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Dorfmeister’s Guide to Mastering the OGT Writing.

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2 Dorfmeister’s Guide to Mastering the OGT Writing

3 So, you wish to master the Writing Portion of the OGT! This program involves following simple step, by step strategies for mastering your essay. Follow the steps and learn the strategies. Repeat the process as necessary. This is not as hard as you may think. What is the OGT?

4 Directions Read each slide carefully. Those slides which require a response will have two sounds. This sound will indicate a wrong answer. (click here) This sound will indicate a correct answer. (click here) The yellow arrows at the bottom will move you to the next or previous slide.

5 The Test Breakdown The writing portion is broken down into three basic parts: Multiple Choice (10) Short answer (1) Extended Response (2)

6 Point Breakdown Multiple Choice Short Answer Writing Prompts Totals (1 pt. each) 10 items (2 pts. each) 1 item (18 pts. each) 2 items 13 items 10 2 36 48

7 Where Are the Points? Go back and study the table again. Where should you focus your attention? Extended Response Multiple Choice Short Answer

8 Where are the Points? The Multiple Choice questions are only one point each. That’s ten points total out of forty eight points. The Short Answer question is worth only two points. That’s two points out of forty eight total. The totals of all multiple choice and short answer is still less than one extended response.

9 Focus your attention on the Extended Response. You can get the multiple choice answers wrong and still pass. Go right to the extended response. Focus on those, then go back to the short answer and multiple choice.

10 Extended Response Strategies The Ohio Graduation test uses two prompts: One is a persuasive prompt. This involves convincing someone of your point of view. Choose a side. Do not be too nice or wishy- washy. The other prompt will involve telling a story or explaining a situation. This does not have to be truthful, feel free to embellish details.

11 Pop Quiz: Click on the correct answer. The OGT always has which type of writing prompt? A personal story An explanation involving a “how to” format A persuasive format

12 Tips for Being Persuasive Whether or not you can see both sides to a situation, choose a side and stick with it. You will be told to use a specific format. This means that if you’re instructed to write a letter, remember to use the “Dear Someone” and sign your letter.

13 Your answer Document will have two sections: PREWRITING: Nothing on this page will be scored. Draft to be scored, Topic #1 ______________________________

14 Always use the blank prewriting section, regardless of its claim of not being scored. This blank page is intended to be used for organizing your essay. Use it. If the evaluation is focusing on organization, graders may look for it. Use it. Prewriting: Not to be scored.

15 Let’s Review Most of the points for the OGT are where? The Extended Response The Multiple Choice The Short Answer Which one of the following is NOT a strategy for the persuasive prompt? Choose a side and stick with it. Be sure to follow the format. Go right to the “draft to be scored” section. Always use the prewriting section.

16 Focus on the Prewriting Using the answer document page that says, “Prewriting: this page not to be scored,” you will map out your arguments. Draw a circle in the middle and write your specific point of view in the center. Prewriting: Nothing on this page will be scored. School uniforms Are unnecessary.

17 Now use this page to map out four specific points. Uniforms are Unnecessary.

18 Remember, main point in the middle. This is your point of view. Four specific points or arguments for your point of view. Now you will try this using a real prompt. Remember, choose a side and write that in the middle circle, then brainstorm four arguments. Read the prompt carefully and move to the next slide.

19 Read this carefully and remember the format. Your School Board is considering the idea of banning all field trips, using taxpayer money. Write a letter to the board members explaining why this is or is not a good idea. Be sure to include past field trip experiences, lessons learned, and whether or not these experiences are valuable to one’s education. Jump to prewriting check

20 Print this page. Return to second writing prompt.

21 Use the printout to map your ideas. Your main point is written in the center circle. Come up with four arguments to back up your point. This may take some time. It’s okay. Prewriting is the hardest part. Save this printout.

22 Prewriting Drill Did you write your side of the argument in the center circle? Did you come up with four ideas to back up your point? Did you remember the format of the prompt? Yes No

23 If you checked “no” on any box, proceed to the next slide and follow directions. If you checked yes on all three boxes, save your prewriting and click below.

24 If you checked “no” on any box… No on box one: go back and rewrite your point of view in the center circle. No on box two: Should any of your other arguments be made into two separate arguments? Did you cover everything the prompt requested? No on box three: Read the prompt again. Writing Prompt

25 Prewriting Again You’ve done the hardest part. Now, you’ll try it again. Advance to the next slide, read the prompt and map it.

26 The Prompt Your mayor is considering a teen curfew of 9:00 P.M. on weeknights because of a problem with vandalism. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in which you convince readers to accept your point of view on the proposed curfew. Your point of view goes in the center. Look again at the format (letter, editor of local paper). Return to prewriting map

27 Here we go! You’re ready! Choose either prompt and prewriting map. Advance to the next slide. You will begin to write your essay.

28 Remember your format. Take a side. Each circle is a new paragraph. Indent.

29 Writing Topic #_____

30 That was the hardest part. Think you’re done? It was tough, but now you must proofread for errors. You may go back and print first before proofing, or go right to the slide for corrections. Check your format. Once you’ve made your corrections, go back and print your essay. The essay and the two prewriting exercises will be submitted to your instructor.

31 Remember the Basics: Focus your time on the extended response section. Use the prewriting page. Organize those arguments. Stick to the format.

32 Want more information? Click the button below to go to the Ohio Graduation website. PDF files are available. Ohio Graduation Test Website

33 Thanks To: Ohio Graduation Test State Website Rusted Root: “Drum Solo”

34 What is the OGT? The OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) is a standardized test required by the State of Ohio for all high school students. Students are tested in Math, Science, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies. Students begin testing in the spring of their tenth grade year. Students must pass all portions of the OGT, if they wish to earn a high school diploma.

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