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UC Los Angeles NSF-LSAMP Bridge To The Doctorate 2014 - 2016 An Initiative of the Undergraduate Research Center- Sciences and the Graduate Division, Under.

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1 UC Los Angeles NSF-LSAMP Bridge To The Doctorate 2014 - 2016 An Initiative of the Undergraduate Research Center- Sciences and the Graduate Division, Under the auspices of the California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) Welcoming Diverse Approaches to Scientific Discovery Director: Diana Azurdia, Ph.D. PI: Tama Hasson, Ph.D.

2 UCLA CAMP Program Over two decades of history at UCLA URM from all STEM disciplines, with particular attention to transfer students, are invited to join the UCLA CAMP community each quarter Customized support depending needs Research opportunities, book scholarships, conference travel support, tutoring, summer research symposium, mentoring, professional development workshops, GRE prep courses, poster support, and community building activities Currently: 3 CAMP alumni participating in the BD at UC Berkeley and 2 at participating at UC Riverside 24 CAMP students who are postdoctoral fellows

3 UC- Bridge to the Doctorate Extends long-term impact and effectiveness of CAMP by enrolling, mentoring, and supporting LSAMP students in STEM graduate programs. To date the program has supported 105 Bridge to the Doctorate Fellows Circulates between University of California campuses 2003-05 - Los Angeles 2004-06 - Irvine 2005-07 - San Diego 2006-08 - Davis 2009-11 - Santa Barbara 2010-12 - Santa Cruz 2011-13 - Riverside 2012-14 - Berkeley 2014-16 – UCLA 2015-17 – UCI

4 UCLA BD- Fall 2014 Selection 12 students from LSAMP Programs: CSUDH, CSUSB, SFSU (3), SDSU, Texas A&M at Corpus Christi, UCLA, UCM (2), UCI, and University at Albany Funding NSF funding during their first two years in doctoral programs Guaranteed support for an additional three years from Grad Division and home department Support Receives oversight from an interdisciplinary steering committee: URC-Sciences, Graduate Division Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Admissions (DIA) and various STEM Departments

5 2006-2010 UCLA ranked as the top non-minority serving intuition to award bachelors and doctoral degrees to Hispanic students in Science and Engineering URM enrollment in graduate programs has increased by ≈30% URM doctoral enrollments has increased by ≈40% The School of Engineering and Applied Science and the College of Letters and Sciences enrolled a total of 124 URM doctoral students in the fall of 2012

6 Planning: Meetings with GD 1.Admissions LSAMP and CAMP button / track eligible students Fee waiver 2.Funding Internal proposal Support beyond the first two years / Travel Awards

7 2. Funding: Fees per student Projected fees with 7% fee increase each year TABLE A. YearFees*NSF FUNDED PORTIONSupplementalFunding Source 1 $15,845.0 0 $10,500.00$5,435.00GD 2 $16,594.0 0 $10,500.00$6,094.00Department 3 $18,140.0 0 0 Cota Robles / GD 4 $19,409.0 0 0 Department 5** $20,767.0 0 0 Cota Robles / GD *Based on a hypothetical 7% increase from the 2012 CA resident fees of $14,809.00, with a 7% increase subsequent years. Supplemental funding source will have to pay extra for students who are not CA residents. It is expected that those students will apply to be CA residents soon thereafter. **Tuition and Fees beyond year 5 will be the Department/Principal Investigators responsibility.

8 2. Funding: Stipend per student TABLE B. Yea r Stipend*NSFGDGD SupplementalDepartment 1$30,000.00 $0.00 2$30,000.00 $0.00 3$30,000.000$21,000.00$9,000.00 4$30,000.000$3,000.00$27,000.00 5**$30,000.000$21,000.00$9,000.00 *If the Department offers a stipend greater than $30,000 then the department will pay for it. **Tuition and Fees beyond year 5 will be the Department/Principal Investigators responsibility.

9 Planning: Meetings with GD cont. 3.Departmental buy in’s Contacts info Meeting with the various departments: How do we explain the program? Foreseeable concerns? Accounting / Logistics / Suggestions

10 3. Departmental Buy In: Identification of Potential Departmental Partners Internal Evaluation Evaluation of current departments; trends in admissions Reports applications, admits, matriculation How robust is potential pipeline? What's our success rate? Demographical profiles of degree recipients

11 History of Chemistry and Biochemistry Applications and Admits 5-Year Admission Trends Undergraduate Institution # of URM Doctoral Applicants (5 Year Total) UCLA15 UC San Diego10 UC Irvine10 UC Santa Cruz8 UC Berkeley7 CSU Los Angeles7 UC Davis6 San Diego State University5 CSU Long Beach4 Stanford University4 UC Riverside4 Santa Clara University3 UC Santa Barbara3 Cal Poly Pomona3 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo1 Calif Institute Tech3 CSU Fresno3 CSU Fullerton3 Loyola Marymount3 CSU Channel Islands2 CSU San Bernardino2 Univ San Diego2 Univ Southern California1 Claremont Mckenna1 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo1 San Francisco State University 1 CSU Chico1 Mount St Marys1 Occidental College1 Pepperdine University1 Polytechnic Univ1 UC Merced1 California Institutions 118 Out of State Institutions 68 Ethnicity Fall 2008 Fall 2009 Fall 2010 Fall 2011 Fall 2012 Applications International120114138158173 Other Domestic255256235281250 Underrepresented Minorities 3335494034 Admits International922131225 Other Domestic125120116143129 Underrepresented Minorities 610231516 New Registrants International81610612 Other Domestic4347314340 Underrepresented Minorities 351145 Undergraduate Institution of Underrepresented Minority DOCTORAL Applicants

12 ACCESS Bioengineering Biology Chemical Engineering Chemistry and Biochemistry Computer Science Electrical Engineering Mathematics Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Physics and Astronomy 3. Departmental Buy In: Meetings with Departments at UCLA

13 3. Departmental Buy-in Outcomes: BD Steering Committee Faculty MemberAffiliation and Department Azurdia, DianaAssistant Director, Undergraduate Research Center- Science Grijalva, CarlosAssociate Dean, Graduate Division; Professor of Psychology Hasson, TamaAssistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Research; Adjunct Associate Professor, Integrative Biology & Physiology; Director, Undergraduate Research Center (URC) – Sciences Lu, SongwuProfessor, Computer Science Nonacs, PeterProfessor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Payne, GregProfessor and Associate Dean, Graduate Studies for the David Geffen School of Medicine and Division of Life Sciences; Director, Umbrella program in Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Life Sciences (ACCESS) Torres, JorgeAssistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry Wu, BenjaminProfessor and Department Chair, Bioengineering

14 Planning: Meetings with GD cont. 4.Outreach CSU’s / Conferences 5.Recruitment Bringing accepted BD students to campus in place of interview Recruitment Calendar 6.GD Partnership Provide insight into admissions process Fund disbursement / Tracking / Advertisements / GD diversity programs / offerings

15 Summary: Institutional Commitment Financial support for 5 years of their appointment Years 1-2: LSAMP BD funds Years 3-5: Cota Robles UC Office of the President Dissertation Year Fellowship Graduate Student Research and Teaching Assistantships External funding

16 Summary: Institutional Commitment cont. URC-Sciences Houses CAMP and undergraduate diversity programing Graduate Division Participation in Competitive Edge programing Professional development, social, and educational events hosted throughout the year Home Department Diversity initiatives Letters of support demonstrating the breadth of interest from almost STEM Departments ACCESS umbrella program which houses 11 Ph.D. programs in the biological and biomedical sciences

17 UCLA BD: Timeline Fall 2012- Changes to UCLA graduate application LSAMP Button Fall 2012- 26 students Dec 2012- June 2013 – Planning with GD UCLA BD Proposal submitted to GD Meetings with GD Internal evaluation of STEM Departments April - August 2013- Departmental Meetings Letters of Support Selection of Steering Committee August- September 2013- Proposal Preparation

18 UCLA BD: Timeline cont. September 2013-Recruitment Promotional materials created Outreached to CSU’s Emails to LSAMP campuses to promote program BD materials at national meetings (SACNAS/ABRCMS) Oct 2013 – Submit grant Created process for departments to nominate students / Secondary application Formalized process to identify LSAMP eligible students and outreached to them.

19 UCLA BD: Timeline cont. November – January 2014- Outreach and Application Outreached to applicants who were LSAMP eligible 31 students, based on clicking box on UCLA application Outreached to all URM citizens that applied to STEM Doctoral Programs Query yielded 277 potentially eligible applicants Helped connect them to the LSAMP director on their campus Web site for BD with detailed information on application Rolling Application LSAMP Verification Form BD Secondary application Research and Mentorship Philosophy statements

20 UCLA BD: Timeline cont. January – February 2014- Interviews Forwarded potential BD candidate dossiers to departments Met with faculty interested in utilizing BD to recruit Met eligible BD candidates as they came to campus to interview Nomination for Cota-Robles February – April 2014 – Nomination phase Received departmental nominations Students were selected by the BD steering committee Funding began Fall 2014.

21 Thank You! Marjorie De Martino, UC- Irvine, UC Alliance and UCLA Graduate Division Questions?

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