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2 Come and Discover the 700 Islands Of The Bahamas

3 1.Very short distances over water –46 nm to Bimini –60 nm to Grand Bahama Island 2.Beautiful scenery 3.Multitude of airports 4.Good facilities for General Aviation 5.Easy custom, arrival and departure procedures 6.No landing fees at Gov. airports 7.Fuel cost similar or lower than the US Flying to the Bahamas is relaxing!

4 Government is Investing: 1.Infrastructure and Logistic For General Aviation 2.NPRM – New Proposed Rule Making 3.Bahamas Host Program 4.Availability of phones at All POE’s 5.Better radio coverage Aviation Red Carpet for Pilots 6.Night Flight flying 7.Change from IKO to FAA Flying to the Bahamas is relaxing!

5 The Islands Of The Bahamas

6 Bahama Out Islands

7 General Information Government Airports: -All airport owned and operated by the Bahamas Gov’t ALL Pilots are welcomed Private Airports: -Airport independently owned MOST welcome visiting pilot. Airports Of Entry (AOEs) -Airports with Customs and Immigration facilities -Must be used for your first and last stop (just like in the US)

8 Getting to Florida the Hardest Part of the Trip

9 1.Aircraft must have a 12’ “N” Numbers 2.NO need to depart from an AOE 3.File International Flight Plan Note: IFR flight plan mandatory for landing AFTER official sunset 4.Register Firearms with US Customs prior to departure. 5.Aircraft custom “Decal”  Can be purchased at any Custom Office 6.Carry:  Pilot License, Medical, Aircraft registration, Aircraft Airworthiness certificate, and Insurance Departing From the US

10 En route to the Bahamas 1. Must have Coast Guard approved life jackets for each person on board. 2. Activate your flight plan before leaving Florida on 122.2, 122.4 or 126.7 (Miami Radio). 3. Prior to landing, close your flight plan on 124.2 or 128.0 (Nassau Radio). If unable to close in the air, call 1-800- WXBRIEF or 242-377-7116 4.Forms to fill out: It’s very simple! Three (3) copies of C7A General Declarations form C7A form is also a cruising permit to fly to other Bahamian airports One Bahamas Immigration Card per person

11 1.First land at an AOE 2.CLOSE flight Plan 3.Present Identification Pilot License And for US Citizen: Proof of Citizenship Passport or Birth Certificate and Picture ID For non US Citizen: Passport 4.Present forms: 1.Three General Declaration 2.One Custom card per person 5.Be cooperative with Customs and Immigration. All will be very happy to help you. ENTERING The Bahamas


13 LANDING in The Bahamas Controlled Airports: -Nassau and Grand Bahama International -Contact approach control or tower approximately 25nm out for landing instructions. Uncontrolled Airports: -Announce: Aircraft, Identification, Location and Intentions over Unicom frequency 122.8. -Fly over airport at 1,000’ MSL and enter LEFT traffic pattern. -All landing and takeoffs at uncontrolled field should be into the wind.





18 Experimental Aircrafts – Standardized Validation 1.A valid Certificate of Aircraft Registration 2.The nationality and registration marks assigned to the aircraft by the FAA 3.Special Airworthiness Certificate 4.All validation must be carried on board the aircraft 5.Experimental Operating Limitations 6.Pilot’s License 7.Medical Certificate

19 Visiting the Islands

20 For decades we have noted the importance of the private flyers and have simplified our procedures to accommodate easy movement throughout The Bahamas, once they would have made the initial report Inwards. In this vein, we have combined the General Declaration form and our Inter-Island (coastwise) Movement Form (Transire), as to avoid the issuance of a new form for each Bahama Island on any visit during that particular travel to The Bahamas. As noted in the Bill of Rights, those persons who are flying for pleasure only are not required to pay any Customs Overtime irrespective of the port of arrival/departure or time of day. Again, in keeping with the government’s Open Arm Policy for Private Flyers, we in the Customs Department welcome all visitors to The Bahamas and hope that you would enjoy our warm hospitality to the fullest. Your experiences on any subsequent voyage should be even more embracing. Mr. John A. Rolle Comptroller of Customs Bahamas Customs Department

21 Visiting The Islands 1.No Landing fee – –for single engine private planes under 6,000 lbs. on a non-commercial trip at any Government owned airport. –Landing Fee may apply at private airports. 2.No Overtime Customs & Immigration Fee –For private aircraft visiting The Islands Of The Bahamas where the pilot declares that he/she does not receive any remuneration and the flight is for recreational purposes 3.No Tie Down Fee –At any Government owned airport. Tie Down Fee may apply at private airports.

22 Visiting the Islands Fuel: Available on many islands – Max 20 minutes from fuel. Night Flying: –Only Nassau and Freeport have lighted runways that allow flying at night. –FBOs: Five established FBOs ( Two in Nassau, One in Grand Bahamas Islands, Two in the Out Islands) Maintenance and Repairs: –Mechanics will fly from Nassau with parts etc. Price similar or lower than in the US. Runways Length: Average 5,000 Feet Weather Information: –1-800 WX BRIEF –1- 242 377 7178 –1- 242 377 7116

23 Departing the Bahamas 1.Must Depart from an AOE. 2.File an International Flight Plan at 1-800-WXBRIEF, 3.CALL / Advise US Custom give ETA and A/C + PAX details and get “code” from Custom Officer 4.Presents Forms: Give One copy of Gen Dec Turn in immigration card. Show Copy of Flight Plan 5.Pay Departure taxes $15 per person over 6years old.

24 Departing the Bahamas 1.After Take off: Activate flight plan by contacting Nassau or Freeport Radio on 124.2, 128.0. If unable to contact Nassau or Freeport: Miami Radio 126.7 or 122.4. 2.For flight following: Nassau on 121.0 or Miami on 125.7

25 Entering the US 1.Get transponder code from FSS 126.7 Miami Radio 15 minutes before penetrating the ADIZ from flight Service NOT from approach. 2.Close flight plan in the air on 122.2, 122.4, or 126.7. If not able, close at Customs office with 1-800-WXBRIEF 3.Land at an AOE such as OPF,MIA, FLL, FXE, PBI or FPR. 4.Wait for custom for Instruction in “penalty box”: 1.Walk to Custom and leave A/C doors open 2.Or take all your baggage and go directly to Customs 5.Prepare U.S. Arrival Report and Customs Declaration cards (in advance if possible).

26 Bahamas Fly-in Only 46 nm from the Florida Coast ! Great experience Fun event Superb way to discover the Islands Comfortable and scenic accommodations Desolate beaches Snorkeling, Diving, Fishing, Boating

27 Bahamas Fly-in A great way t o: 1.Introduce you the pilot, your family and friends to some of the most beautiful and relaxing places on earth. 2.Meet other pilots while Islands hopping. 3.Explore more islands 4.Go to places most tourist will never see Ideal For: 1.First-time flyer to the island 2.Flying Clubs and Associations 3.Flyers fearful of flying over water by themselves 4.Pilots seeking to discover new places 5.Pilot looking for camaraderie and fun 6.Past Bahamas Fly-in participants

28 Bahamas Fly-in FORMAT:  Lead Pilot Provides:  Full Pilot Briefing (at airport of Departure)  Walk you through the simple paper work (at Arrival)  Selection of FBO along East Coast  Bureau of Tourism Provides  Escort upon arrival for custom etc ITINERARY:  Will be sent to you on receipt of registration fee LISTING of all water and sports activities (and prices )  Sent ahead of time to allow for early booking. ·

29 Bahamas Fly-in PRICE:  Registration Fee: $40.00  Plane, Bahamas Fly-in T-shirts and Fly-in bag  Maps and charts, approach plates, frequencies, etc....  Forms for Bahamas and US Custom  Escort More Information: 2.Phone: 1-800-32-SPORT 3.e-mail:

30 For Additional Information :- Visit Our Website Phone: 1-800-32-SPORT e-mail:

31 Visit Booth B72

32 Flying To The Islands Of The BAHAMAS: –Close –Fun –And It’s Easy REMEMBER:


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