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Lesson 16A – Matthew 5–7 (cont.) Even as your Father.

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1 Lesson 16A – Matthew 5–7 (cont.) Even as your Father

2 Commandments Which commandment do you think is the hardest to keep? Matthew 5:48 Is being perfect even possible? (1 Ne 3:7) Why was the commandment not “… even as I am perfect”? – 2 meanings of the word – Perfect = without sin – Perfect = complete, whole

3 How do we become perfect? "Nobody becomes perfect in this life. … Becoming perfect in Christ is a process. "We begin to keep the commandments today, and we keep more of them tomorrow. … We can become perfect in some minor things. … "If we chart a course of becoming perfect, and, step by step and phase by phase, are perfecting our souls by overcoming the world, then it is absolutely guaranteed … we shall gain eternal life" (Bruce R. McConkie, "Jesus Christ and Him Crucified," 1976 Devotional Speeches of the Year [1977], 399–401). Matthew 5:48

4 Pieces of a puzzle Each of you has a verse from the sermon on the mount (most from Matthew 5) Find the verse, describe the step to perfection and write on front of the piece (verse is on the back) Arrange the pieces together on the back wall – Hint: the verses are written in the correct orientation – Hint: the verses are roughly in order from top to bottom

5 τέλειος The Greek word “Teleios” – whole, complete, finished If the puzzle where missing a piece, would it be “Teleios”? If the puzzle wasn’t quite lined up exactly right, would it still be “Teleios”? If you did the puzzle wrong at first, but then I showed you the answer and you fixed it, would it be “Teleios”?

6 This is not the hardest commandment This is the end result Moroni 10:32-33 – “come unto Christ, and be perfected in him” – “through the shedding of the blood of Christ” Christ allows us to become perfect. Without Him we will never finish.

7 Notebook Ideas How does knowing that perfection is a process affect the way you live and make choices day by day? What “pieces” of perfection don’t seem to fit in your life right now? What could you do to fix them? What is Christ’s role in your path to perfection?

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