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Gateway Updates & DECAF Data Analysis Division January 9, 2015 1.

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1 Gateway Updates & DECAF Data Analysis Division January 9,

2 Gateway – Overview Gateway collects and provides free access to information about how taxes and other public dollars are budgeted and spent by Indiana’s local units of government. Local units of government submit data to certain state agencies online. Specifically, local officials submit budget forms and debt reports to the Department via Gateway. Annual financial reports and employee compensation reports to the State Board of Accounts are submitted via Gateway. Submitted information is immediately available for review by state agencies and is accessible online by the public shortly thereafter. 2

3 Gateway – Overview Web Application & Data Warehouse used by local government entities to submit data, forms, and reports required by Indiana law.

4 Gateway – Current Applications Local Government Finance (DLGF) Budget Forms Debt Management SB 131 Report Redevelopment Commission Report TIF Management Economic Development Reporting Other Post-Employment Benefits Report Board of Accounts (SBOA) Annual Financial Report 100R: Public Employee Compensation reporting Education Employment Relations Board (IEERB) Collective Bargaining Reporting Gaming Commission (IGC) Local Development Agreement Reporting First launched in 2011

5 Gateway & Vendors Several Gateway applications accept flat-file uploads from local units. Gateway Budget file uploads are often prepared by Financial Software Vendors CompuTrain Enterprises CYMA Fink Forms Harris Keystone Software L.L. Low Associates Oracle Skyward Sungard Public Sector Tyler

6 Gateway – Recent Updates New to 2014, Budget Notices (Form 3) became available online as the official budget advertisement for local governments. Department launched to allow taxpayers to view the notices. Website offers a variety of methods for locating local units for a taxpayer’s district. Most advanced method uses address-based look-up utilizing Statewide GIS parcel data.

7 Gateway – Recent Updates

8 Gateway Current Development - DECAF Data Entry – CNAV And Form22 CNAV – Certificate of Net Assessed Valuations Currently submitted by County units in Gateway Budget application Due August 1 Form 22 – Tax Revenue Distributions Currently submitted by Counties to DLGF on printed forms or in Excel workbooks Submitted for June & December distributions of Property Tax, License Excise, Commercial Vehicle Excise, and Financial Institution taxes.

9 DECAF New Gateway application will combine these two reporting requirements involving County units. Both portions of the application will have flat file upload features, in addition to the data- entry web forms. Flat-file specifications have already been issued by the Department for Form 22. Flat-file specifications for CNAV upcoming.

10 Form 22 Upload Specs Upload File Formats are being modified to a more flexible structure Data collected has essentially not changed

11 Form 22 Upload Specs Previously Released Specifications StartEndLengthType Header Filename110 A County Number11122A County Description133220A Distribution Name338250A Distribution Date839210D County Contact Name A County Contact Phone A File Create Date D File Create Time A Software Vendor Company A Software Package Name and Version A Software Vendor Contact Name A Software Vendor Phone A Software Vendor A Transmission Description A Distribution Row StartEndLengthType County Number122A Taxing Unit Type Code331A Taxing Unit Code474A Taxing Unit Name86760A Warrant Number687710A Fund or TIF District Code78836A Fund or TIF District Name A General Property Distribution N License Excise Distribution N CVET Distribution N FIT Distribution N Advances on Property N Advances on License Excise N Examination of Records N

12 Form 22 Upload Specs Current Working Specifications StartEndLengthType Header File Name110 A County Code11122A County Name133220A County Contact Name338250A County Contact Phone # A File Create Date D File Create Time A Software Vendor Company A Software Package Name & Version A Software Vendor Contact Name A Software Vendor Contact Phone # A Software Vendor Contact A Transmission Description A Distribution Row Start EndLengthType Year144N County Code562N Unit Type Code771N Unit Code8114N Distribution Code12132A Distribution Date142310D Amount243613N Entity Type37 1A Entity Code38414A Advance42 1N Advnace Date435210D Warrant Code53564A NOTE: These specifications are still being tested internally and are subject to change. The Department will announce final specifications to be used with the system. In the meantime, we welcome any feedback!

13 Form 22 Upload File Specs Comparison – Data from the old specifications contain all distribution types for a fund on one row. New specifications breaks the data out as individual rows for each distribution. Additionally, some fields have been moved out of the data rows, and added to the file header Warren County ACH 0101 GENERAL P12/30/ F08400 ACH L12/30/ F08400 ACH X12/30/ F08400 ACH F12/30/ F08400 ACH P12/30/ F /31/14 ACH L12/30/ F /31/14 ACH E12/30/ ACH NEW OLD **Examples below are not in exact position, formatted for easier demonstration:

14 DECAF - CNAV Component Flat-file upload option will also be available on CNAV’s portion of the DECAF application. New CNAV will allow Tax Districts to be linked to units at the Fund level, which is more accurate than the current configuration. New CNAV will also capture additional data points such as Circuit Breaker AV (1%, 2%, 3%) and Conservancy District AV. Updated application framework, better support.

15 DECAF Demo

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