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2011 Key challenges Peter Benton Head of 2011 Census Design Authority.

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1 2011 Key challenges Peter Benton Head of 2011 Census Design Authority

2 Overview – key challenges Address register Integrated enumeration strategy Increasing response in the hardest areas / groups Mobility / migration Quality Assurance Internet

3 Address Register Development Revised approach Stakeholder engagement and buy-in Matching address products –Maximising match rates –Minimising duplicate addresses LA involvement –Very positive step forward –Need to maximise commitment of resources –Need to minimise addresses to check –Need a simple process

4 Integrated enumeration strategy (1) Aims –Maximise response –Minimise variability –Minimise missed people in households –Simplicity for field staff and public Publicity –Main messages –Targeting key groups / areas Focus groups ‘Boutique’ PR agencies Address checking –Where to check? –Where to use full v visual check?

5 Integrated enumeration strategy (2) Delivery –Where to hand deliver? All communals Where address uncertainty remains Where there are large households All depends on approach to, and success of, address register development and checking –What instructions to give public when mis- delivered

6 Integrated enumeration strategy (3) Follow-up –Where to target resources initially –Being aware of mis-delivered questionnaires –Simple process needed for prioritising areas for follow-up and moving staff But complex aim of minimising variability within hard-to- count strata within LAs – Maintaining linkage of questionnaire to address id

7 Increasing response in hardest groups / areas Priorities –Hardest 5% of LAs –Key population subgroups –Dealing with apathy / distrust Depends on field and publicity –initial targeting of follow-up resources –good management information –flexible, simple field management processes –Good understanding of barriers / hooks and targeting of publicity messages

8 Mobility / migration Who to include? –Short term migrants –Usual residents overseas –Lost of challenges! Further research planned Where to count people? –People will tell us what they want to tell us Questionnaire instructions / question wording More complex coverage assessment methodology –Overcount: Need to check for duplicates / wrong locations Mass matching Potential to use second residence info to focus search –Undercount: As in 2001, plus –Some use of visitor info –Potential use of address register

9 Quality Assurance Plethora of alternative sources –Both a benefit and a challenge Need to understand definitional differences –For Quality Assurance –For explanation of differences Especially short term migrants and second residences Need for contingency approach –What extra work will we do when we are not sure about the results for an area –How do we make best use of external expertise

10 Internet completion Steep learning curve! Managing peak response volumes –25% by internet –Of those, 40% on census day –Of those, 40% 7-9 pm –1 million HHs in 2 hrs? Understanding bimodal differences and impacts More duplicate responses

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