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Fire Warden Duties & Responsibilities

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1 Fire Warden Duties & Responsibilities
Fire Safety Awareness Fire Warden Duties & Responsibilities

2 Who are Wardens? Duty Elder is the Chief Fire Warden or an Event Leader. All Church Councillors or Event Assistants are Assistant or Area Wardens. Any Person you nominate will be expected to assist.

3 CHIEF WARDEN On becoming aware of a potential emergency, shall determine the nature of the emergency and decide on the appropriate action. The Building Warden shall initiate the emergency procedures: Ensure that the appropriate emergency service has been notified. Dial 000 or 112 on a mobile

4 COMMUNICATE Ensure that the Area Wardens are advised of the situation.
Initiate & Co-ordinate the evacuation of the building. Initiate Wardens to search all buildings & evacuate where Practical & Safe. Brief emergency service personnel on their arrival and thereafter act on the instructions of the emergency service's senior officer.

5 Assistant or Area Wardens
Upon the emergency being declared report to the Chief Warden & assist the Chief Warden. The Chief Warden Co-ordinates YOU do the leg work. Follow the instructions given. Search and evacuate all rooms to ensure no-one is left behind. Keeping safety in mind.

6 Assistant or Area Wardens
Assist with the evacuation particularly those who may have mobility issues. Control the evacuees at the assembly and BEWARE proximity to road.

7 INFORMATION Source James Cook University Workplace Heath and Safety training

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