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developed by: Jamiatul Ulama

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1 developed by: Jamiatul Ulama
TASHEEL SERIES developed by: Jamiatul Ulama

2 Children in secular schools are generally attuned to learning through a variety of teaching strategies that are strongly activity oriented and that provide visual stimuli. This is in sharp contrast to the bookish rote learning that many Muslim parents and teachers were accustomed to as students, especially in the area of Islamic education. Therefore there is a great need for teaching and developing the appropriate methods and material for teaching at our Maktabs.

3 Education signifies the transmission of experience from one generation to another.
The real nature of a system of education and its difference from other systems can be understood properly only when the concept of man, underlying it is analysed and examined. It is no accident that time and again in the Quraan, man is described as Allah I, vicegerent – as the crown and chief of His creation. This conception of man’s responsibility shows education in an Islamic society to be an activity unlike any other.

4 In the West, the aim of education is spoken as being to produce a good individual and a good citizen, BOTH of which aims ISLAM can accept. But having secularized education completely, the West fails to indicate how in the absence of a set of moral values, either of those aims can be realized. Western society is today in danger of disintegrating. Secularism is particular disruptive – because it claims of “reason” would shut out belief in Allah from science and philosophy. Yet without moral stability, not even the most grandiose human endeavor can hope to succeed. Under the pressure of those intrusive influences, representative’s processes in many religions at the non western would have failed – forces reformers to fall back on religion based efforts at political, economic and current.

5 What are the aims of Islamic education?
The recognition of Allah ﷻ in the pattern shown by Nabee Muhammad ﷺ. To practice (make A’mal of what is learnt). To engage in propagation (Da’wah).

6 How do we achieve this? By giving the spirit (heart) its supreme position in the educational system. Islamic education insists that piety and faith must be clearly recognized in the curriculum and this has to systematically pursued.

7 Historical overview Look at Taalim; 35 years back – Urdu / Gujerati
As time lapsed – children – Many parents lost touch and contact with mother tongue. Need to teach kitaabs in English – thus Taalimul Islam was taught, thereafter the Duroosul fiqh series was adopted. This remained until 1996

8 Problems encountered were:
kitaabs were translated in India English was a direct translation from the dictionary thus posing numerous problems. Not long afterwards – Ulama started producing locally translated kitaabs for the Makaatib. Thus we find the Duroosul fiqh series was adopted in the Madaaris.This remained until 1996.

9 Jamiatul Ulama South Africa


11 FEATURES: Colour Coding Red: Fiqh Green: Aqaaid

12 Blue: Akhlaaq Yellow: Hadith Orange: History

13 Type and Size of Print TYPE: a g a g

14 SIZE: We believe in Allah I

15 Illustrations

16 Pupil Activity: Colour Join the Dots

17 Pupil Activity:

18 Pupil Activity

19 Pupil Activity

20 Pupil Activity

21 A Typical Lesson


23 Stories

24 Notes to Muallim/a






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