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DİVİNE UNİTY- TAWHEED The absoluteness, the comprehensiveness, and appearance in infinite form of the dominical deeds seen at work in the cosmos It is.

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1 DİVİNE UNİTY- TAWHEED The absoluteness, the comprehensiveness, and appearance in infinite form of the dominical deeds seen at work in the cosmos It is only ALLAH’s wisdom and will that limits and restricts those deeds, as well as the inherent capacities of the objects and places in which they manifest themselves. Stray chance, dumb nature, blind force, unconscious causality and the elements that without restriction are scattered in every direction - none of these can have any part in the most balanced, wise perspicacious, life-giving, orderly and firm deeds of the Creator. They are used, rather, by the command, will, and power of the Glorious Doer as an apparent veil to conceal His power.

2 An example of bee??? Your Sustainer inspired in the bee that it should seek a dwelling-place in the mountains.. Qur’an, 16:68.

3 Allah’s powerThe bee is, with respect to its disposition and function, such a miracle of Allah’s power that a whole sura, Sura al-Nahl, has been named after it. For to inscribe in the minute head of that little honey-machine a complete programme for the fulfilment of its important task; to place in its diminutive stomach the most delicious of foods and to ripen it there; to place in its sting poison capable of destroying and killing animate beings, without causing any harm to its own body or the member in question - to do all this without the utmost care and knowledge, with exceeding wisdom and purposiveness, partakes of a perfect orderliness and equilibriium, and hence unconscious, disorderly, disequilibriated nature and accident could never interfere or participate in any of this.

4 LET US STUDY MORE ON BEE Minute head; programme for the fulfilment of its important task Stomach ; honey Sting ; poison

5 HONEY MACHINE..DİVİNE CRAFT..BEE!!! The appearance and comprehensiveness of this Divine craft, this dominical deed, which is miraculous in three separate respects, in the countless bees that are found scattered over the earth, with the same wisdom, the same care, the same symmetry, at the same time and in the same fashion - this is a self-evident proof of Allah’s unity. ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!

6 cattle There is for you a lesson in cattle. From what is within their bodies, between excretions and blood, we produce for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those who drink it..Qur’an, 16:66.

7 This verse is a decree overflowing with useful instruction. To place in the nipples of cows, camels, goats and sheep, as well as human mothers, in the midst of blood and excrement but without being polluted by them, a substance the exact opposite, pure, clean, pleasant, nutritive and white milk, and to inspire in their hearts tenderness toward their young that is still more pleasant, sweeter and more valuable than milk - this requires such a degree of mercy, wisdom, knowledge, power, will and care that it cannot in any way be the work of turbulent chance, of the tangled elements, or of blind forces.

8 milk-blood-excrement milk is pure, clean, pleasant, nutritive and white blood has dirty staff,it is red,smell bad do we need to talk about excrement,I don’t think so!!!

9 UNİTY OF ALLAH SWT. The manifestation, workings and comprehensiveness of so miraculous a dominical art and so wise a Divine deed, all over the face of the globe and in the countless hearts and breasts of innumerable mothers of hundreds of thousands of species, in the same instant, the same fashion, with the same wisdom and the same care - this too constitutes a self-evident proof of Allah’s unity.

10 TAWHEED’S PROOF; BLOOD In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Had there been in heaven or on earth any deities other than Allah, there surely would have been confusion in both. There is no god but ALLAH, He is One, He has no partner; His is the dominion and His is the praise; He grants life and deals death, and is living and dies not; all good is in His hand; He is powerful over all things; and with Him all things have their end.

11 PERFECT BODY SYSTEM The All-Wise Maker has created the human body as though it was a well-arranged city. A number of the blood-vessels perform the duties of telephones and telegraphs while others of them are like pipes from a fountain through which blood, which is the water of life, flows.

12 BLOOD As for blood, created within it are two sorts of corpuscles. One of them, known as red corpuscles, 1- distributes nutrients to the cells of the body; 2- it conveys sustenance to the cells according to a Divine law. (Like merchants and food officials.)

13 white corpuscles The other sort are white corpuscles, which are fewer in number than the former. Their duty, like soldiers, is defence against enemies, such as illness. Whenever they undertake that defence, with their two revolutions like Mevlevi dervishes, they take on a swift and wonderful state.

14 1 DROPLET OF BLOOD HAS 400.000 WHİTE corpuscles !!!! 1DROPLET BLOOD HAS 250.000.000 RED CORPUSCLES!!!!

15 As for blood as a whole

16 DUTİES OF BLOOD As for blood as a whole, it has two general duties; the first is to repair damage done to the body. There are two sorts of blood-vessels, veins and arteries. One of these carry purified blood, they are the channels through which clean blood is conveyed. The others are the channels for the turbid blood which collects the waste-matter; these convey the blood to where breathing occurs; that is, the lungs

17 AİR The All-Wise Maker created in the air two elements, nitrogen and oxygen. As for oxygen, when it comes in to contact with the blood in breathing, it drawn to itself, like amber, the impure element, carbon, which is polluting the blood. The two combine and are transformed into matter called carbonic acid gas.

18 Oxygen + carbon=HEAT Oxygen also maintains the body temperature, and purifies the blood This is because, in the science of chemistry, the All-Wise Maker bestowed on oxygen and carbon an intense relationship, which might be described as 'chemical passion', whereby, according to this Divine law, when those two elements come close to each other, they combine. It has been established by science that heat is produced by combining, because it is a sort of combustion.

19 'motion produces heat The wisdom in this is as follows: the motion of the particles of those two elements is different. On combining, the particles of one element unite with those of the other, each two particles thereafter moving like a single particle. The other motion is transformed into heat according to a low of the All-Wise Maker. As a matter of a fact, 'motion produces heat' is an established principle.

20 GLORY BE UNTO HIM AT WHOSE ART THE MIND IS BEWILDERED Thus, as a consequence of this fact, by this chemical combination, as carbon is removed from the blood the body temperature of human beings is maintained and at the same time the blood is purified. On inhaling, oxygen both cleanses the body's water of life and kindles the fire of life. On exhaling, it yields, in the mouth, the fruit of words, which are miracles of Divine Power.

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