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Who are they?.

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1 Who are they?

2 Yael Arad Yael Arad is a Judo champion.
She was the first Israeli to win an Olympic medal.

3 Haim Revivo Haim Revivo is a retired football player. He was born in Ashdod. He played for Bnei Yehuda, Hapoel Tel- Aviv and Maccabi Haifal. He also played in Spain and Turkey.

4 Michael Jordan Michael Jordan was born on February 17, He is a former American professional basketball player.

5 Gal Nevo Gal Nevo, an Israeli swimmer champion. He participated in Summer Olympics in 2008.

6 Messi Leonal Messi is an Argentin football player. He plays for Barcelona. Messi began playing football at a young age.

7 Interview

8 Shahar Peer

9 Eitan Urbach

10 Yossi Benayoun

11 Omri Casspi

12 Arik Zeevi

13 Can you answer…?

14 2. How old is Gal now? When did Gal win the gold medal? 3. Gal’s sport is ________ 4. Tell about Gal’s family 5. Gal has only one medal for windsurfing. Yes/ No 11. A champion is someone who________ 12. Is it important to be a champion? 10. The opposite of last is ____. 8.In Sydney, 2002 Gal won a _____ medal. 9.People in Israel were very _______of Gal. 7. Where was Gal’s competition in 2002? 6. When did Gal start practicing?

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