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2003-3 wsx Spectrum II Unit 2. Functions / Themes Talk about likes and dislikes State a preference Talk about habits Complain Express anticipation / Talk.

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1 wsx Spectrum II Unit 2

2 Functions / Themes Talk about likes and dislikes State a preference Talk about habits Complain Express anticipation / Talk about strengths and weaknesses

3 Talk about likes and dislikes How do you like living here? I love it. I miss being near my family.

4 State a preference Would you like to study for the test now, or would you rather take it easy? I’d just as soon take it easy. It doesn’t matter to me.

5 Talk about habits I’m not used to getting up early. Forms Be used to…+ doing

6 Complain I’m so tired. It’s such a long trip. I’m not used to so much work. Forms So vs. such

7 Express anticipation / Talk about strengths and weaknesses I’m looking forward to going to the play tonight. You must be good at learning languages. I have a hard time learning languages. Forms Gerunds

8 instructions: please compose similar conversation about your progress in English, using the phrases listed. Have a hard time, used to, limit, grow, have trouble doing sth., have trouble with sth., understand more than I used to…, …

9 Lesson 8 Culture Close-up Most people who were born in the U. S. do not speak a language other than English. So the majority of Americans are like David in the conversation, although their reason for not speaking another language may differ from his.

10 Lesson 8 Culture Close-up This monolingual aspect of the U. S. may be changing slightly. Recently multicultural education has become popular in schools and colleges. As a result, more and more students are taking course in languages other than English.

11 other than = except E.g.: There's nobody here other than me. You can't get there other than by swimming.

12 Lesson 8 – A1 I’m impressed. When you gave directions to the taxi driver, you sounded just like a native. Well, not quite. …still have trouble …ing

13 Used to Emphasize the state or behaviour in the past.( 曾经,今非昔比 ) Our dog, Rex, used to sit outside our front gate and bark. There used to be low and dirty houses. He is not what he used to be. You used to smoke a pipe, didn’t you?

14 be (become / get) used to (Please refer to Ex. 5 on Page 15, L.9.) 习惯于 (be accustomed to…) You’ll get used to the traffic. Everyone does. I’m pretty used to it by now. I guess I’m not used to so much travelling.

15 Lesson 8 – A2 Have trouble with… Have a hard time …ing, especially when… Be good at

16 limit V. The Constitution limits the President's term of office to four years.

17 limit, restrict, confine, circumscribe These verbs mean to establish or keep within specified bounds. Limit refers principally to the establishment of a maximum, as of quantity, degree, or time, beyond which a person or thing cannot or may not go: The Constitution limits the President's term of office to four years.

18 limit, restrict, confine, circumscribe To restrict is to keep within prescribed limits, as of choice or action: The sale of alcoholic beverages is restricted to those over 21.

19 limit, restrict, confine, circumscribe Confine suggests limits that imprison, restrain, or impede: All prisoners will be confined to their cells. Interest in Asia is no longer confined to scholars

20 limit, restrict, confine, circumscribe Circumscribe connotes an encircling or surrounding line that confines and especially that confines narrowly: “A man... should not circumscribe his activity by any inflexible fence of rigid rules

21 Lesson 8 – B1 Miss I missed my book after getting off the bus without it. She completely missed the point of the film. The car narrowly missed crashing into the tree.

22 Lesson 8 – B2 I’m going to have trouble getting across the street. I’m looking forward to seeing Beijing. I hear the forbidden City and the Great Wall are really worth seeing, too.

23 Lesson 8 - B3 Would you like to go sightseeing this afternoon, or would you rather wait until tomorrow? I’d just as soon get some sleep this afternoon, I’m so tired after such a long trip. … would rather…

24 …would (…’d) just as soon do sth. = prefer… She’d just as soon stay at home. He would sooner die than consent to such a plan. The brave soldier would as soon die as yield to such an enemy.

25 Please find another way to say it. Not really It was difficult for me to understand people. I’ve grown accustomed to it. Most people get used to it. I’d prefer to sleep.

26 So // such 但是,当名词前有 much 或 many 时,用 so 而不用 such 。 So + adj. // adv. + (a / an) + n. ( 可 数名词单数 ) 但是,当名词前有 much 或 many 时,用 so 而不用 such 。 So + adj. // adv. Such + a // an + adj. + n. ( 可数名 词单数 ) Such + adj. + n. ( 可数名词复数或不 可数名词 )

27 Lesson 10 Dear Gloria, Thanks for writing me ____ a long letter. I don’t have time to write ____ long letters these days because I have ____ much work. I’ve been working sixty hours a week lately! I know I shouldn’t work ____ hard. There are ____ many other important things in life, but you know how it is. such so

28 we haven’t seen each other in ____ a long time. I’ve thought of going to see you, but it’s ____ expensive to fly. As you know, I’m not used to driving ____ long distances, but maybe i will soon. Anyway, I’ll talk to you in a few weeks. Love, Victor such so

29 Lesson Ex. 2 (Pair work) Act out similar conversation, using the information in the boxes and the pictures below. Ex. 3 (pair work // group work) Act out conversations similar to the ones in Ex. 2. Use the topics in the box or your own ideas.

30 Lesson Ex. 7 (Pair work) Work our a conversation between two persons, one suggesting something and the other either accepting or refusing the idea. Use the conversation in Task 6 as a model.

31 Lesson 11-1 Express yourself with the phrases below: I’m looking forward to… Are you good at…? I have a hard time …ing.

32 Lesson Gerund Admit, advise, anticipate, appreciate, avoid, consider, contemplate, delay, deny, detest, discuss, dislike, encourage, endure, enjoy, escape, excuse, face, fancy, favour, feel like, finish, forbid, forgive, give up, can’t help, imagine, involve, leave off, mention, mind, miss, overlook, permit, postpone, practice, prohibit, put off, resent, resist, risk, can’t stand, suggest, tolerate, understand, etc.

33 E.g.: I’ll overlook your being so rude to my sister this time but don’t’ let it happen again. Many of the things we do involve taking some risk in order to achieve a satisfactory result. Being a bad-tempered man, he would not tolerate having his lectures interrupted.

34 Remember doing // to do sth. Remember to do sth. Remember to do some shopping after work. Remember doing sth. I still remember being taken to Beijing for the first time. I don’t remember / recall locking my suitcase.

35 Forget, stop, I forgot looking the door. As well as getting on everybody’s nerves, he’s got a habit of borrowing money and forgetting to pay it back. I really must stop smoking. Stop to have a rest.

36 Regret, I don’t regret telling her what I thought, even if it upset her. I regret letting slip that opportunity. We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you employment.

37 Try/mean + doing + to do I tried sending her flowers, but it didn’t have any effect. I once tried to learn Japanese. Your plan would mean spending hours. I don’t mean to be rude, but could you stop smoking?

38 Mind / chance + doing // to do He chanced climbing the rock without any aid. He chanced to find his lost bike in front of a store. Mind to mail the letter. Do you mind pass the ladder to me?

39 Lesson Ex. 4 Answer these questions, using a gerund in each answer. And then write a short passage about these questions.

40 Lesson Well, it shouldn’t be hard to find someone to take his place, should it? hard Difficult to resolve, accomplish, or finish: That was a hard question. Difficult to understand or impart: Physics was the hardest of my courses. Thermodynamics is a hard course to teach.

41 Lesson Maybe, but not many who are as good as Bill. I’m going to miss having him around. Well, maybe it’s worth looking around before you hire just anyone.

42 Lesson Hey, you wouldn’t happen to know a good cabinetmaker who’s out of work, would you? I wish I did, Lou. I’ll keep my years open, though. Excuse me…I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation. I happen to be…

43 Culture close-up for Lesson 12 In the U.S. jobs traditionally held only by men are gradually being filled by women as well. In large part, this is a result of the efforts of people involved in the Women’s Movement, which, among other causes, champions equal employment opportunities for women. Nowadays you will find American women in a wide range of jobs previously held only by men. Today there are female cabinetmakers, truck drivers, military fighter pilots, etc.

44 Lesson 13 Topic centred oral practice Read the description of Tolo and the information about each candidate given in the boxes on P.19 and discuss with your group members and decide who, do you think, should be hired for the job.

45 Please refer to the Culture close-up on page 22. Isolate Flexible Easygoing competent

46 Lesson 14 Living Abroad class=1203 class=1203 ( 美国工作网上资料 ) class=1204 class=1204 (加国工作网上资料)

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