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For-pay Public Wireless Internet Access Dr. Butch Anton hereUare Communications, Inc.

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1 For-pay Public Wireless Internet Access Dr. Butch Anton hereUare Communications, Inc

2 What is 802.11b (WiFi)? Global standard/unlicensed frequency (ISM band) Active IEEE standard Hot new technology Major player adoption 802.11b, WECA, and WiFi

3 For-pay public wireless? Ability to use 802.11b-enabled devices at all sorts of public locations –Cafés, coffee shops, airports, hotels, etc. –Anyplace you want to sit down and access the Internet Pay “per sip” – only pay when you use and for what you use

4 Why do users care? WiFi is a hot technology being placed in the hands of consumers in all sorts of devices Network footprint is small, localized islands, like home or office No compelling reason to use enabled devices outside of these areas Current for-pay networks are small, so you have to sign up with several to have any coverage

5 Why do ISPs care? Additional service offering/differentiator –Draws new customers –Helps retain existing customers Additional channel for selling data pipes –Opens an entirely new channel for selling bandwidth Secure corporate wireless Intranet access –Addresses a market segment that was previously untapped – additional revenue opportunity

6 Why do business owners care? Great way to differentiate in their space Recurring revenue stream, which is very different from typical business models Little or no effort to install and maintain – hardest part is driving to the bank to deposit the monthly checks! Drive additional sales of core business –Customers stay longer and consume more

7 What is my opportunity as an ISP? Partner with location owners –Bundling For installation fee Revenue sharing –Sell more pipes –Secure global corporate wireless Intranet access Bundled with a VPN and our locator software

8 What is the solution? A company which focuses on Making it easy for business owners to deploy for- pay public wireless networks. By developing technology to provide AAA functions in the access point and licensing it to all AP manufacturers By operating a trusted third-party settlement and clearinghouse By offering customized billing solutions to all its partners Making it easy for users to enjoy a ubiquitous WiFi network footprint across the globe By aggregating disparate WiFi networks into one seamless whole, so that users have the same experience everywhere






14 Value proposition #1 Single Location Networks Enable easy bring-up of single-location networks (SLNs) –eCoinBox™ (ECB) offers AAA functionality integrated into the access point and ties the SNL into the global hereUare network –SLN owners can purchase a hereUare-enabled access point off the shelf, plug it into their DSL connection, and be up and running in minutes.

15 Value proposition #2 Consumer Aggregation Today’s networks suffer from a lack of a large customer base –Each network is its own island with its own customer base –Network Service Providers (NSPs) can’t tap into a larger customer base of WiFi-enabled device owners unless they sign up with that particular network operator

16 Value proposition #3 Network Aggregation WiFi network access suffers from several problems: –NSPs can’t justify building larger networks because they don’t have customers, but customers are slow to adopt because there is no footprint –NSPs don’t look at SLNs as potential network sites – they’re too small –Only with a combined network footprint that covers all the NSPs’ networks and the SLNs do you have a compelling network offering

17 Versatile solution Works equally well with single-location networks and existing WiFi installations –Exactly the same technology –Exactly the same customer experience Locator application adds additional functionality/value/branding –Provides searchable listing of all hereUare network locations –Can be used to configure WiFi parameters and start secondary applications like VPNs. –Billing Service Providers (BSPs) can enter into private-label relationships

18 Summary The hot upcoming global technology Key differentiator for ISPs Incredible opportunity for ISPs to offer new bundled offerings Recurring revenue opportunity, with potential for revenue sharing Addresses a need that exists TODAY

19 Not the end, but the beginning...

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