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Commemoration of the passing away of former President, Nelson Mandela Concept and communication plan.

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1 Commemoration of the passing away of former President, Nelson Mandela Concept and communication plan

2 BACKGROUND  5 December 2014 marks the commemoration of the passing away of former President Nelson Mandela. o The former President of the Republic of South Africa, Dr Nelson Mandela passed away on 5 December 2013. Government recognises this day for commemorating the passing away of the former President o To this end, South Africa, led by the Dept. of Social Development, together with The Presidency, Department of Communications and the Nelson Mandela Foundation are leading plans to commemorate the life of the former President on 5 Dec 2014, with build up & post activities.  President Mandela had a unwavering dedication to democracy, selflessness, reconciliation, service to humanity & a better life for all. o These are the values and aspirations that are the building blocks for social cohesion and nation building. o President Mandela had a passion for children – by building them; you build the future.

3 KEY ACTIVITIES PLANNED Media Briefing: November 27 A joint media briefing between the Nelson Mandela Foundation and government will be held to announce plans for the commemoration and call South Africans, and the world, to action to keep Mandela’s memory alive. Tribute Exhibition: December 4 The Nelson Mandela Foundation will host a tribute exhibition on December 4 displaying various Nelson Mandela memorabilia. The event will be addressed by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

4 KEY ACTIVITIES PLANNED Official commemoration: December 5 An official commemoration of the first anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s passing – led by The Presidency, supported by the Department of Social Development – will be held on December 5. The programme will have three parts to it, namely: –Prayer / ritual ceremony at Freedom Park at 05h00; –Wreath laying at the Mandela statue in the Union Buildings by veterans / friends of Mandela at 08h30 (e.g., Mrs Graça Machel, Mrs Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Mr Ahmed Kathrada, Mr Andrew Mlangeni, Arch Bishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Reverend Jesse Jackson and Cabinet Ministers). The wreath laying ceremony will be open to the public. Following the wreath laying by veterans, members of the public will have an opportunity to also lay wreaths throughout the day; and –Main event (500 pax) to be addressed by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa at Freedom Park, starting at 10h00.

5 KEY ACTIVITIES PLANNED A CALL TO ATTENTION A call to attention will be made through, for example, church bells, school sirens, mosque prayer announcers, etc.) at 3 minutes and 7 seconds to 10h00, after which a moment of silence will be observed from 10h00 until 10h03. The time lapse from the ringing of the bells to the end of the moment of silence is 6 minutes, 7 seconds and is symbolic of the 67 years Madiba spent in the service of humanity. The moment of silence will be broken by the singing of the National Anthem at 10h03 where people will be gathered (e.g., workplaces, public spaces, schools, etc.). PROVINCIAL COMMEMORATIONS Provincial governments will be urged to also hold commemorative ceremonies during the 5 th or thereafter, taking their lead from the national commemorative event.

6 OBJECTIVES 1.To promote social cohesion in the country through joint remembrance of Madiba; 2.To encourage South Africans, and the world, to continue living Madiba’s values; 3.To engender a culture of giving as exemplified by Madiba throughout his life; and 4.To nurture nation building by promoting Madiba’s vision – and the vision envisaged in the National Development – of a united nation working together to build a better South Africa.

7 PROPOSED CONCEPT  Wear a Mandela T-shirt day on Friday 5 December 2014:  Everyone is encouraged to wear their favourite T-shirt to commemorate the former President  20 Years: Tell your Mandela story  Post photos, videos, stories, favourite quotes, wearing a Mandela T-shirt, etc. on social media platforms – DoC to provide official sites.  As part of the 20 years of Freedom of Democracy, we are requesting South Africans to share their Mandela story. When did you meet him? Post pictures, videos, your favorite quotation  Where were you:  During the treason trial;  Sentencing to Robben Island  Release from Prison  Inauguration in 1994. g

8 CONT.……PROPOSED CONCEPT  Each person much donate a book:  As part of the 15 day mourning period, the Nelson Mandela Foundation is encouraging South African’s to buy or donate books  As part of the Activities of the 05 December 2014; we want to build a “Book Mountain” at the Freedom Park. We are encouraging all invited guests to buy a book and bring it on the day of the event.  Call everyone to gather for 6.7 minutes Order & silence:  At 09h57 All church / mosques bells, etc. are requested to ring their bells and sirens for 3.7 minute. At 10h03 the will be a moment of silence – the silence will be broken by the singing of the National Anthem.

9 PARTNERS  The Nelson Mandela Foundation  The Presidency  Department of Social Development (Lead)  Department of Arts and Culture  Department of Communications  All Government departments

10 KEY MESSAGES 1.A detailed set of key messages will be developed by DoC 2.Government message: Together we move SA forward 3.Main essence of the message:  “Together we move South Africa forward” as the overarching message. –Mandela had a unwavering dedication to democracy, selflessness, reconciliation, service to humanity and a better life for all. –The former President had a passion for children – to protect the children; and by building them; you build the future. –Mandela has laid a foundation. –These are the values that we should all embrace. –This is our time to take responsibility and play our part in implementing our National Development Plan. –Thank the world for support after the passing of the Former President. –This is our time to take responsibility and play our part in implementing the NDP, the development of a better South Africa –Key messages to include build up activities 4. To promote the website, social media platforms, # hashtag –# remembermandela

11 TARGET AUDIENCES & MESSENGERS MESSENGERS President and Deputy President Minister (DSD) and other Ministers / Deputy Ministers NM Foundation & Partners (Brand SA, MDDA, Lead SA, Big business, etc.) Ambassadors and High Commissioners Premiers, MECs City Mayors (Gauteng) Inter-faith leaders Friends of Mandela / Elders Musicians / artists / DJs, etc. IMC on information and publicity Messages from BRICS countries / other Traditional leaders Parliament TARGET AUDIENCES Everyone

12 COMMUNICATION APPROACH AND PLAN 1.Media plan, interviews, statements, opinion pieces Media houses to promote the commemoration & to have live broadcasts / streaming capturing different moments everywhere. Extract from special broadcast of the funeral, 20 gun salute; events that showcased the nation, the kings, etc. Extract highlights of the day. 2.Social media (messages, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Sound Cloud, Google hang outs, skype, MXIT, Instagram, etc.). 3.Websites – page on government website 4.Community radio news bulletins 5.SA News Agency articles / features 6.Vukuzenzele and Public Sector Manager 7.Record a message from the President Jacob Zuma as a Public Service Announcement to be sent to media as a public service announcement

13 COMMUNICATION APPROACH AND PLAN 8.Develop look and feel – clean simple, banners (look and feel to be approved for 5 year period that we can use annually) 9.Proposed products:  Key messages  Fact sheet  Email banner  Mobilisation leaflet  Video clip  Generic mobilisation poster / leaflet (with blank spaces for date time and venue so that anyone can have their own event) 10.Develop and issue a communication toolkit to all Communicators 11.Community activations / mobilisation countrywide and at Embassies / High Commissions world-wide (DIRCO) 12.Internal communication and bulk SMS 13.Letter to all DGs and HoCs not to bulk buy (DoC) 14.Through stakeholder engagement plan. 15.Video and photography 16.Operations room to be set up

14 STRUCTURES AND PROCESSES 1.Teams: Content and communications & logistics teams. –To have central coordinators - DSD / DoC / Presidency / NM Foundation –DSD office team to manage logistics and coordination 2.Project Plans –DSD to develop overall checklist with key roles –DoC to develop its communication project plan 3.Site visit with key stakeholders 3.Dry run the day before 4.Next communication planning meeting: –Friday 28 Nov –Invite: Premiers Office, Foundation, DoC, Presidency – DP’s Office, SASSA, NDA, City of Tshwane, Freedom Park

15 - End - Thank you

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