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Welcome to my conference! February 2006 8 th grade Anthony.

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1 Welcome to my conference! February 2006 8 th grade Anthony

2 What was your easiest assignment in Algebra & why? My easiest assignment in Algebra is the Newsletter, because we just have get our parents to sign it.

3 What was your hardest Algebra assignment & why? My hardest assignment in Algebra is the last test we did, because its confusing.

4 What have been your easiest and hardest Social Studies assignments? Describe them. The easiest was when we had to draw the Expedition Booklet. The hardest assignment was the book work we had to do because it gave me a headache.

5 In Science & Spanish, what assignment has frustrated you the most? Why? The Spanish that made me the most frustrated is nothing really, neither in science.

6 Do you feel challenged in Language Arts? Why/not? Describe your favorite activity so far. Yes, because we have write a lot of essays this year. My favorite activity is group work.

7 What stresses you out about school and why? Homework, because after school I’m always tired.

8 Pick two specific classes you can improve in, and tell two specific steps you can take to improve. Social Studies, and Language Arts. Focus more, and Work harder.

9 How much time do you spend doing homework each night? Describe your routine. A half hour to an hour. I get home eat, and do my homework until I fall asleep.

10 What are your test grades like? Tell three specific ways you study. Not good. I study only a little bit.

11 As you prepare to go to high school, what subjects or areas do you feel you need the most improvement? How can your teachers & parents help? Social Studies, and Algebra.

12 Teacher Comment Page Anthony, though I appreciate the red and gray color scheme, the grid lines were hard on the eyes. You really could have gone into more detail on many of your responses. 23 out of 30. One very telling response you wrote indicated that you do only a half an hour of school work at night. By 8 th grade, that amount of time is WAY too low, and it’s no wonder you don’t accomplish much outside of school. You have natural abilities that are not being stretched- when you complete work here at school, you do pretty well, and you have gotten faster in three years, but not working outside of school will not lead to success in high school. I’m concerned about your sleepiness. What time do you go to bed at night? Though teens need sleep, you shouldn’t need a nap after 30 minutes of schoolwork. Have you seen a doctor about your tiredness? Sra. T.

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