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Just-in-Time Teaching : Using the Web to Enhance Classroom Learning.

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1 Just-in-Time Teaching : Using the Web to Enhance Classroom Learning

2 The Challenge: Disengaged Students n Most students take 4-5 classes n Many have weak backgrounds n Many come unprepared n Some have outside responsibilities n Some just don’t care

3 The Other Challenges n Content Knowledge n Problem Solving n Critical Thinking n Written and Oral Communication n Work Ethic n Professional Ethics…

4 Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) Classroom World Wide Web

5 WarmUp Exercises n Due 2 hours before class n Cover that day’s material n Faculty/student synchronization n Lecture is for your students n Students must prepare

6 WarmUp Questions...

7 The Interactive “Lecture” n Step 1: Synchronization Read the students’ responses What do they understand? n Step 2: Preparation Select excerpts from students work n Step 3: Execution Class is a dialog based on faculty notes and student excerpts

8 Other JiTT Components n Weekly Puzzle Opposite “Bookend” to WarmUp n “What is Physics Good For” n Student-Faculty and Student-Student Communication tools n Collaborative Recitation

9 Sample Results (N=155) Q1 Do the WarmUps help you stay caught up? Q2 Do you “Cram” before tests in this course? Q3 Do you “Cram” in your other courses? 1- Yes 2- Yes 3- Yes “A” students 85%14%43% “B” students 89 % 39%61% “C” students 89%47%68% “D” students 84%68%68% “F” students 92%58%58%

10 Other Results n Student Success (40% drop in DFW rate) n Improved Learning (high ratings on national tests) n Improved Study Skills (self reported) n High Morale “This was a fantastic course. It was the hardest course I’ve taken yet, but also the most fun.”

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