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Increasing Vulnerabilities and Implications on Humanitarian Response.

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1 Increasing Vulnerabilities and Implications on Humanitarian Response

2 Context




6 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Floods in Thailand With a global loss of USD 380 billion, the year 2011 has been the costliest ever in terms of natural disasters Total damage and losses amounted to THB 1.43 trillion (USD 46.5 Billion) Estimated costs of USD 235 bilion (World Bank) 2011



9 Flash Floods in India 2013 Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013 Natural disasters become more and more unpredictable and severe 2013

10 India; 2013 The Himalayan Tsunami ( Flash Floods of unprecedented nature) Probably the hardest rescue operations India have ever taken

11 Typhoon Haiyan 2013 : The Tale of Two Disasters Cyclone Phailin

12 Typhoon Haiyan






18 Every major disaster tells only one story:

19 …more people in the region are getting exposed to hazards… Human exposure to tropical cyclone is increasing for most sub-regions

20 Many urban locations are in high risk areas… Of the 305 urban agglomerations, 119 are situated along coastlines


22 …and losses are bigger in high & upper-middle income countries. Development was unable to reduce risks, and may drive its growth

23 Who pays for disaster losses? Often in developing countries the poorest pay the most when disasters strike.

24 The Wake Up Call Most Disasters that could occur have not happen yet

25 Implications on Humanatariam Response

26 More Humanitarian Aid

27 Humanitarian actors under strain

28 Capacity gaps and coordination challenges

29 Identifying and integrating innovations in Humanitarian response Communication with affected populations Information management Evidence-based decision making Needs and impact assessment Risk reduction and preparedness


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