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Disputes settlement in the CIS: any signs of pro- arbitration approach? Markian Malskyy Partner, Attorney-at-law Moscow, 2012.

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1 Disputes settlement in the CIS: any signs of pro- arbitration approach? Markian Malskyy Partner, Attorney-at-law Moscow, 2012

2 2 Content 1. Importance of the issue of arbitrability 2. Subjective and objective arbitrability 3. Status quo 4. Conclusions and recommendations

3 3 Importance of the issue of arbitrability Arbitrability is the foundation of a pro-arbitration attitude Arbitration is often regarded as much better than litigation for resolution of international commercial disputes Pro-arbitration approach of the arbitral tribunals, but more strict and formalistic approach of the judges at the setting aside and enforcement stages Clear prescription by law of certain category of disputes as non-arbitrable justly estop the parties to a dispute from the right to choose dispute resolution method Uncertainty in arbitrability of some disputes is the hardest situation, it give rise to the risks of (i) arbitral tribunal’s conclusion of its non-competence to decide the dispute, (ii) setting aside or (iii) denial in enforcement of the award by competent court

4 4 Importance of the issue of arbitrability Arbitrability in CIS – it is all about uncertainty! How can we speak about hostile to arbitration approach, when the door for arbitration is only shut softly, but not closed completely?! Almost any commercial dispute in the CIS may be settled by arbitration! Why it is not pro-arbitration jurisdiction?

5 5 Subjective and objective arbitrability “subjective arbitrability” – whether certain individuals or entities are considered unable to submit their disputes to arbitration because of their status or function; “objective arbitrability” – whether the subject-matter of the dispute submitted to arbitration is not one which can be resolved by arbitration (Emmanuel Gaillard and John Savage (eds), Fouchard Gaillard Goldman on International Commercial Arbitration, (Kluwer Law International 1999) pp. 312-313)

6 6 Status quo – subjective arbitrability The following cases may be referred to international commercial arbitration: disputes resulting from contractual and other civil legal relations arising in course of foreign trade and other forms of international economic relations, provided that the place of business of at least one of the parties is situated abroad; disputes arising between enterprises with foreign investment and international associations and organizations established in the territory of Ukraine/Russia, among themselves, disputes between their members, as well as their disputes with other legal entities in Ukraine/Russia. Disputes involving state and state-owned entities may be settled by international commercial arbitration and rendered awards are enforceable.

7 7 Status quo – objective arbitrability The category of non-arbitrable disputes is not clearly defied by the law Real estate disputes Ukraine: pros – right understanding of Article 77 of the Private International Law Act; cons – wrong understanding of this provision Russia: pros – Constitutional Court Ruling dated 26.05.2011; cons – negative court practice prior that decision Corporate disputes Ukraine: pros – unclear wording of para. 2 of Article 12 of the Commercial Procedural Code of Ukraine; cons – court practice Russia: pros – possibility of pro-arbitration interpretation still exists; cons – Maksimov case

8 8 Conclusions and recommendations So far as the list of disputes, which cannot be settled by international commercial arbitration, is not clearly defied, there are signs of pro-arbitration approach in the CIS The door for arbitration is not closed and may open at any time for any concrete case Reasons of such uncertainty as to arbitrability: -low awareness of the judges with key principles of international commercial arbitration; -bad reputation of domestic arbitration; -judges desire to monopolize the right to consider the most interesting cases (corporate, real estate etc.) Arbitration remains the best choice in such uncertainty, however, the final choice of appropriate dispute resolution scheme shall be made on case by case basis

9 9 Markian Malskyy, Partner, Head of West Ukrainian Branch Specialization: Real Estate & Construction, Dispute Resolution, Corporate Law / M&A, Commercial Law, International Arbitration. Experience: Markian Malskyy, attorney-at-law, LL.M., specializes in representing clients’ interests before judicial authorities of Ukraine and dispute settlement under the procedures of commercial and investment arbitration. He has extensive experience in corporate dispute settlement in the energy sector, contractual disputes, trade and real estate disputes. He represented one of the major oil producing company of the Russian Federation in a dispute on collection of more than 200 million USD of losses caused by improper execution of the shareholders agreement. He handled cases under the Arbitration Rules of ICSID, ICC, SCC, UNCITRAL, LCIA and ICAC. Prior to joining Arzinger attorney-at- law Malskyy worked as a lawyer in the international arbitration team in the firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Paris. Markian Malskyy is the author of two books on commercial dispute settlement, published more than 50 legal articles. He is a recommended arbitrator of two arbitration courts of Ukraine, a member of the Board and the Head of the Law Committee of the West Ukrainian Branch of EBA. In June 2009 Markian Malskyy was elected for a two-year term as a Representative of one the International Bar Associations’ committees in Ukraine. Member of the Lviv Oblast Bar Association, Ukrainian Bar Association, International Bar Association Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French and Polish Contacts: Phone: +38 032 242 96 96 E-mail:

10 About Arzinger

11 Advantages of Arzinger Experience We have international legal experience on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe since 1990 and leading legal experts in the sphere of foreign investments attraction. The majority of our clients are large and mid-sized companies and corporations both local and international. A Personal-Touch Approach The Partner in charge is always available; working closely with the client to analyze issues at stake, to find potential solutions, and to identify the most successful strategy. This Partner will personally handle your case, and will build an optimum team of lawyers to best satisfy the requirements of each project. Our People Arzinger has built its reputation on the quality and character of its lawyers, many of whom are recognized leaders in the Ukrainian legal community. We have a team of 90 Highly Educated and Experienced Employees.

12 Scope of Activities Corporate Law / M&A Real Estate & Construction Antitrust and Competition Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution Public Procurement Tax / International Tax Banking & Finance Public Private Partnership Employment Capital markets / Private Equity / Investment Regulatory Maritime Law White Collar Defense Energy Food and Beverages Retail and Leisure Telecommunications Aviation Agriculture Infrastructure & Transport Insurance Automotive Environment Banks and Financial Institutions Investment Banking and Corporate Finance Private Equity Pharmaceutics

13 Our Contacts 13 Head Office of Arzinger Eurasia Business Center, 75 Zhylyanska St. Kyiv, 01032, Ukraine Теl.: +38 (044) 390-55-33 Fax: +38 (044) 390-55-40 West Ukrainian Branch of Arzinger 6/1 Generala Chuprynki St. Lviv, 79013, Ukraine Tel.: +38 (032) 242-96-96 Fax: +38 (032) 242-96-95 South Ukrainian Branch of Arzinger Pokrovsky Business Center, 33 Zhukovskogo St. Оdessa, 65045, Ukraine Теl. / Fax: +38 (048) 711-74-74 We are looking forward to our future cooperation!

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