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П УТЕШЕСТВИЯ ПО Р ОССИИ T RAVELS AROUND R USSIA Russian Heritage Language Learners Intermediate/Intermediate High 5 Class Periods (50 min/period)

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1 П УТЕШЕСТВИЯ ПО Р ОССИИ T RAVELS AROUND R USSIA Russian Heritage Language Learners Intermediate/Intermediate High 5 Class Periods (50 min/period)

2 A BSTRACT This unit is designed for Russian heritage language learners who already know how to speak, read, and write Russian fairly well – at least at an Intermediate level. However, this unit can also be modified to work with any language, since it revolves around geography. Geography is universal, and language learners can take their previous knowledge of geography in one language, and expand upon it with the other language, in this case their heritage language. This unit frames learning about geography in Russia around travel; new geography and travel vocabulary is introduced, specialized texts are used, and, just as importantly, verbs of motion, which can be difficult for all learners of Russian, are focused on. These scaffolding techniques help build upon the students’ previous knowledge and help motivate them for this unit. The unit starts with a short lecture, which introduces the new vocabulary, then transitions to creating and practicing dialogues, writing short compositions, and finally doing a research project and presenting it in small groups. Group work and exclusive use of the heritage language is crucial to this unit. Unit Created by: Isaiah White, Karina Eremetova, Nadezda Berkovich

3 O BJECTIVES Content Objectives: Enhance reading, writing, and speaking skills in geography and travel-related topics Language Objectives: Use heritage language exclusively Enrich and enlarge vocabulary relating to geography and travel Develop proficiency in reading popular and specialized texts Usage of transitional words and phrases Verbs of motion, appropriate cases and prepositions

4 M ATERIALS U SED Materials Used: Online resources – maps, travel websites, online ads maps, travel advertisements, travel websites Physical media – brochures, guidebooks, texts on Russian geography Videos about traveling Assessment: 1. Formative: group work observation, quizzes 2. Summative Final Oral Presentation

5 O UR S TUDENTS Strengths Strong speaking, listening, and comprehension skills Able to write complex sentences Able to discuss abstract ideas and topics Weaknesses: Lack of topic specific vocabulary and writing and reading fluency Be able to carry out formal and informal conversation as appropriate Have trouble understanding technical, content-specific conversations (ie. Business, medicine, technology) Unit Prerequisites Have intermediate skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening (Intermediate/Intermediate High) Have already had considerable experience reading novice & intermediate texts, can write using complex sentences and higher-level knowledge, and can speak well and understand even better

6 D IFFERENTIATING I NSTRUCTION Differentiated Assessment: Final project is assessed according to level of individual students Final Project: adjusting to different skills of HL – students can choose the final form of presentation Example: flyer (easiest), brochure (hardest)

7 D AY 1: I NTRODUCTION TO L ESSON Introduction to content and language objectives Templates for oral presentation and writing assignments Familiarize with the grading system Students evaluated using rubric, differentiated for different levels of HLLs (based on 2012 ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines) Pre-test Multiple choice quiz about Russian geography Students take, teacher collects, holds until end of unit

8 D AY 1: I NTRODUCTION C ONTINUED Discussion of geography of Russia Introduce new vocabulary, transitional phrases, verbs of motion during a discussion of Russian geography (10 min) Practice exercise (10 min) Students, in pairs, have a map with blanks, need to fill in the blanks with city names, seas, neighboring countries Extra assignment (if time allows) Introduce template with a sample dialogue about buying a plane or train ticket Watch video (buying tickets, conversation w/ agent) (10 min) point out unit vocabulary, important transitional phrases, verbs of motion used (real-life application) role-play

9 D AY 1( CONTUED ): V OCABULARY (S PEAKING ) Practice activity for new vocabulary Divide into pairs: American visits Russian friend Create a dialogue that includes new vocabulary and makes connections to previously-learned vocabulary Greetings Engage in small talk (making connections) Questions about Russia – geography, holidays, climate, etc. Assign vocabulary words (flashcards) to each pair to use in their dialogue Homework: Read text that contains new vocabulary; practice pronunciation and spelling of new words

10 D AY 2: W RITING Warm-up with new vocabulary Show English word, have students say Russian equivalent Students will read a traveler’s blog in class about his/her recent trip in some part of Russia – work in pairs Will create a comment to the blog Ask at least three questions Use vocabulary and idiomatic expressions and transitional phrases Incorporate verbs of motion (ходить) and means of transportation (лететь на самолете, ехать на машине)

11 D AY 3 (R EADING & S PEAKING ) Introducing new travel materials: travel brochures, guides, websites, and advertisement sites (25 min) Instructor shows 2-3 examples of Russian travel websites Students go to these websites and pick a tour of Russia Discussion Pros/cons Talk about routes and means of travel Incorporate transitional phrases (я считаю, во первых) Travel advertising ( Final Project ) (15 min) Show examples of advertisements (newspapers, websites, videos, travel magazine advertisements) Homework: Have students think about what type of advertisement they would create if they were director of tourism for a city.

12 D AY 4 (R EADING, W RITING & S PEAKING ) Advertisement Project (Final Project) Group students (3-4 per group) Students choose an advertisement project from either a brochure, flyer, poster Students pick a city or a region to advertise Community: Advertisement targeted to students’ family, friends (target language) Students work on project Project needs to include: City or region name, local attractions and landmarks,

13 D AY 5 Presentation! Presenters need to create list of vocabulary and questions that will be distributed to classmates During presentation, audience needs to take notes to answer questions and prepare questions to the presenters

14 W RAP - UP Post-test: Students take the same quiz they took on the first day of unit Hand back pre-test, students compare results to see their progress Exit-cards: Each student fills out an exit-card, listing three things they learned to hand in to teacher

15 O NLINE R ESOURCES U SED IN C LASS Страна.ру. Все путешествия по России: Форум о России. Путешествия по России. Маршруты выходного дня: Журнал “Путешествие по России”: По России - АВТО путешествия: Планета Дорог - Путешествия по России. Туризм в России: Путешествия по России: Fantasy Way: Лоцман Путешествий по России: Золотое кольцо, достопримечательности...: "По России на авто" - о путешествиях на автомобиле: RussiaOutdoors - Путешествия по России: Путешествия по России:по России из Санкт-Петербурга | Туры по России 2012 | Путешествия...: Путешествия России | Туристические поездки по городам России:

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