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KC Clean Cities / 1 KANSAS CITY REGIONAL CLEAN CITIES COALITION Aaron Brown 816-531-7283 August 13, 2013 Clean Cities Overview 2013.

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1 KC Clean Cities / 1 KANSAS CITY REGIONAL CLEAN CITIES COALITION Aaron Brown August 13, 2013 Clean Cities Overview 2013 MO State Fleet Managers’ Workshop

2 KC Clean Cities / 2 KC Clean Cities Programs & Projects Clean Cities Tools for Fleets Alt Fuel and Technology Recommendations Successful Alt Fuel Deployments Overview

3 KC Clean Cities / 3 Programs & Projects Midwest Region Alternative Fuels Project

4 KC Clean Cities / 4 Mid-America Collaborative for Alternative Fuels Implementation 1.Policy Initiatives: A.Air Quality Benefits Analysis of Alternative Fuels and a pilot study of the St. Louis metropolitan area B.Codes Officials Exchange Conference C.Procurement Best Practices Webinars 2.Barrier Reduction Initiatives: A.Survey of Fleet Managers B.Market Survey of Perceived Barriers 3.Safety and Training Initiatives: A.First Responder Safety Trainings B.Technical Trainer Education C.End-user Training 4.Market Development / Outreach: A.Corridor Study B.4-State Best Practices Exchange C.4-State Conference and Expo

5 KC Clean Cities / 5 Source:

6 KC Clean Cities / Ethanol (E85) 61 Propane Autogas (LPG) 1 Biodiesel 57 Electric Charging Stations 3 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Stations* –Springfield –St. Joseph MGE CNG station –Columbia –KCMO, LSR7, City of Liberty (private w/ fleet access) –Various Private Recommendation: Have drivers use AFDC Station Locator mobile app for fuel purchases (E85 and Biodiesel) Public Alt Fuel Stations in Missouri Source:

7 KC Clean Cities / 7 Clean Cities Quarterly Alt Fuel Price Report Energy Equivalent Fuel Price Comparison Calculator Fuel Conversion Factor to GGE CostCost per GGE Gasoline 1.00 $ 3.14 Diesel (No. 2) 0.89 $ 3.75 $ 3.33 Biodiesel (B20) 0.91 $ 3.66 $ 3.33 Biodiesel (B100) (b) 0.99 $ 4.00 $ 3.96 Propane (LPG) 1.38 $ 2.45 $ 3.38 PRIVATE-Propane (LPG) (d) 1.38 $ 0.77 $ 1.06 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) 1.00 $ 1.42 PRIVATE- (CNG) (e) 1.00 $ 0.90 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) (c) 1.56 $ 2.01 $ 3.14 Ethanol (E85) 1.41 $ 3.06 $ 4.31 Unified Gov. price City of KC price Source: Average Prices Q1 KC Clean Cities Alt Fuel Price Report

8 KC Clean Cities / 8 Recommendation: Write procedures to enforce anti-idling policy –Monitor & Enforce –Optimize engine idle RPM’s Recommendation: Consider Idle Reduction technologies Recommendations Source: Reducing Idling Time

9 KC Clean Cities / 9 Energy Xtreme Idle Reduction Omaha Public Power District –33% increase in fuel efficiency with EX Idle Reduction tech KCMO Water and Sewer Department Van City of Olathe, KS City of Austin, TX - EMS and Police Recommendations: Consider IR Tech Source: Government Fleet magazine June 2013 – Vol. 11 – NO. 4

10 KC Clean Cities / 10 Recommendation: Year-round, splash blend 5% biodiesel in on-site ULSD –State fleet policy –Increases fuel lubricity –Consider using up to B20 for all diesel-powered fleet vehicles during summer months –Low (no) cost option- no engine or fuel system modifications needed for blends up to B20* Recommendations *check the National Biodiesel Board approved list of OEM’s and blend levels Recommendation: Consider Propane Vehicles and Mowers

11 KC Clean Cities / 11 Alternative Fuel Deployments (if time allows)

12 KC Clean Cities / 12 Kansas City Kansas Public Schools –Largest CNG school bus fleet in Midwest: 47 buses –4 hybrid-electric mini buses KCATA –Converting bus fleet to CNG –Hybrid bus Lee’s Summit R7 School District –150 CNG school bus-will be largest school bus fleet nationwide –Public access CNG station AT&T –deployed hybrid-electric sedans in the Kansas fleet –shortly thereafter added CNG vans in Topeka and Kansas City Fleet Deployments

13 KC Clean Cities / 13 Renzenberger –propane vans for rail crew transport Custom Limousine –2 CNG trolleys out of Bonner Springs Pioneer Natural Resources –CNG in Grant County City of Wichita and PepsiCo –hybrid-electric heavy trucks Fleet Deployments

14 KC Clean Cities / 14 Frito-Lay –RFP for CNG, where Topeka is a priority site Johnson County –CNG work trucks and vans Johnson County Transit –CNG shuttles Unified Government of Wyandotte County –13 propane shuttles in their transit fleet More... Fleet Deployments

15 KC Clean Cities / 15 Contact Information & Resource Links Kelly Gilbert Director of Transportation Metropolitan Energy Center 3810 Paseo Blvd. Office: (816) Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Website: Electrify Heartland: U.S. DOE Clean Cities Website: Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center: Fuel Economy Guide and Website : DOE National Idling Reduction Network : Aaron Brown Program Coordinator, Clean Cities Metropolitan Energy Center 3810 Paseo Blvd. Office: (816)

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