
Talking of Innovations, according to estimates by World Bank and other private firms, the innovations can produce an annual GDP output of more than $50b. Big enough to eradicate the poverty and hunger problems of several Countries of world.   Various Countries have developed several Innovations in the past. The need is the free flow of available knowledge and instruments so that these innovations can reach the masses globally and become affordable. When we talk of developing Countries like India, China, South Africa we have immense manpower waiting to be harnessed and capitalized. Even a small impetus can drive the people of these economies, considering that Indians and Africans are everywhere in west, we should not have any doubt on what we can do in our Countries.

25 Emerging ICT Innovations
Innovation not a ONE TIME INVENTION . ….Rather continuous and constantly evolving 2G, 3G, 4G, high speed, better quality…Guarantee? Mobile phone everything other than phone…… Everybody wants everything. Goggle..internet, goggle voice, now goggle phone……Hunger for speed, more. What choice e.. More than 5 lac of applications ?

26 Unleashing Indian Telecom Innovations
New innovative ways of doing business Lowest acquisition cost for new connection ..half dollar for life time Managed services, Missed call Caller Back Ring Tone Infrastructure Sharing Dynamic discounting, Battery life World’s smallest recharge and lowest cost cell phone SMS based earnings due to TV games, greetings, jokes, social networks, VAS contents Sachet VAS pricing, 1 Re per day, pay per use etc Lowest tariff but one of the highest profitability India of late has been known for Nano Car, Aakash Tablet

27 Innovation Digital Roadmap
Mobile Commerce : Saving Account on Phone in rural Area , Mobile Banking transactions, Payment enablement Mobile Healthcare: Doctor on Call, Availability of basic health information on mobile , Consultancy on phone Mobile Education: Community based groups , Distance learning programs on mobile, Virtual class room M-Agriculture: Availability of best practices in agriculture on phone, Mobile market place for farmers on phone, eliminating the need of middle man Digital Revolution: Mobile TV, High Speed mobile broadband in rural , DTH revolution Mobile Governance : Integration with UID, Public Information updates like Traffic alerts , Integration with e-governance

28 Digital India: The Coming Consumer Internet
New services are attracting new mobile users. Customized advice given to farmers based on location, weather, crop, and soil details. In the health sector, an SMS-based query system provides diagnostic advice and prescriptions to patients in rural areas who lack access to good doctors. Mobile connectivity for online banking thereby making Minutes a medium of currency. More education, more relevant content, and cheaper data connections brings these consumers online. Amazon, Google, and Face Book enjoy strong position in India, thanks to the unfettered market access and to the English-speaking elites who have been the main Internet users to date. E-commerce should also be a major growth area for India India’s National Optic Fiber Network is underway

29 Gen I Call them “Gen I.” “I” stands for India, independence, and individuality. Members of Gen I believe in living in the present and indulging themselves more than their parents do. Thus, the beauty and personal-care market has grown almost 20 times over the past 20 years. The Gen I'ers have far greater choice than prior generations. The number of car models, for example, has jumped from about 5 in 1990 to more than 160 today Are also worldlier, with greater exposure to global events and trends, making them much more demanding. The number of television channels has exploded, from 1 to more than 500.

30 Gen I Contd… This meteoric growth suggests that India is on the steep slope of rapid change. Gen I’ers are increasingly becoming the public face of the new India—emblems of national optimism, energy, and growth. The tremendous growth in Science and Technology suggests a nation of ambition and pent-up demand.

31 Dynamics of Indian Telecom Market
Indian Telecom Sector has been masterpiece of liberalization becoming world’s highest monthly addition, second largest base in world, Indian Telecom sector now known for world’s largest controversies, ambiguities Indian Telecom sector to witness huge investments to the tune of $ 110 Bn. during Telecom Subscribers to cross 1.5 Bn. by 2015, 5 Bn. by 2020. About 25 per cent ( Appx. 300 million) would be 3G/4G subscribers, which would require scaling up the infrastructure. About $70 Bn. estimated investment for green field 2G, 3G/4G and WiMax networks, while $ 25 Bn. would be required to set up an extra 200,000-odd telecom towers across the Country. The total investment in the pan-India Broadband rollout is expected to be $ 20 Bn., while another $ 20 Bn. will be invested in augmenting the transmission network.

32 India: a trailblazer in the mobile market
The number of Internet users recently passed the 120 million mark, and demand is accelerating. 350 million users expected by 2015 By 2015, a four-fold growth in Internet hours is expected , with nearly 40 percent of demand coming from tier 4 towns and rural areas; 22 percent coming from tier 1, 2, and 3 cities; and about 38 percent coming from metro areas. Mobile-only Internet users to go from about 10 percent of users today to 40 or 50 percent by 2015. Penetration of mobile Internet usage, via feature phones and smart phones, is already more widespread than PC and laptop penetration The 4 Internet consumer segments: the young affluent tech savvy trendsetters, the older tech dependent reluctant adopters, the price constrained tech savvy smart shoppers and the older late adopters tech indifferent

33 High End Smart Phones High-end smartphones work on innovation.
Smartphones are not a game of width but of depth. Nokia Asha phones have surpassed our expectations and they are in the highest growth segment.  Finnish handset maker launched flagship Nokia Lumia 920 and its younger sibling Lumia 820 on the Windows 8 platform in India that have high picture and video quality,  has the best camera among all high-end smartphones.  Sales of its Windows-based Nokia Lumia had nearly doubled in 2012. Its touchscreen not just works with fingers, but with fabric as well, thus enables people wearnig gloves in cold regions to use its touchscreen without any hindrances Plans to launch Lumia 620

34 High End Smart Phones…contd.
With a CAGR of 40 percent, the smartphone segment is expected to reach 97.2 million units by 2017, accounting for 29 percent of the total handset volume. Nokia has 46% market share. Samsung : 30 %. Blackerry, HTC and Sony follow with a market share of 13, 4.3, and 4.2 percent respectively Other prominent smartphone vendors include Apple, Motorola , and LG Indian vendors like Micromax, Lava successfull in  feature-phones segment In 2012, 3.6 crore handset users present in Madhya Pradesh (India), out of its total population of 7 crore.

35 by Ms Pooja Sharma, AGM, CMAI

36 What is this?

37 AND this?

38 No Guess required

39 Indian Jugaad Technology : the need of the hour
The most innovative, economical and quality method to accomplish the desired task by unusual / unimaginable means and ways. Believe it or NOT Indian Jugaad is MOST HAPPENING Thing for the world

40 Burning Examples
Washing-cum-exercise machine, Kerala: All those who wash clothes by hand have often wished for a washing machine that is cheap. But then, frequent power cuts (particularly in the rural regions) would make it difficult for one to use even a low-cost electric washing machine. Remya Jose, then a class 11 student, thought of a simple, ingenious solution. She developed a washing machine which does more than just wash clothes. It even provides its users the chance to shed a few kilos! (National Innovation Foundation / NIF)

41 Example: Jugaad Espresso Coffee Maker

42 Innovative Juicer Machine

43 And Jugaad DTH

44 Latest from Kumbh

45 Representative Examples
Washing Machine for Lassi Narayana Hrudalaya , Arvind Eyecare, Jaipur Foot Selco: rural electricity Mobile led financial inclusiveness – EKO, Mcheck, Rural ATMs - solar power, no AC, biometric authentication (e.g. by Vortex Engineering) Rs 3000 fridge, battery run, sold by village girls (e.g. by Godrej) Rs. 700 Water purifier using paddy husk ash matrix (e.g. by Tata Chemicals)  

46 And Lot others
Hand operated water lifting device, portable smokeless stove, automatic food making machine, solar mosquito killer, shock proof converter, a floating toilet soap  Reaper windrower machine (MP) to reduce manpower requirement and the drudgery involved in the harvesting process.  Hand operated water lifting pump (TN) : amidst dearth of available pumps, a simple in design and has a high discharge at low cost compared to the motorized pumps and conventional hand pumps. Bullock operated sprayer (MP):  considerably reduces time requirement as compared to manual spraying and also the drudgery and health hazards involved in manual spraying. Lemon cutter (TN) , pepper thrasher (Kerala), Bicycle Weeder (Maharashtra), compost Aerator & leaf pruner (Rajasthan), Walnut Cracker, Peeler & Washer (Jammu & Kashmir), mechanized looms (Manipur), Portable smokeless stove (Bihar) , Shock proof converter, Manipur : Nicholson has developed an innovative device which converts all electrical lines into shock-free power lines. This is a very useful device for every household/ commercial establishment. The device can be installed just after the energy meter so that each and every connection in the building establishment gets connected to the device and becomes shock-free.

47 CMAI Membership CMAI offers free membership to Students and Youth upto 1st April, 2013 Complimentary Membership for Youth Relationship and Affairs Club. Click   Job alerts, technology, spiritual yoga, meditation, invitation to CMAI Indian and foreign events, summer internship and Pilot Projects Guidance for effective Communication and Relationship

48 Thoughts are endless, Ideas are endless, Talks are endless!!
So are you confused and have a question? LET US STOP HERE THANKS (+91)

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