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Heavy Equipment Logistics. Introduction to CSS Heavy Equipment Logistics Division Exciting New Division Dedicated Team.

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1 Heavy Equipment Logistics

2 Introduction to CSS Heavy Equipment Logistics Division Exciting New Division Dedicated Team

3 Opportunities for CSS

4 Introduction CSS group has now expanded its operations and services into the global logistics of new and used constructions machinery Although such industries are in their mature life-cycle and are highly competitive on the international level we still see this an opportunity for CSS. CSS aims to develop a winning strategy with its partners to position itself as a leader and first- class customer-focused service provider within the chosen markets.

5 Strategy This strategy and plan will present some basic ideas to enable CSS to penetrate the market and meet our objectives. We will have to remain aligned with the overall corporate strategy and objectives. It is therefore important for us to get to understand our strategy in order to develop a better alignment and increase productivity for the whole group rather than one business unit.

6 Objectives Develop a brand extension into the Construction machinery industry and offer door to door shipping and logistics services globally. Develop a strategic global network of reputable industry suppliers with differentiated service process’s and systems. Attract, select, recruit and develop a highly motivated and skilled team.

7 Contd.. Focus on creating brand & service offering within the next few years. Develop annual market share and sales as well as set growth objectives. Achieve excellent ROI and make a positive contribution to the companies bottom line each year.

8 Contd…. Build, revise and improve market offerings on continuous basis. Execute sales and a marketing strategy effectively and efficiently. Continuous monitoring of market trends and customers. Quality improvement and collective learning by the team to develop a flexible, marketing oriented approach and team spirit. Build customer and partner network Increase customer loyalty and secure repeat business.

9 Promotion and Marketing Communication To achieve our objectives effectively; an integrated communication strategy will be used to connect the company’s cause to target customers’ values to get the best impact for the communication budget.

10 First Team Effort Great PR

11 Sales & PR In the first phase, our integrated plan will rely heavily on PR and personal communication to existing network to increase awareness, thereafter several communication tools will be continuously used as well as word of mouth and thus boost sales. :

12 Creating Awareness Professional Representation

13 Tools The following tools will be used on continuous basis to ensure that the brand is communicating its values to the maximum number of customers Advertising PR Events Direct Marketing Interactive marketing Sales force

14 Advertising

15 Creative Adds In House Marketing Support

16 The Webpage

17 CSS Join Hands with FreightPlus CSS - FreightPlus will handle High and Heavy RoRo/Break bulk cargo – regardless if it is single cargo or part of project. Cargo will be loaded on specialized vessels, stowed on high and heavy decks. Lorries, trucks, trailers, busses, excavators or big moveable machinery is the basis of the CSS - FreightPlus global cargo movements door to door worldwide service!

18 Great Partners Industry Specialist

19 Business Development As part of CSS’s diversification and product development plans and in line with our Business Development ambitions, CSS has teamed up with a well reputed company FreightPlus who is a well known service provider in a specialist sector in the world market, in order for the CSS Group too constantly evolve and deliver new services for our clients.

20 Services we Offer Moving heavy machinery across the world is what we will focus on. Shipping new and used mining machinery, construction equipment, earthmoving machines, exploration and drilling equipment and agricultural machinery, every day of every week.

21 Various Transportation Options How do we do it? Air Heavy lift Charters General Airfreight Urgent Parts Delivery Document Courier Hand Delivered Hassle free

22 Sea Vessel Charters Roll-on, Roll-off FCL LCL Best freight rates Lift-on, Lift-off (Break bulk)

23 Land Dismantling Road Transport Rail Transport Free Quotations

24 Ancillary Services As well as shipping heavy machinery around the world, CSS/FreightPlus now provides a number of ancillary services. At origin, before shipment, our comprehensive range of services will include Pre-purchase, technical machinery appraisal – covering a wide range of used heavy equipment Dismantling and reassembly of heavy machinery Steam cleaning to global quarantine standards for used machinery

25 Contd… Mechanical support prior to shipment Supervision of ship loading Full range of Customs services, including documentation and formalities for export Preparation of Carnets Chamber of Commerce representation

26 Contd… Payment facilitation between buyer and seller (Escrow services) SGS inspections Marine insurance Marine surveys Comprehensive service ex job-site

27 Value added Services There is much more to transporting massive machines from site to site than booking space on a ship. As well as capably shipping heavy machinery between any two ports in the world, CSS and FreightPlus now also provides comprehensive support services. When cargo arrives at its destination port, CSS & partners can help with a number of ancillary services;

28 Contd… Coordination of necessary documentation and export licenses Payment facilitation between buyer and seller Post-shipment condition appraisal – covering a wide range of used heavy equipment Dismantling and reassembly of heavy machinery Steam cleaning to Australian quarantine standards for used machinery

29 Contd… Steam cleaning to any import quarantine standards for used machinery Steam cleaning to USA quarantine standards for used machinery Mechanical support during all stages of shipment Supervision of vessel discharge

30 Contd… Crane services, and riggers Container devanning Fumigation Full range of Customs services for import Full range of quarantine compliance services Duty audits Greenhouse gases compliance and reporting Marine Insurance claims Comprehensive job-site delivery

31 SWOT Analysis To meet the expansion plan effectively, CSS will deploy and further build on its strengths and invest on weaknesses by developing core-competencies in the Global shipping and logistics of new and used equipment, Customer Relation management as well as product development. Such competencies will be vital to develop a variety of product-lines with high width and depth that should be perceived as valuable to wider number of customers across different markets. The next slide demonstrates our SWOT analysis for such environment:



34 Thanks for your time and we look forward to your support in making this division a major success! CSS is a great organization with excellent creative people our division needs your Support!

35 Thank You

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