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St Joseph’s Catholic High School Albion Park 2013 Preliminary Year Mathematics Wednesday, July 25, 2012.

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1 St Joseph’s Catholic High School Albion Park 2013 Preliminary Year Mathematics Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2 This evening’s Mathematics presentation will cover… 1. The prescribed BOS Mathematics courses offered at the School 2. The School’s recommendations for entry into these Courses / the criteria for choosing a Preliminary Mathematics Courses 3. A description of the content & the post secondary studies applicable to each course.

3 What are the options for mathematical study in Year 11 at St Joseph’s? In the Preliminary Year there are 3 Mathematics Courses: 1. General Mathematics (2 Unit) - The Preliminary Mathematics General course allows students to access either the HSC Mathematics General 2 (Board Endorsed) Course or the HSC Mathematics General 1 (Content Endorsed) Course in their HSC year. 2. Mathematics (2 Unit) 3. Mathematics Extension 1 ( Mathematics 2 Unit accompanied by an additional 1 Unit of Mathematics)

4 Which Mathematics course should my child select? This decision involves consideration of: 1. the Mathematics Pathway being currently being studied i.e., the 5.2 or 5.3 Pathway 2. your child’s performance in this year’s Mathematics Assessment Tasks 3. the School’s recommendation 4. your child’s career interests

5 General Mathematics (2 Unit) Assumes mastery of Year 10 – 5.1 Mathematics Pathway focuses on mathematical skills used in everyday life This is the recommended course of study for: - 5.1 Mathematics Pathway students who elect to study Mathematics - Most 5.2 Mathematics Pathway students - 5.3 Pathway students who may experience difficulty achieving the 5.3 Pathway outcomes in Year 10.

6 Exceptions for current 5.2 Pathway students… -Students studying the Year 10 5.2 Mathematics Pathway who have successfully completed extra outcomes from 5.3 pathway (e.g. products & factors, surds & indices, further trigonometry) CAN access Mathematics 2U And may choose to do General Mathematics or Mathematics

7 General Mathematics (2 Unit) Course Content 5 main areas of study are: - financial Mathematics - data analysis - measurement - probability - algebraic modelling Focus Studies 1.Mathematics and Communication 2.Mathematics and Driving

8 What are the post secondary opportunities if my child chooses to study General Mathematics 2 Unit? This course: provides a strong foundation for TAFE or university study in business, humanities, nursing, Primary school teaching and paramedical sciences is ideal for students who do not wish to study Mathematics as a discipline at the tertiary level

9 The Mathematics (2 Unit) Course assumes general competence in the skills of Stage 5 Mathematics focuses on aspects of Mathematics which have applications to the real world eg., applications of the calculus; very high algebraic content This is only recommended as a Course of study for: -students currently studying the Year 10 5.3 Mathematics Pathway - the top 10% of students studying the Year 10 5.2 Mathematics Pathway

10 2 Unit Mathematics Course Content Main areas of study include: - linear, exponential, quadratic, logarithmic and trigonometric functions - plane and coordinate geometries - the Calculus and its application to the cartesian plane and the physical world - sequences and series & their applications

11 Post secondary study opportunities - Mathematics 2 Unit further studies at the tertiary level involving Mathematics as a minor discipline in courses such as the life sciences or commerce However, if at the tertiary level, substantial Mathematics supporting the physical & engineering sciences is required (eg., computer science or various types of engineering), then the Extension 1 course is recommended.

12 Mathematics Extension 1 (1 Unit) assumes a thorough mastery of Year 10 – 5.3 Mathematics Pathway is an available course of study for the top 30% of students studying the Year 10 - 5.3 Mathematics Pathway Course and is for students who are capable of a very challenging Mathematics course NOTE: Students interested in this course must select the Course at the start of Year 11 (it cannot be picked up later in Year 11).

13 The nature of Extension 1 Mathematics consists of the Mathematics 2 U course and additional content as prescribed in the Mathematics Extension 1 syllabus a very rigorous course designed for students who love Mathematics Mathematics Extension 1 is also a prerequisite for studying the Mathematics Extension 2 course in the HSC year; students of outstanding mathematical ability will be encouraged to consider undertaking the HSC Mathematics Extension 2 Course in 2014.

14 Preliminary Year Content Mathematics Extension 1 - other inequalities - circle geometry - further trigonometry - angle between two lines - internal/external division of lines into given ratios - parametric representation of curves - permutations & combinations -polynomials - harder applications of the Prelim. 2 unit course

15 HSC Course Mathematics Extension 1 - i ntegration incl. sin 2 x and cos 2 x - further applications to physical world incl. Projectiles and simple harmonic motion - inverse functions & inverse trigonometric functions - mathematical induction - binomial theorem - further probability - numerical estimation of roots of the polynomial equation - harder applications of HSC 2 unit topics

16 Post secondary study opportunities - Mathematics Extension 1 This course is recommended (as a minimum basis) for: -for the study of mathematics in support of the physical and engineering sciences -further studies in Mathematics as a major discipline at university

17 How much Preliminary content is assessable in HSC Year? The HSC course builds on the Preliminary course, with up to 30% of HSC assessments on the preliminary course. In Mathematics, it is important your child is placed in the most suitable course

18 St Joseph’s recommendations reflect those of the NSW Board of Studies

19 In summary, your child is advised to… choose as per the recommendations provided to ensure a smooth path towards success in the HSC talk to seniors about their experiences of the various courses ensure all criteria are satisfied before selecting a particular Mathematics course feel free to ask for additional advice if required

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