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McIntire Elementary Melissa Milius and Beth Houf Fulton, MO.

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1 McIntire Elementary Melissa Milius and Beth Houf Fulton, MO

2 Share what has worked and what hasn’t in our PBS Journey to help your road be a little less bumpy to help build staff ownership Email us with specific questions: Feel free to ask questions as we go through our presentation.


4 The most important step in building a successful PBS foundation is to take time to establish the WHY? Why do you need PBS at your school? Our school’s WHY?

5 Dealing with discipline Discipline vs. management Parent involvement in discipline School-wide behavior expectations

6 Pre-PBS Administration-centered/punishment-driven No data collection No guidelines for office visit No recognition for expected behavior Current Reality Student and classroom-centered, teacher and administrator working together with parents and students School-wide referral system for minor and major referrals* Expected behaviors taught, reinforced and recognized consistently* (stick)

7 Rewarding too much Rewarding inconsistently What’s Working Now: Bear Bucks - Individual students may earn a red Bear Buck for demonstrating above and beyond behavior each day. These Bear Bucks are then placed inside the Honey Pot. Every day we draw several students from the Honey Pot for special rewards. Braggin' Bear Postcards - Individual students who are safe, respectful, and responsible may receive a postcard from any teacher in the building. The teacher will write a special message to the student. Postcards will be displayed in the hallway for everyone to see. The postcards will then be mailed home to share the good news with family! Student of the Month - Each month teachers select one student from their classroom that has demonstrated the qualities of a safe, respectful, and responsible student. The students are then recognized during our monthly PBS assembly and also have Popcorn with the Principal.

8 Pre-PBS Time spent on routines the first two weeks of school, not revisited as an expectation Each classroom had different routines and expectation Current Reality: Teachers are expected and allowed time throughout August to focus on routines and revisit frequently Each classroom/grade level expected to use similar routines, checklists given to help* Classroom walkthrough*

9 Current Reality Inform parents of PBS practice & data Inform parents when students are referred Inform parents when students are excelling* Parents are using PBS at home Website Pre-PBS Parents called or brought in as needed

10 Pre-PBS Each classroom and grade level worked independently Current Reality Expectations are school-wide and grade level centered to meet the needs of students Taught systematically Support given to teachers by PBS team

11 Staff Ownership vs. Team/Admin Ownership Research vs. What’s Popular Inquiry Year vs. Full Steam Ahead Fizzling out midyear Rewarding too much, too fast Not involving all stakeholders Not confronting behaviors that need to be addressed (homework)

12 School-wide expectations for all behaviors for students and staff Recognize expected behaviors Staff ownership in decision-making process Looking at data to make decisions Not a one-size fits all process Not just for elementary Makes the jobs of the staff easier It’s a process NOT a program

13 Support, support, support -especially the beginning of the year Have a fidelity check -if it isn’t measured, it isn’t done

14 Walkthrough form Sample Checklist Agenda format Email:



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