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Transform Hope Into Action… Africa 2.0 workshop “A business plan for Africa, from vision to execution” Mobilizing Private Sector, Government, Civil Society.

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1 Transform Hope Into Action… Africa 2.0 workshop “A business plan for Africa, from vision to execution” Mobilizing Private Sector, Government, Civil Society and Regional Economic Communities to leapfrog the continent 6-8 November at African Union Building. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia The secret to getting ahead is getting started

2 Transform Hope Into Action… A Multinational or a Conglomerate with 54 subsidiaries (called Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, etc.) Let’s call that conglomerate Africa Inc. What if the leaders of those subsidiaries /countries were CEOs running Management Teams with Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, etc ?. The Marketing Department would for instance include key services such as (Local Captains of Industries, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Tourism, National Chamber of Commerce, Diaspora Communities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.) What if the primary objective of each subsidiary is to cater for the emancipation and the primary needs of its customers nationwide (i.e the local population)?. What if… those subsidiaries were grouped into regional clusters called East Africa Inc, Southern Africa Inc, North Africa Inc etc for easier management and coordination? Let’s assume each subsidiary CEO would designate, which person among them, would be CEO for their cluster. Thereafter each cluster CEO will be appointed in the directorate heading the Holding Company of Africa Inc. The secret of getting ahead is getting started …The Journey begins What if…we consider Africa as…

3 Transform Hope Into Action… Event Context : Mo Ibrahim Governance Week After partnering last year in Dakar for a highly successful and memorable gathering mobilizing Senior Leaders, Young Leaders and Media Leaders, The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, African Media Leaders Forum, Femmes Africa Solidarite & Africa 2.0 Foundation are now launching a yearly global gathering called “ The Governance Week” under the High Patronage of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. The Theme Driven by Africa 2.0 is “ A Business Plan for Africa”. Africa 2.0 “A Business Plan For Africa” Event Rationale Would Africa be run better if it was run as a Business? If Africa was a business, what would be our Business Plan? Set goals,target, time frame, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, plan initiatives inline with Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats (SWOT Analysis) Is Africa is too big and diverse to be compared to a business? Let’s look at it as a Big Conglomerate and break it down per regions, business segments, product lines etc. Present intermediary report (A business plan for Africa) to African leaders at a side event during the African union summit (January 2014) in partnership with the Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation. The Final report will be presented during the Official closing ceremony of the African Union 50th Anniversary in May 2014. About Africa 2.0 : Africa 2.0 gathers a community of 400+ young African leaders from over 41 nationalities who share a collective vision for Africa. Our members are committed to piloting and scaling up sustainable solutions capable of leapfrogging the development of the continent. Africa 2.0 is a D-ink Tank (a Think Tank that Does Things) committed to thought leadership through concrete and exemplary actions. Event Concept and Rationale

4 Transform Hope Into Action… Workshops Thematic & Topics A business plan for Africa, from vision to execution. 1  Why does Africa need a Business Plan ? A new pragmatic African consciousness for a New African Renaissance. Design & Execute an Action Plan & Social Contract towards a prosperous and inspiring Africa by mobilizing the private sector, Government, & Civil Society.  Africa Inc. : Assessing and upgrading our unique differentiators? Counting our blessings is nice, but how do we transform them into efficient competitive advantage? From the Rise of African Consumer to the “Rise of African Producer”? Paving the way for industrialization driven by local, regional & global Champions.  Market analysis & Competitive landscape: Where should Africa fit in the global economy over the next decades? (see BCG Matrix: Cash Cow? Dog? Star?…) Considering the global context, shouldn’t Africans be our primary customers? What strategies should corporates and nations adopt? How should they execute them? Strategic Alliances & Partnerships: BRICS, OECD, Intra-African Trade? All of the above? What’s the right mix? Mergers, Acquisitions? Joint Ventures?  Human Resources Management: Recruiting & Nurturing the necessary Talents for Africa Inc. Continental Leadership & Executive Management Teams locally => For a Performance & Accountability driven culture. Nurturing, attracting and keeping the best talents to deliver the best performance for all subsidiaries (=countries) => (in Government, Private Sector, Civil Society).

5 Transform Hope Into Action… Thematic & Topics (2) A business plan for Africa, from vision to execution. 1  Branding and Marketing Strategy for Africa Inc. (our people, our products, our story): “Made In Africa ” Unique Branding for unique products (The right marketing mix? Price, Positioning, Packaging, Promotion). Case study on a selected list of strategic product categories. The Role of the Media (Session in partnership with African Media Leaders Forum). Living our Brand and Values: The Role of African population => from Afro-pessimism to Afri- CAN-DO Attitude…  Financial Forecasts and Fund raising Plan for Africa Inc. Source of funds o Maximizing our Cash Flow Forecasts = [Internally Generated Cash (exports) – (imports)+ (tax collected)) + Investments (= Foreign Direct Investments + Local (incl. intra-African) Investments)]. o The Role of Banks and other Financial Institutions : pumping the growth. o Leveraging on Local & International Capital Markets without falling into over-indebtedness. Use of funds o Sectors/industries Prioritisation Matrix : How to start with limited capital.  Key Success factors Committed Leadership (Government + Business (Local & International)) Governance & Accountability Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure (The 25 Infra projects can transform Africa). The rise of a Knowledge Based Society Systematic Adoption & Leverage of most Advanced Technology to leapfrog Peace, Security, Youth employment, Women Empowerment. Pan-Africanism & African-do attitude.

6 Transform Hope Into Action… 2010 Af2.0 Inception Leadership Retreat 2011 June: Af 2.0 Leadership Symposium Kenya. 2011 November: Af 2.0 Partners with 400 African Media Leaders. January 2012 Launch of Africa 2.0 Manifesto in Davos and at African Union Summit 2012 June: (Gabon) as Strategic Partner. 3rd annual Africa 2.0 leadership Symposium, Lagos Nigeria. 2012 July: Constitution of Af 2.0 Advisory Board 2012 November: Nurturing Human Capital for Growth (Dakar, Senegal). Start Up Week End Competition - Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire 2012 December Launch Start Up Weekend 2013 Af 2.0 invited to engage in intergenerational dialogue with a panel of 5 African presidents; the 50th anniversary of the African Unions SUPPORTERS To date, 25,000 Facebook supporters 742 twitter followers 12 921 newsleter subscribers 22 active country chapters globally including Asia, North America, Europe Africa 2.0 Achievements To Date March 2012 – 43 African Ministers of Education endorse Manifesto April-May 2012 : Kenya and UK Chapter Launch Africa 2.0 invited to the G20 Preparatory meetings September : North America Chapter Launch

7 Transform Hope Into Action… Africa 2.0 Advisory Board Mr. Francis Okomo-Okello Chairman Barclays Bank of Kenya Limited Mr. Slim Othmani, CEO of NCA-Rouiba Chairman of Algeria Business Council Ms. Hadeel Ibrahim Executive director of the Mo Ibrahim foundation Mr. Hassan Ba Founder of H.O.W Panafrican Think Tank Mr. Nkosana Moyo Founder Mandela Institute for Development Studies Ms. Wendy Luhabe Chairman Women Investment Fund Hon Oluṣẹgun Obasanjo Former President Nigeria Chairman of Africa 2.0 Advisory Board Ms. Bineta Diop Founder and President, Femmes Africa Solidarité Mr. Ali Mufuruki Chairman & CEO Infotech Investment Group Younes Maamar (Morocco) : Infrastructure - Power Africa Reverend Jesse Jackson, founder and president of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin CEO and founder of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange They supported us to name a few…

8 Transform Hope Into Action… Event Concept & Format When?  6-8 November 2013. Where?  African Union Building, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Event Concept:  High Caliber participants (African and International).  Highly interactive workshop format  Decision-making and action plan focused  Monitoring & Evaluation task team to ensure implementation  Pan – African publishing house IC Publications – publishers of the New African – a strategic partner of Africa 2.0 will mobilise the continents top 100 most influential people from government, private sector and civil society. Social Media and public engagement.  Selected sessions online open to the public  Tweeter interaction :  For interaction and ideas engine Event format Program Outline 6-10 November 2013 (including Mo Ibrahim Foundation Events) Wednesday 6 th November 2013 :  Welcome, Registration & Training Session on Business Plan for young entrepreneurs by Africa 2.0 Young Leaders Thursday/Friday 7-8 th November  2 day Workshop : A Business Plan For Africa – From Vision to Execution Friday 8 th November Evening  African Concert offered by Mo Ibrahim Foundation Saturday 9 th November  Mo Ibrahim Awards Ceremony Sunday November 10 th  Mo Ibrahim Forum with African & Global Leaders Also invited to the workshop In partnership with IC Publications

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