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‘Dream it do it'. Challenges Suppliers face in choosing the right ‘Go to market strategy’ within the Home and HIP market sector: Insufficient qualified.

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1 ‘Dream it do it'



4 Challenges Suppliers face in choosing the right ‘Go to market strategy’ within the Home and HIP market sector: Insufficient qualified incoming enquiries from targeted or qualified callers/consumers Uninformed decisions to employ the wrong/isolated advertising vehicles to get to market Expensive lead generating tools often employed Media mix often operates in isolation and without synergy between the elements; not capitalising on building consistency and credibility of message over time Media plan addresses only a portion of the home owning market within the LSM 8, 9 and 10 segments

5 The right customers Enmasse In buying mode ! Consistently In the format or manner of his/her choice 24/7 HOMEMAKERS essentially puts HOMEOWNERS in touch with SUPPLIERS

6 How does this happen? HOMEOWNERS and SUPPLIERS interact via the media solutions which HOMEMAKERS provides These platforms are presented in the 3 divisions of PRINT, EVENTS and DIGITAL Suppliers have the option of engaging in any combination of these to reach their market In essence HOMEMAKERS encapsulates the market of Homeowners employing all 3 product divisions to ‘Touch’ the consumer who has a ‘need at the time’ in whatever way he/she wishes to engage.

7 What does this mean to business owners within the HIP market? Impact on the market can be doubled; if not trebled by employing these media solutions in a combination of ways Reinforcement of the message happens through the various applications Response comes in from different segments of essentially the same market Consistency over months and years occurs through a constant flow of business coming in on a daily basis

8 HOMEMAKERS Print Division


10 HOMEMAKERS Print Division….Tell me about HOMEMAKERSfair, HOMEMAKERStalk and HOMEMAKERSliving They serve SA Homeowning market within LSM8, 9, 10 groupings Direct response directories carrying adverts focusing on a full spectrum of HIP products Consumers respond to adverts based on the ‘need at the time’ Many advertisers opt to advertise in all 3 publications HMF and HT get to the same market at different times in the month HMF operates in 8 regions – 740 000 distribution with a readership of over 2 million nationally each month HT operates in 4 regions – 580 000 distribution with a readership of 1,2 million nationally each month HL serves the estate and cluster/complex market – formerly inaccessible to advertisers – 85 000 distribution

11 Readership Profile and behaviour  92% Homeowners  75% aged between 25 and 55  46% within 30 and 40 = active spenders  52% earn more than R18 700 per month.  60 to 40% female to male readers  81% usage reported last year  78% retention for up to 6 months

12 Advertiser Profile Leaders and high profile companies within the HIP industry are always represented Only products pertaining to the HIP and Home Lifestyle industry Massive range and spectrum of the very best products from the desirable home enhancement to essential HIP products – interior and exterior Solid and loyal advertiser base, re-booking rate of 87% monthly, year on year


14 In Conclusion Advertising that works!  Our strength lies in the attraction of a steady supply of qualified leads to our advertisers  Household name with high credibility among homeowners and suppliers  Measurable advertising to ensure ROI  Targeted, reliable and consistent distribution method  Exceptional Cost per thousand ratio  Added exposure and opportunities in the form of front and back cover bookings, national discount rates, inserts


16 EVENTS Division

17 How does the EVENTS Division fit in to the mix? Exhibitions are a powerful tool for bringing your customers and most active prospects to you - personal selling can take place Represents the market place, in one place and time, bringing together suppliers and buyers HOMEMAKERSexpo is the original and largest specialised HIP show (15 years) Huge return on investment capability of these shows nationally Exceptionally strong marketing and promotions campaigns, drawing the right calibre and number of visitors Market leaders within the industry are always represented Nationally over 1500 exhibitors on more than 2, 500 stands, covering 65 000 sqm and attracting over 200 000 visitors Bond Choice Home Loans have exclusivity as the only representatives of the Home financing and Home Loans sector

18 Exhibitor Profile Leaders and high profile companies within the HIP industry are always represented Only products pertaining to this market are permitted representation Solid and loyal exhibitor base, re-booking rate of 87% year on year – Bond Choice = 5 years Massive range and spectrum of the very best home lifestyle and HIP products Exhibitor accolades abound after each show


20 Visitor profile More than 86% are homeowners in buying mode, and receptive to exhibitors’ products Aged between 26 and 45 years LSM 8, 9 10 Remarkably high revisiting statistics – 98% Visual – visitors at the show – possibly around the BC stand

21 In conclusion Exhibiting works!  They form an integral part of the media mix and plan in this market  HOMEMAKERS puts suppliers in touch with consumers – specific needs  This is the tangible element of the media solutions offered by HOMEMAKERS  Excellent ROI opportunity due to measurability and immediacy of return

22 HOMEMAKERS online

23 HOMEMAKERSonline…. Everything for your house at the click of your mouse! is more than a website. It is a site that will serve as a point of access providing useful info on HIP – South Africa’s first HIP PORTAL of immense value to suppliers within the HIP industry.

24 Visual of bc banner on page

25 Online advertising….. an underutilised form of advertising in the HIP industry: Tap into a vast and growing pool of informed consumers Previously a reticence to embrace this inexpensive yet effective form of advertising Huge market of informed Homeowners using the web to source and buy home related products Online advertising revenue has, according to the Online Publishing Association (OPA) passed the R200-million mark in SA, making this one of the fastest growing marketing mediums in the country SA has an estimated 4.5 million internet users – this is your opportunity to expose your products to them in an arena which attracts the right people to your product in particular

26 Benefits of HOMEMAKERSonline advertising Targeted – An identified audience searching for spedific HIP products Direct response – Potential customers can immediately respond at their convenience Interactive – talk directly to an audience of one! Measurable – Measure your ROI with online tracking technology. All advertisers have access to the back-end You are in control – Update and manage your campaign at your leisure through the Client Management System (CMS) Immediate – In your face, 24/7, changes can be done instantaneously

27 Who are these online consumers? According to the Nielsen/Net rating report, online users are: Predominantly from the higher income groups, 45% earn more than R200 000 pa Slight Male bias of 56% to 45% female users Well educated, more than 80% have completed further education They access the internet mostly from their office (59%), where they have broadband connection

28 Advertising opportunities: 1.Directory Listings - Free listing; ensures critical mass within the portal so that the largest most comprehensive database of HIP is available. - Basic Listing; is paid for and gives more info about your company, also a 300 word description and email enquiry form. - Gold Listing; viewed as a mini website within HOMEMAKERSonline. 2.Banners Creative and graphic advertisements interspersed throughout the portal Can build brands or be a call to action inviting customers to click on them for special offers, etc. 3.Articles Sponsored editorial features which are purchased for a 3 month duration 4.Newsletter sponsorship 5.Promailers – dedicated email message sent out on your behalf and carrying your message to the subscriber database of HOMEMAKERSonline.

29 HOMEMAKERSmobi – ready to simplify Homeowners’ HIP needs – SA’s first dedicated HIP Mobile Directory. The way people consume information has changed. We are living in an electronic era, where information is at your fingertips. Time is limited and the consumer decides where and when they source information from. Cell phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Just think; when last did you not have your phone with you and how that made you feel? It’s always on, it’s an extension of yourself, it puts everything you need within push button reach. Mobile is changing the way we work, interact, entertain and learn.

30 HOMEMAKERSonline… The Mobile application for the HIP market Thrust is the Directory service. Easily accessible ‘at your fingertips’ service to homeowners Also features industry news, snippets and tips Everything for your home at the click of your phone!

31 Benefits to the consumer Costs - a once-off fee of R5 only; thereafter unlimited access – WAP application on your cell phone. GPRS data transfer rates +/-6cents per download Thousands of HIP suppliers to access 24/7 Unique feature of ‘Please call me’ News features – trends Promotions and specials Refer a friend

32 Benefits to the Advertiser Targeted – an identified audience searching for specific HIP products Measurable – ROI great (one of the most affordable media opportunities) Cost Effective – Investment is minimal, yet far reaching Immediate – can react to ‘please call me’ option 24/7

33 Advertising opportunities  Directory Listings  Free listing  Premium listing, with please call me and send me a brochure facilities  Banner sales  Special and Promotions section  Refer a friend competition sponsorship

34 So….in a nutshell….media options and opportunities to get you closer to your customers utilising platforms within the wonderful world of HOMEMAKERS serving the entire Homeowning South African market!

35 ‘Dream it do it'

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