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VASTU A DIVINE SCIENCE Remedial Vastu Simplified by Ashok Sachdev.

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1 VASTU A DIVINE SCIENCE Remedial Vastu Simplified by Ashok Sachdev

2 ABOUT US In 1997, I started work on HUMAN ENERGY FIELD with an equipment newly invented by Dr. Harry Oldfield, London. With this equipment, one can see the aura in real time. I been trained under him on Aura reading and electro crystal therapy. Thereafter I carried on research on human aura and various healing modalities. Along with this I studied various sciences that affect human being including Fung-shui & Vastu

3 STEP 1 Aura diagnosis & disease prediction. Understanding the positive qualities in a person and his needs. Suggesting different healing modalities such as light, sound to balance a person to achieve their specific goals.



6 CHECKING PLANETRY STRENGHTS AND WEAKNESSES Balancing with Gemstones Sound healing

7 STEP 2 Using Lecher antenna to determine the suitability of Land for the person purchasing it. Analysing the land with over 24 tests to determine the suitability to a person. Same holds true with flats. Checking which natural vibrations are missing in the earth and suggesting suitable measures.

8 Checking the ground energies

9 The Tools Measurements are done with the help of Lecher antenna, dowsing rods, Laser, Gauss meter and Bovis scale.

10 Geopathic Survey We carryout Geopathic survey to determine how much stress is the land / flat and the extent of magnetic distortions. Detect the flow of water, concentration of minerals, sewer lines, lay lines, Hartman’s grid, curry grid etc. This is important as they all invisible forces which affect the body strongly. Checking the land/ building for presence of negative entities.

11 LCD 3 Carrying out vastu corrections to make the land positive.

12 Vastu Corrections The place is made positive by converting the negative [live sucking] energies to positive [ Life giving ] energies by use of a specially designed plate. This has been patented by me. Initial energy may be 3000 bovis by after correction we can make it 49500 bovis.

13 Toilet in wrong position Drainage of water causes illness & drain of money has long been known to mankind. We have the most economical and 100% guaranteed solution for this problem. We are the only people in India who have this technology. We have 2 different patented systems to solve this problem. The solution depends on site conditions. One can measure the results with the lecher antenna.

14 Balance of elements This is the most important area which has not been achieved by anybody. All the 5 elements distribute themselves depending on the geometry of a place, but no home has perfect geometry By use of our special “ALL ELEMENT BALANCING RINGS” it is achieved 100% hence if you make a mistake or change things the distribution of elements will remain unchanged.

15 Result of corrections Balanced place with a balanced mind. Children able to concentrate & focus better. Body is continuously healed by the earth. Healed earth creates a balanced and a strong personal electromagnetic field which protects us from psychic attacks. Makes a Kavach around the people. Good for all people residing or working in that place. Improvement in dynamic energy & digestion. Peace of mind.

16 Result of corrections In offices one can expect good command and control. Possible to create a dominating position for anybody Better and faster decision making. Better financial results.

17 We understand the rules of vedic vastu. We follow the laws of vastu and energetically correct a place. This avoids the process of breaking and shifting, which is not possible in almost all cases. This is the basic cause of our success.

18 Some Existing Clients Some of our valued clients: Donna Builders ltd. Infrasoft technologies Ltd. Nexsus solutions Ltd. Shakti Textiles Industries Ltd. Overseas packaging Industries Pvt. Ltd. Chemtreat Industries Ltd. D.Y.Patil group

19 Some Existing Clients Tanna builders. Medispec Instruments Ltd. Prakash Motwani & associates. Leela Group. Porwals Arch. Sanjay Makhija Amardeep seating systems Ltd. Ratnakar bank Ltd.

20 What we want We want references in Reliance group Kelavani mandal, Vile parle. Large companies & builders. Architects and HNI


22 Mr. Ashok Sachdev. Mr. Ashok Sachdev is an electrical engineer He specializes in unseen energies of the earth and the human aura. He has been working in this area since the last 17 years. Call Now 982001660

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